The two-week pub crawl

a trip by Bettina Tison Bennett
From: July 14th 2012
Until: July 29th 2012

My friend Ericka has been wanting to go to Ireland since forever. She has finally saved enough to go and was pushed by her roommate to just do it. So, it started off as the two of them declaring that Ireland was soooo gonna happen this summer. Ericka said we should come along, it'd be a blast. Joe and I toyed with the idea, but financially, it just didn't seem like something we'd want to do. Then we found the cottage that sealed the deal. Yes, one little thatched-roof cottage in County Clare is what made us spend our tax refund on airline tickets versus much-needed car savings. Then my daughter decided to charge a ticket on her card, and then her boyfriend did the same. Sooooo, for two weeks we six are touring the emerald isle! How freakin cool is that?
Trip Length: 2 weeks
Blog Entries: 7
Photos: 0
Words: 4746

Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
July 15th 2012 Land of the lost Europe » Ireland » County Dublin
July 21st 2012 50 shades of oh my Europe » Ireland » County Cork
July 26th 2012 Belfast Europe » Ireland
July 26th 2012 Twenty pound pee Europe » Ireland » County Cork
July 29th 2012 Cottage life Europe » Ireland » County Clare
July 29th 2012 Let the sun shine in Europe » Ireland » County Clare
July 29th 2012 Our time is ending... Europe » Ireland » County Clare
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