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North America » United States » Nevada » Carson City May 30th 2012

Day 30: Carson City, NC A day of rest! Slept late, ate a huge breakfast bacon, eggs, and grits. Charlie & Kerry went to visit with Kerry's cousins that live in Gardnerville, NV (just south of Carson City). We'll provision at Walmart when they get back from their visit in preparation to cross NV, visit Great Basin NP, Cedar Breaks NM, and both rims of the Grand Canyon by Monday next week. Might have to take advantage of the hot tub available here in the RV Part.... read more
Bridge to nowhere?
Lake Tahoe
Clear water of Lake Tahoe

North America » United States » Nevada » Carson City May 29th 2012

Day 29 McArthur, CA to Carson City, NV Charlie made the call to find out if Lassen Volcanic NP had opened - - It hadn't, so we just drove to Lake Tahoe. Along the way, we had several good shots of Mt Shasta, Pitt River and its Falls, and of Lassen Peak. We drove around the west and south sides and part way north up the east side of Lake Tahoe. We could see the lake in some places and actually found two places where we could pull off and get nice photos. While it is a truly beautiful lake, it lacks the stunning beauty of Crater Lake. Coming down to Carson City was an 8 mile long 6% grade - - I put the truck into 2nd gear and let it walk down at 50 ... read more
Pitt River Falls
Lassen Pk through the forest window
Lake Tahoe

North America » United States » California May 28th 2012

Day 28 Crescent,OR to MacArthur, CA After a fuel stop, we drove to Crater Lake NP (around the north and west sides of the park and then up to the lake). There is still LOTS of snow at the top. Kerry threw a snowball at Gena,but only hit her feet, unfortunately, I didn't get a photo. What a beautiful lake!! The road around the lake and the north entrance roads are still blocked by over 15' of snow. We bypassed Lava Beds NM and headed toward Lassen Volcanic NP. We think that the north entrance and the road through the park are still closed due to snow, but we'll call tomorrow morning and if it is closed, we'll head for Lake Tahoe. We picked an RV Park just east of MacArthur and drove to it only ... read more
Shop at top of Crater Lake Rd
Bob & Gena at Crater Lake
Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon May 28th 2012

After a pretty early start (about 9:15) found our way to US 26 and headed out towards Mt Hood, SE of Portland. Because of the low overcast, we couldn't see it. Went over a low pass (about 4100') and found some snow on the ground. After we got down out of the foothills, the overcast began to lift and Gena hollered for me to look out the side mirror. She pulled off at the first chance and I ran back about a quarter mile to get out of some trees to get a picture of Mt. Hood. Not long after that, we started to get views of Mt. Jefferson off to the west. It is also glacier covered and sticks up over the surrounding terrain. While descending into and then climbing out of the Deshutes River ... read more
Mt. Hood From US 26 (South)
Mt Jefferson from the east
Basalt Columns

North America » United States May 26th 2012

Day 26: South Prairie, WA to Troutdale, OR Started out as a bright sunny day with a few clouds. Got several good looks at Mt. Rainier before we got to the park, then almost none while in the park - - VERY disappointing !! At the visitors center, the parking for trailers was a LONG ways away and getting turned around required driving one of the camp ground loops which werre really conjested and narrow. Drove through Packwood, WA where they were having some kind of a street fest - - took 30 minutes to drive less than a mile. Never got to see Mt Saint Helens. Stopped at Fort Vancouver NM - - a very nicely kept park and interesting - - reminded Gena & I of some of the Army installations we've been on. ... read more
Mt Rainier
Road thru the snow
Campground at Troutdale, OR

North America » United States » Washington » Tacoma May 25th 2012

Day25: Port Angeles, WA to South Prairie, WA What a beautiful day this day!! Clear skies, little haze, and no wind. We broke camp and headed to the Olympic NP visitors center in Port Angeles. Kerry dropped his trailer and we pilled into their van and drove up Hurricane Ridge Road to the top (well, almost the top) of Hurricane Hill, Elevation 5240 ft. The snow drifts were around 12' deep up there, it was windy and cold! Had to pick Milo up and carry him after a while because his paws were getting cold. There were some clouds so we didn't really get a good look at Mt. Olympus - - think we saw just a tiny part of it. Stopped at several pullouts on the way down and had great views of the Strait ... read more
Snow bank
Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Another Flat tire on the pop-up

North America » United States » Washington May 24th 2012

Day 24: Hoquiam, WA to Port Angeles, WA Rained all night and until about 11 AM. Striking camp in the rain is a real pain for Charlie & Kerry, so we waited out the rain and managed to leave just before noon. It soon started raining off and on as far as Hoh Rain Forest in Glacier NP. We drove the 18 miles to the visitors center in Hoh Rainforest. The rainforest is really a lush botanical garden. One the way out we encountered a little bit of snow on the road that hadn't been there when we drove in. We stopped at a couple of the beaches - - what wild and beautiful places they are! They were windy and cold, but pretty none the less. We took a “short cut” to get to Salt ... read more
Phone Booth in Hoh Rain Forest
Sunset over Juan de Fuca Strait
Raccoon at Salt Creek Rec Area

North America » United States May 23rd 2012

Day 23: Beverly Beach SP, OR to Hoquiam, WA Not as windy today, but lots of light rain most of the day. It did dry out in the last 40 miles, so Magee's were able to set their pop-up without everything getting wet. It is still chilly - - 51 at 8:30 PM (and still pretty bright out, despite the clouds. Made a quick stop at Lewis & Clarke National Historic Park - - three stamps in the book and three patches. Interesting place - - those guys were true adventurors!!! The bridge over the Columbia River was at least two miles long (and felt about a half mile high!) Found a nice campground with WiFi, laundry, and showers. It is really easy to get set up when the site is level and you can pull ... read more
Almost a clear cut !
Bridge over the Columbia River
Bridge over the Columbia River

North America » United States May 22nd 2012

Day 22: Crescent City, CA to Beverly Beach, OR Drove through light rain and drizzle most of the day. Did get to see some realy pretty stretches of rocky shorelines with heavy surf. Also saw a few more Redwood trees - - what magnificent trees they are! We ended up at Beverly Beach SP in Oregon. It is a large campgound set in what appears to me to be a rainforest with large trees, lots of ferns, some large leafed plants unlike any that I've seen before. Drove a little over 230 miles today. We were located across the highway and several hundred yards into the forest from the beach, but we could hear it clearly all night, even with the windows in the camper closed. A very pleasing sound!... read more
Rocks through the Trees
Coast through the Rain
4 Brothers ?

North America » United States » California May 21st 2012

Day 21: Willits, CA to Crescent City, CA Kerry left camp early this morning in hopes of finding a new spare tire for the pop-up. There were two tire dealers in Willits, but neither one had what he needed and the second one referred him to an RV Repair shop - - well, the RV shop had two signs one saying open at 8:30 and one saying open at 9 - - he sat for about 30 minutes waiting for it to open when he noticed a sign saying closed on Monday! He wound up buying a new tire in Eureka, CA - - cost him a hundred bucks!! Sure couldn't afford to live here!!! While Kerry was gone, Gena took Milo for a walk and came running back for the camera - - there were ... read more
Redwood Forest along US101
Elk in Prairie Creek SP
Elk in Prairie Creek SP

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