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November 8th 2006
Published: November 8th 2006
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Hello everyone, hope you're all well

Just a quick note to say....I'm in Africa! Apologies now for typing but v.weird keyboard with about 5 languages on it!!

I know i was going to make everyone jealous but i'm not sure this entry will work. For a start it's been raining non stop until this morning, although now it's finally sunny and everything's hanging out to dry. Spent a couple of nights in Spain and visiting Gibralter which was v.unexciting. Adventure started when we reached Morocco...3 hour border crossing because Han is from South Korea but his passport just says Republic of Korea! By this time it was getting dark and raining again. First time I pitch a tent and it's in the dark in torrential rain, argh!! I didnt dare move lqst night in case I touched the dripping sides of the tent! When we woke up this morning we saw just how muddy our camp was! So muddy in fact we spent an hour digging the truck out of the mud with our breakfast bowls and I slipped over in the mud pushing the truck!!!

Thank god there are 23 other really nice people on the trip and we can all be in it together!! Jeff our truck leader and Brendan the driver are also great fun, even if we have had to do a couple of U turns already because they have no idea where we're going!

Anyways, we're off to buy rugs and blankets before we hit the Atlas Mountains and it gets worse weather! Honestly I'm loving it really...and I did sqy I wanted a challenge! fxx

ps photos to follow


8th November 2006

Now I'm Nervous....
Hey franks, good to hear your tales and that you are having fun!! I am bricking it right now, as I only have a day to go until I leave for Kenya! Hope it won't be muddy and rainy there!! Anyway, good luck with the mountains and carry on having a fab time!! xxxx
11th November 2006

While pretending to do some work I saw this and thought of you:

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