Bob and Gena are traveling with Charlie and Kerry to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Lots of National Parks & Monuments and State Parks along the way.

North America » United States » Wyoming June 19th 2015

Day 10 Flaming Gorge WY to Grand Teton NP, WY: Great weather. Drove north on US 191. Highest elevation was just over 7K ft. We found it interesting that despite seeing several mountain ranges with snow on top, we could not see the Tetons until we got through Jackson,WY and into the Teton valley. We drove directly to the Colter Bay Camp Ground where we were able to get sites directly across the road from each other. Day time temps have been in the 70's and night time temps down to low 50's - - makes for very comfortable dry camping. Did not go out after setting up camp.... read more
Grand Teton

North America » United States » Wyoming June 18th 2015

Day 9 Casper, WY to Flaming Gorge NRA, WY: B&G got up early to use the dump station, go to Walmart again and get postage stamps at the post office. Despite B&G's running around early, we made it out of camp by 9:30. First stop was at Independence Rock SP about 40 miles SW of Casper. It is a big granite rock sticking up out of the prairie where the settlers stopped and carved their signatures and date. Saw another bull snake. Next on the Flaming Gorge NRA in the SW corner of WY. We dry camped in a beautiful place called Fire Hole CG. It is on the banks of the Green River with chimney rocks and buttes all around. Lots of little rabbits at this campground. Jenna went wading in the river.... read more
Signatures on Independence Rock
The Devil's Gap

North America » United States » South Dakota June 17th 2015

Day 8: Oreville to Casper, WY: A mostly uneventful day with an early afternoon stop at a Walmart and checking into a commercial CG. The campground had a good laundry facility that we used. They also had a nice pool that Jenna, Kerry & Bob took advantage of. Gena called a couple hours before we arrived and reserved two spaces - - its a good thing because Casper was hosting the Collegiate Rodeo Finals that week and all the campgrounds filled up.... read more
Hixson's Rig
Wyoming State Line

North America » United States » South Dakota June 16th 2015

Day 7 Oreville NFCG, SD: Stayed set up at Oreville NFCG for another day. Headed through Custer SP, SD Wildlife loop. Stopped at the VC for S&P and then took a short loop off the main road where got to see bison up close and personal! They walked right by our windows and across the road only a few feet from the front of the truck. They had a bunch of calves. It was a pretty good “Critter” day with sightings of Big Horn Sheep (right next to the road), prairie dogs, rabbits, and PH antelope. Jenna earned another Junior Ranger badge. Then another long drive back to Oreville NFCG.... read more
Nursing Bison
Close Encounter of the Bison Kind
Prairie Dogs

North America » United States June 15th 2015

Day 6 Ft Robinson SP, NE to Oreville NFCG, SD: Off by 9 AM. First to Walmart in Chadron, NE. Then a drive by Gandparents Gireau home on Shelton Street in Chadron. Only visible change is the absence of the big Polyanna Poplars down the center of the drive and Grandad's roses. Now the drive is a straight shot into the garage. Next stop was Wind Cave NP, SD. No one went into the cave, but we stopped at the visitor center where we got Stamps & Patches (S&P). Then lunch on the road to the forest service campground. We were able to get two site close to each other and the vault latrine. Once camp was set up, we piled into Magee's truck and went to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. As usual, it is really ... read more
Parade of State Flags
Florida State Flag
George Washington

North America » United States » Nebraska June 14th 2015

Day 5: Left the CG in Ogallala, NE just before 9 AM. Made a quick stop at Walmart for ice, some meds, and a replacement daylight running light for the Trailblazer. Headed west on US 26. Stopped first at Chimney Rock National Monument which has a very nice visitors center. Second stop was Scotts Bluff NE - - another nice visitors center. The bluff is quite spectacular when viewed from the visitors center. Both of these NE really emphasize what an ordeal the pioneers went through to open the west. They also clearly pointed out the impact on the native American Indians. Last visit was to Agate Fossil Bed NE about half way between Mitchell, NE and Harrison, NE (population 251). What a neat place Agate is! Really nice displays of some of the fossils (whole ... read more
Chimney Rock NM
Scotts Bluff NM
Agate Fossil Beds NM

North America » United States » Nebraska June 13th 2015

Day 4: Got up to a foggy but sunny morning. The sun raised the fog and it turned into a mostly cloudy day BUT NOT WET!. We drove over to the Homestead National Monument of America. It is a very nice and interesting facility and I was surprised at the number of people visiting the facility. We spent a couple hours there going through the exhibits. Jena (Magee’s grand daughter) completed her Junior Ranger tasks for the monument and earned a badge. We then drove all the way to North Platte where we stopped for fuel. I was so mad at the guy in front of me, that I forgot to pick up my receipt - - the guys had parked at the front gas pump then both went inside to to get burgers before they ... read more
Early Homestead home

North America » United States June 13th 2015

Got away from home by 6:30 AM on Wed the 10th of June. It took an uneventful 9.5 hours to get to Magee's home in Huntingdon, TN. We (I) only made two wrong turns but in both cases was able to get right back on course quickly. Day 2: Hixson's & Magee managed to pull out of their back yard at about 9:50. Drove west through rural western TN. Everything ws really green and all the yards were manicured. All in all a delightful drive. Crossed the Mississippi just west of Dyrsburg, TN then up I-55 and around the SW corner of St. Louis - - Traffic was heavy but FAST moving. Wound up at a Corps of Engineers campground near Hannibal, MO. Day 3: Drove through cloudy weather and then light rain. Came all the ... read more

North America » United States » Maine » Houlton August 8th 2013

Day 14: Woke up early this AM and got off by 6:30, even after dumping the holding tanks. Kerry was standing outside their trailer as we left. When we said our good byes last night (we had such a good time together, that was really sad), they did not know where they were going to go today - - just that they didn't plan to stay where they were. Our drive was 436 uneventful miles -- about 9 hours. Just as crossed into New Brunswick, we saw a complicated array of towers and wires that was the Canadian National Radio Broadcast facility - - looked just like Marconi's setup. Thought we saw Jim standing in the middle of all those wires. Traffic was mostly pretty light. Had some drizzly rain. Temperature dropped noticeably when it started ... read more
Radio Xmitter
Radio Transmitter
More wires

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Baddeck August 7th 2013

Day 13: Another day trip day. We started out at about 9:20 headed for Baddeck, NS. After a quick stop at the visitor information centre, we went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. REALLY interesting. Never knew that he was into aviation (Silver Dart made first powered flight in Canada in 1903), Hydrofoil equipped boats (HD4 managed over 74 mph in 1919), and a bunch of other stuff. After the museum, we saw a pram regatta in full swing out near a light house at the entrance to the Baddeck harbor. Onto CA 105 headed to Glace Bay to see the miner's museum and the Marconi museum. I had no idea that Cape Breton Island was a center of coal mining for Canada and as a result also a steel manufacturing area. Both the coal and ... read more
Silver Dart
Pram Regatta
Gravel Spit

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