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Day 12: We’re staying three nights at Cabot Trail CG near Baddeck, NS so today and tomorrow at day trip days. Today we drove the Cabot trail counter clockwise so most of the “look offs” would be on the right side of the road. That strategy worked pretty well - - Only problem is that the important sites are listed the other way. Worked out OK. It rained lightly off and on most of the day. Gena and Charlie saw a Bald Eagle just as we were turning on to the highway from the campground about 9AM. We saw lots of beautiful rocky shore and tree covered mountains. The highest peak is 1745 ft. They were all close to the same height and were a plateau that had deep valleys formed by erosion. Makes for a ... read more
Saint Ann's Bay
Sea Gull

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 6th 2013

Day 12: Got off from Glooscap CG by about 8:30 headed to Cabot Trail CG on Cape Breton Island. Gena wanted pictures of more of the carved elm trees in Truro, so se made a short detour to do that. Our first stop in Truro was in a Sobey’s grocery store. They are a lot like a really spruced up Harris Teeter store. We managed photos of all but one of the 20 carvings. We drove by the location where the carving was supposed to be, but could not see it. Fortunately today is still part of the long holiday weekend, so the traffic was really light. After getting all the photos we wanted, we stopped at an Esso station for fuel - - cost $102 to fill the truck. Weather was really nice until we ... read more
Elm Carving
Elm Carving
Elm Carving

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 4th 2013

Day 11: Decided to take a day of rest today. Trucks did not even move, but we did wash the windows, inside & outside, on the trailer. Gena & Bob made two walks on the beach in search of sea glass. Found a few pieces, several interesting sea shells, and a couple really neat rocks. It was cool and breezy all day with hardly a cloud in the sky. I guess we walked a couple of miles on the beach. The water went out so far, Bob was able to go out to the water’s edge and see the light house in Parrsboro which is several miles west of our campground. Gena saw a Canadian Bald Eagle (she only got a photo from the rear !!) flying overhead. The CG manager let us use his phone ... read more
Wild Rose
Wild Flower
Minas Basin

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 3rd 2013

Day 10: We left camp at about 9 AM headed for Truro, NS to see the tidal bore. We got there about 10:45 anticipating the bore at 11:05. Well, the tidal bore appeared just before 11 AM. While it was really small, about 4-6 inches high, it was very interesting to watch the fiver flowing out and all of a sudden it had changed directions and was flowing in, BIG TIME !! We watched from an old bridge abutment. There was an iron tank in the river where we were watching which stuck out of the water at least 2 ft and it only took about 10 minutes for the tide to come up enough to completely cover that tank. Water was really muddy. After the tidal bore was done, we drove into downtown Truro and ... read more
Iron Pipe in the river
Tidal Bore Approching
Tidal Bore

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro August 2nd 2013

On the morning of day 9, Bob got the CG owners to let him use their phone and started calling campgrounds. Finally found one with space for both rigs. It was only about 25 miles away. It turned out to be a nice county owned campground right next to the bay. Our site is labeled “Spare RV” It is actually one site, but big enough for both rigs and has a decent view of the bay. Instead of being right down on the water, we are probably 50 or 60 feet up the bluff rising from the beach. There is a trail that goes down to the beach. On our first walk on the beach, we found a couple small pieces of sea glass. After lunch, we drove into town. Stopped first at the visitors Centre/Geologic ... read more
Light House through the Fog
Rigs at Glooscap CG
Bob at Triasic Park

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 1st 2013

Day 8: Got away from the campground in New Annan, PEI by about 8:30. Went to Walmart for wading shoes and ice, then fuel, and air for a low tire on the truck, Then a really nice grocery store where Gena bought 4 Lobster tails for appetizers tonight in Spencer’s Island. Went back over the ConfederationBridge (what I called the ConfrontationBridge in my last blog) Picture shows how uneven the concrete roadway was. There was a piper playing at the welcome station as we entered Nova Scotia, so Gena took his picture. I asked about the best way to get down to Spenser’s Island. She said the shortest way was down route 209. She warned me about two one lane Bailey Bridges. She did NOT tell me how rough the road was. It was as rough ... read more
Entering Nova Scotia
View from Site

Day 7: Got off at about 8:50. We headed east along the north coast of PEI. We went through PEI NP. It had interesting beaches and a couple of lighthouses. There are a bunch of “very unique” lighthouses on PEI that all look exactly the same, well, almost the same, one had an octagonal foot print while all the rest had square footprints. There are LOTS blue mussel aqua culture arrays in the bays. They hang a “mussel sock” from a bouy and set them up in long lines. The mussels attach to the sock and the “mussel men” then harvest them. Kerry drove about 200 miles today, and we never left the Island. Sure was glad that we took sandwiches along, because there were almost NO places where we could have bought lunch!. The weather ... read more
Mussel Aquaculture Array
Where Farms meet The Sea
Self explanatory

Day 5: Late start from Houlton, ME as we were only expecting about a 4 hr drive. When we stopped on the way out of the campground to dump the holding tanks, I found that the top wouldn't go up more than about 2 inches at a time - - even with the truck running at a high idle. Did manage to get it up high enough to get the sewer hose out of its storage place and dump the tank. Went straight to the grocery store to provision and then to Walmart for a new battery. Sure, enough when we put it on the Battery tester, it had at least one bad cell. So about $75 later, we had a new battery installed and it seems to be working correctly. Finally got on the road ... read more
Leaving Houlton, ME
World's Longest Covered Bridge
Same Bridge from East end

North America » United States » Maine » Houlton July 28th 2013

Day 4: Got an early start this morning - - off at 6:30. Bob drove from Matamoras, PA to a closed rest area on I 495 in Mass, about 3 hours. Gena wanted to drive, so I gave up the wheel. She drove maybe twenty miles and it started raining, hard at times. The roads were really wet with LOTS of spray thrown up by the cars & trucks - - heavy traffic north bound and REALLY heavy traffic southbound. It quit raining about the time we went by Augusta, ME and was really nice the rest of the way. Had about a twenty mile detour onto ME 2 because of bridges being rebuilt on I-95. Still made it to Houlton, ME (about 600 miles) in 9.5 hours. Gas is really high up here - - ... read more

Day Three: Pretty loud Kari-Oki (SP????) went on last night until exactly 10 PM. Rained most of the night last night. Rained (hard) until almost noon. Gena drove until 9:30. She noticed that I hadn’t mentioned the rain she drove thru in Montgomery on our first day - - now, it is mentioned along with the 3 hours through rain this morning. We got off at 6:30 this morning and made it to Matamoras, PA (where I-84 crosses the Delaware River into NY - - ~530 miles) Traffic on I-81 was pretty heavy but moving right along. Places in PA were pretty rough. Our Campground here Tri State Campground is pretty much a dump., but the only act in own and we did get a level pull through slot with water, electric, and WiFi. This is ... read more
Tri-State CG Matamoras, PA 27 July 2013

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