Richard Diamond


Richard Diamond

Europe » United Kingdom February 21st 2020

Morocco Rundown Food: Not that good for vegetarian food. I got sick of vegetable cuss-cuss, had a few pizzas, quite a few omelets, a few vedge stews and a few fish dishes. Speaking good French would help when ordering. Could always get croissant for breakfast & milk coffee. You must get used to Restaurants and Cafes only selling mint tea, despite the signs (can take food to a cafe to eat there). Food places often had a large pictorial menu above, but all in Arabic or French. Bigger cities like Marrakech had normal restaurants. Transport: Trains from Tangier to Casablanca were better than British trains – High Speed Double Deckers taking 2.5hrs for the 210 mile journey (stopping at Rabat on the way). The train from Casablanca to Marrakech was older & slower, but had individual ... read more

Europe » Spain February 13th 2020

Day 25. 13thFeb (Thursday) Up at 8am as planned. Cuppa tea and a bread, butter & jam sandwich (jam from Miguel’s garden I think). About 9:15 Mike drove me into Granada, to the coach station, dropped me outside and went looking for parking place. I found my bus stand and Mike met me there. I loaded my case in the hold and we said our goodbyes. Strange to be going home now, it feels like I’ve been gone for months, when it’s only day 25! Bus set off at 10:20. Had seat on my own. Rather cloudy today and the high Sierra was shrouded in dark grey clouds. I nodded off for a while. Coach went to Malaga Coach Station (12noon) before the Airport (12:30) so most (Spanish) passengers got off and mainly Brits got on. ... read more
Cloudy Mountains 2
Malaga Aeropuerto 1
Malaga Aeropuerto 2

Europe » Spain February 12th 2020

Day 24. 12thFeb (Wednesday) Now I’m sitting in a cafe at Malaga Aerporto with my flight home delayed due to storm damage at Leeds/Bradford airport – it’s a problem being the highest airport in UK…. So I’m trying to recall what happened yesterday (Wednesday 12th Feb). We got up quite late – 9ish. Michael went out to get a new gas bottle, he needed his car for this, which he parks near his tennis club, about a 5min walk away. However, at some point he was pulled over by the local police and fined €100 for entry to a street. Luckily they didn’t ask for his documents as his new driving licence is still in the UK, so that could have caused problems. When he got back Michael cooked me a tomato & bread omelet with ... read more
Dog & Cobbles near Alhambra Viewpoint
Sierra Nirvada near Mikes

Europe » Spain February 11th 2020

Day 23. 11thFeb (Tuesday) Got up quite late. Walked to a cafe about 10mins away and had croissant & coffee for breakfast. Michael talked me into going to Granada for the day. I stopped at an ATM and withdrew €100 which I gave to Mike for various hotels he hadn’t stayed in and ones he had paid cash for upon arrival etc. during our travels. We popped back to his house and grabbed a few things, then headed for the bus which was due (every 45mins) but was often off-schedule. This time it was on time and we saw it at the junction as we approached, luckily a van was holding it up on a corner which allowed us to catch it up. We got off at the terminus in town, which is to the South ... read more
Helicopter on roundabout!
Statue in Plaza
Nice facade

Europe » Spain February 10th 2020

Day 22. 10thFeb (Monday) First my apologies for late posting. Just gone to bar and got wi-fi via Mikes phone so will try to upload photo's etc.... Today we got a bus to a beach in the East of Malaga. Nice little bays built into the coastline by our friend Franco to entice the British workers out here (poor old Blackpool & Redcar!). A good washing area to rinse the salt off at each bay. John got stripped off and was in there - warm near the shore but chilly further out. I sat with Cath & Mike watching him cavorting about until I became too hot and went to a nearby Cafe for a drink in the shade. After a while & a half lager, they all came to me but John & Cath went ... read more
Another lagoon
Cath, wetting her feet
John taking the plunge

Europe » Spain February 9th 2020

Day 21. 9thFeb (Sunday) Got up at around 9:30 so a good lie-in for me. Bit worried about Mike’s flight as hear that gales are battering the UK. Also thought that he was flying from Gatwick where there were many long delays, but as it turned out, he came from Stanstead and arrived about 1pm. John & Cath had already gone out to enjoy the sunny day and I stayed in the flat to greet Mike. After he had drank a cuppa and relaxed a while, we rang Cath and arranged to meet her & John at the beach. A nice pleasant stroll through the pedestrianised centre and down to the dock-side where a very large vehicle ferry was docked which apparently goes to Melilla (yet another Spanish enclave in Northern Morocco – they have at ... read more
Beach Shades as in Agadir
Cath looking South
A Shoal of Seagulls

Europe » Spain February 8th 2020

Day 20. 8thFeb (Saturday) Return to Malaga Up at 8, quick wash then walk down to the docks. Saw that the next FDS sailing was at 11, but the Moroccan ship was sailing at 10 so booked on that one (400Dhs or €40) I paid in Dirhams as needed to use them up, then asked to change another 400Dhs to Euro’s but he only gave me €35!! I didn’t argue too much. Trip Advisor had mentioned a yellow form to be filled in by ticket people, but I was told that they no longer do them. I went to the terminal building and joined the crowd there waiting to go up an escalator to the customs area. After 30mins they let us through – a Moroccan guy in front of me tried pushing his large luggage ... read more
Birds in a stormy sky 1
Birds in a stormy sky 2
Bye Bye Tangier

Africa » Morocco February 7th 2020

Day 19. 7thFeb (Friday) Up at 7:30 bit of a wash & bag packing then down for breakfast – 2 boiled eggs with rolls, butter & olives, plus coffee (not very nice) and orange-juice (from concentrate). Not impressed by breakfast but triple room was good, which I only got as I asked for wi-fi at reception so they swapped rooms. Another Premier Inn really but with a small balcony with a small chair upon it. Tepid shower but with a working lift. Reminded me of the one in Agadir. But I got this one for it’s location, 300yds to the train station, so an easy haul at 9:15 when I left the Hotel Corail… Had to hang around a while before let onto platform & train. Then carriage & seat, these are 8 seat compartments with ... read more
New road bridge over railway
Nice orange flowers
Cows eating orange flowers

Africa » Morocco February 6th 2020

Day 18. 6thFeb (Thursday) Up at 7:45, left hotel at 8:15. Got to the small CTM bus office, which was just opening, and met an elderly German couple also going to Agadir. We all weighed our hold bags in for 5Dh each bag & put them in the coach side-boot then sat inside to warm up. It’s quite cool up in Tafraoute in the mornings, it takes quite a while for the sun to clear the surrounding mountains. I had my jumper & coat on… The coach was 10mins past the 9:00 start time, when Maryanne climbed aboard and we set off. I got the feeling that we had waited for her…. She was going to Tiznit, which is a big town on the plain below the mountains, and then heading for the nearby coast. Great ... read more
A dissolving Kasbah
My View from coach
Maryanne's View

Africa » Morocco February 5th 2020

Day 17. 5thFeb (Wednesday) Met Jan at 9am and we went for breakfast, I had tomato omelet, he had bread & dips of Olive oil, Argan oil and crushed Almond paste (like peanut butter). My omelet was nice although I didn’t eat the large red chilli bean – Jan had a bite & it was very hot. We each got a hot drink and a glass of orange juice. Fixed breakfast price of 30Dh (about £2.50). After breakfast we went back to our Hotel Arganino, and sat on the roof looking at maps and exchanging photo’s from yesterday with the usual Google/Linux problems that seem to occur. Managed it eventually though, then Jan and I said our farewells. It was heating up at last, Tafraoute is surrounded by large hills so sunrise is late in town. ... read more
Hote Arganino Entrance
Hote Arganino Hall
Hote Arganino Hall 2

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