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9th June 2012

Amarillo area is bait boring
You were close to two of Jim's sons. They both live in lawton Oklahoma..did you run into any bad weather? Jared is a fed ex driver (18 wheeler kind)
10th June 2012

Lawton , OK
We never got into Oklahoma - - we headed southeast on US 287 just at the east end of Amarillo. I haven't been to Lawton since sumer of 1966 when our class made an orientation visit to Ft. Sill. We found the area starting about 40 miles east of Albuquerque to get more boring by the mile!! See our last blog - - Milo was REALLY bored.
6th June 2012

North Rim
I found the drive into the North Rim, particularly the last 50 miles, to be fascinating. The many and varied shades of green in the beautiful forests still amaze me as I recall them from about 15 years ago.
6th June 2012

Great Trip.
We spent a couple of weeks at the Grand Canyon in 1994. We were going to work there for the summer, but they would not give us the same days off, so we went back to Yellowstone, but the GC is an awesome place. Your trip sounds wonderful.
29th May 2012

Been there, done that. Couple years ago at tge Wyman reunion.
29th May 2012

Crater Lake
Darn, I've always wanted to visit Crater Lake. Guess that's not going to happen!! Have fun.
29th May 2012

Still watching!
I envy the cool weather you are basking in. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! I just love following you, and it brings back many good memories for me. Have fun.
29th May 2012

Bob & Gena We miss you but by all the pictures you have sent can tell you are having the time of your life. Crater Lake looks so pretty and snow it is close to a 100 around 99 or 98 daily for the last couple of days so enjoy the weather. Love, Cleve & Linda
24th May 2012

Gena - How do always find the chilly weather?! Looks like you're having fun. Lewis & Clark would have taken the same picture of the Astoria Bridge if they had had a camera and there had been a bridge.
24th May 2012

Great pictures!
Enjoyed catching up with your travels!
23rd May 2012

I am really enjoying your trip!!
20th May 2012

Something's Fishy
Bob and Gena - Great pics. Looks like lots of fun. Gena . . . Warmer than last year??!!
11th May 2012

Happy Anniversary! I would have gotten a card, but you'r NOT home!! :) Hope you're having a nice trip
9th May 2012

Skip and Mary
Say Hi to Skip and Mary for Kim and I! Looks like you are having a nice trip!! :)
9th May 2012

travel monitoring
Hi Bob & Gena: I enjoy following your travels and wish I could be with you. All your pictures are very interesting. Hope you both are enjoying the trip. Look forward to your return. Have a nice day. Lloyd
9th May 2012

Bob, Keep the photos coming; I'm really enjoying seeing them. I finally sold my motorhome two weeks ago, so I will probably never travel out west by highway again. Harvey
7th July 2010

Live Dangerously
Kerry says go ahead and throw a quarter in. Safe trip home.
7th July 2010

So very glad to hear you've thawed out ! The heat and humidity are sucking the life out of us.
7th July 2010

good times
Other than the weather it sounds as if your trip has been fantastic. All the pictures I have enjoyed of many places, along with your blog have been appreciated and enjoyed. Continue to be safe on your long journey. love ya, julia
4th July 2010

Love the blue, bluer ans non blue pool !!!
16th June 2010

Appreciate your sharing your thoughts and travel. I would like to return to AK. Been ten years.
7th June 2010

jimmy doolittle mtn
It's really billy mitchell mountain, but it's easy to get those flyboys confused.
6th June 2010

You all are seeing so much wildlife!! Lucky ! You are having so much fun I am green with envy!! Someday we might venture into that part of the continent! Continue on with your adventure and thanks for blogging!! See you in July. Love, Vivian
31st May 2010

Hey, we just got home from the cruise and read your blog....sounds like you are already having a great time!!! Great photos. Wish we were with you! Oh well, next time!! Have a great time and a SAFE trip!! We will love getting your blogs so we can live vicariously through them!!! Hope all went well in Asheville. Love, Vivian and Paul Mike Cain said Hi to you all (as well as a lot of others!!)
27th May 2010

double Wow
How could you pass up a good mess of salmon---park in the middle of the road if nothing else. When we went out to the Rockies last year, we saw where the baby salmon had just hatched and were in the spot they would live for the next year before heading upstream. We never did see a fox. Lots of other wildlife though. love, j
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