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Bettina Tison Bennett

I'm a lucky soul who works hard 10 months of the year and travels during the summer. This year it's Ireland. Last year it was just Disneyland (money was a problem but I managed to win the Disney trip so yay us), and the year before Vancouver (May), New Orleans (6/17ish) and Ghana (June/July).

Sometimes I even manage to sneak in a trip or two during the work year. Life is very good when that happens!

Middle East May 6th 2014

Summer break is just a few (three to be exact) weeks away. I've been busy with work and mini trips here and there (Vegas, San Antonio, California ... the normal places we escape to). I've also been busy selling myself (well my resume and teacherly talents) for my next big adventure. Apparently, I'd make a good commission off of myself because I got the job. In August (possibly July) I'll be on a plane headed to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It's an awesome opportunity that will not only stretch my teaching abilities, but also my traveling bits because I'll be incredibly close to sooooo many places I've always wanted to visit. It's a two-year contract, so I'm going to fit in as much of India, Africa, Asia and the Middle East as I ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon July 24th 2013

Bummer we're back home now. The circadas are strumming their "it's hot and steamy" song. I wrote a few more entries during our trip, but they're all on my iPad (hard to publish when you don't have time for slow/sketchy wifi). Sure, I could stream them into here and then organize all of my photos to go with entries, but let's face it I'm lazy. Besides, I have some curriculum mapping to do (work begins again next week). So, I've decided to spare you all my ramblings and blast you with photos and a highlight summary (which turns out is still too many words). The good news is I'm only sharing a few pics out of the almost 2,000 we took. They're not necessarily the best photos (although I like them), but they show off some ... read more
baby pines by the sea
fog rolling off the hills
Ireland?  No.

North America » United States » Oregon July 16th 2013

July 14, 2013 (sorry dont have time to caption photos, but it gives you a taste. I'll post better pics when I have more time) It's our 5th day on the big Pacific Northwest road trip (although it's my 8th day since I started the drive first and had a few fun days in Santa Barbara with Marna). We're camping on a spot right across from the bathroom and the path that leads to the beach. It's pretty freakin awesome. I guess because this is such a popular camping destination (Beverly Beach State Park in Newport, Oregon) the animals are pretty ballsy. Too early this morning Joe goes to take a pee and comes back into the tent with his precious can of toffee peanuts. "Damned chipmunk was trying to get to my nuts," he says ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » San Antonio April 28th 2013

I've been wanting to see my friend Monica for awhile now, so when she suggested we fly into San Antonio during Fiesta's last weekend celebrations, we did! Fiesta is basically a two-week party loaded with parades, royalty pageants (yes, there's royalty in Texas), dances and all sorts of food and gift vendors. It's more than that, and it certainly means a whole lot to the people of San Antonio. To outsiders it's street-to-street happy people and lots of noise and color! Standing in line is inevitable, especially if you're hungering for chicken or steak or what looks like penis (it's a sausage with a biscuit at the bottom) on a stick, but it's okay because everyone is so friendly and happy you don't mind. Standing in line is part of the fun ... really. It's also ... read more
Big Brown
Titty striker
Beer and Stogies

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 20th 2012

My words will never do nature justice, so I won't waste your time describing the falls. The pictures say it all (and even then it's still not the same). BUT, I will tell you about the most terrifying thing I believe I've ever done. The Havasupai area has a variety of falls. There's the first set you see, which are the new falls because a flood rearranged things a few years ago. There's Havasupai falls, my favorite because it's the easiest to swim around. There's also a cave you can climb to, but I already scraped up my knees at Mooney Falls so didn't venture up that rock wall. There's Beaver Falls, which I didn't even know about and heard about later, which is a challenging hike from Mooney Falls (will do that one the next ... read more
a peak of the first set of falls
Another shot of first falls
Picnic table

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 19th 2012

For those of you who've driven through Grand Canyon National Park but never have made it below the rim, you have not truly experienced the awe of it all. I know this because I've been all over the top of the rim many, many times --- and, yes, it's spectacular, but oh my the wonder of the canyon bottom is so unbelievably the mother of all experiences. There are several trails down. The one we took isn't as steep as Kaibab or Bright Angel trail. Let me rephrase that, it IS steep, but its switchbacks felt easier to handle. It begins at the top of a crowded parking lot called Hilltop. It's a little intimidating at first because you look down and think, "can I just sit and slide down that bitch?" But, going down (as ... read more
Get your kicks...
Crazy lil ice cream shop

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon October 12th 2012

My toenails are cut and swiped free of any polish (they hate being naked by the way), calluses are built up and expensive socks are packed in backpack AND duffle bag. My feet, calves, thighs, and, hopefully, knees are ready for the trek down the canyon and then, a few days later, back up (I once walked Bright Angel trail with a friend. We only did 1/2 the trail, and I was ready to sell my soul to the devil just so I wouldn't have to climb back up. This one is the full deal, heaven help us all). I've been training since I came back from Ireland, which hasn't been easy. You see in Ireland, as a tourist, it was easy to get soft around the edges --- a whole lot of deep-fried food and ... read more
more hot air than me...
no this isn't from the Mars Rover
Oh say can you see...

North America » United States » Arizona » Williams October 8th 2012

Last weekend, our neighbors had a visitor from New Zealand, so they wanted to take him on a camping trip up north. Since I'm hiking the Grand Canyon this weekend (oh how I can't wait to share the pics with you guys), we opted out of touring the Grand Canyon with them. Instead, Joe, Kaylene and I took a hike on Sycamore Falls trail in Williams. The state of Arizona never ceases to amaze me. Williams is near Flagstaff and only a two-hour drive from where I live, but it's a whole other world. It's cold at night and green and, well, awesomely beautiful. If I decided to stay in Arizona (after I do my international teaching stint), it will have to be somewhere up north. I love the desert too, but the heat is wearing ... read more
hike views
more hike view
my hiking buddies

Europe » Ireland » County Wicklow August 12th 2012

On my last blog I posted 72 pictures and then just quit because the computer annoyed me (plus, it's a lot of pics to look at). So, here are a few more and a list of the places I'd pay to stay at again. Actually, I'd pay to stay at all of them again, but these are extra special. Donegal (up north. Just about everyone we talked to in Ireland ooohed and aaahed when we said we went to Donegal): Drumcorry House. The family is lovely, and their home is on their sheep farm. The bedrooms and bathrooms are roomy and comfortable. I didn't feel like a giant here. The town of Donegal is an adorable place as well. I wish we could've spent more time there. Website: County Clare: Scariff (although my absolute favorite ... read more
Lough Derg
tree tunnel
my girl and man

Europe » Ireland August 11th 2012

It's been almost two weeks since we left Ireland, a little over a week since I made it home and back to the world of work. Needless to say, life is back to being insanely busy, but that's okay because I'm earning mullah for the next big adventure (which is in October when I get to hike the Grand Canyon and spend a night near Havasupai Falls ---- awesomeness!). What I miss most about Ireland is the misty greens, pub stops, small towns (and all of its people) and cooler temps (it's been around 116F all week; I'm freakin melting over here). What I don't miss is feeling like I'm related to Guliver. The showers, the roads, the cars all made me feel so damned huge. Guliver's Travels was not a satire about our petty politics; ... read more
Dublin street
first place we ate

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