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21st July 2013

Nice nuts!
Love this! I envy all your trips, but this one sounds especially lovely and back-to-naturey. You are such fun to read.
From Blog: Nuts
23rd July 2013

Oh how I wish we could do one together...
as you well know I LIVE for vacay time. I swear my ever-growing hiney will get back to visit your corner of the world, and you know there is always a place for you hear --- too hot for chipmunks, so it's all good.
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17th July 2013

Discovered your blogs today
Mooney Falls look great. I've taken a peak at a couple of your blogs and look forward to reading more.
17th July 2013

Hope you enjoy them
The hard part while we're on the road is uploading photos, so they tend to gat included later. I'm in Washington near Mt St Helen's now. If only I could travel allll the time. Soooo love that I doing it now though... Work returns nest week.
1st May 2013

Thanks for attending
What a GREAT time to see you and Joe. So glad I got to pop your cherry. Truly hope you all had a good time. We loved having you. See you next year!!!
From Blog: Fiesta!
18th August 2012

Enticing Shots
Bettina, your images crisp, clear, and interesting; they truly make me want to save my pennies to travel to this beautiful country. Thank you for sharing.
From Blog: Ireland Pics
18th August 2012

want to be there
this sounds like vacation perfection
20th August 2012

thanks for checking it out, and I do hope you get to go one day. Yes! relaxing and just being is the best part of any vacation. I like pretending I'm a local, even though it's so obvious I'm not.
18th August 2012

Sounds like fun!
Bettina, I'm just beginning to peruse your blog and haven't read everything....yet. This looks like a delightfully fun trip. You went with friends? family? Even better, right? I like your conversational writing style. ~Ramona
12th August 2012

Green with Envy
Hi! I'm so thrilled to see your pics up here. A friend just got back from Ireland last week and now I see this--I am dying to go. It will be a while--but someday. . . . Glad you had a wonderful summer. Have a good first week--it's great to see your smiling face in these photos--great blog. K.
From Blog: Ireland Pics
12th August 2012

so glad you liked it...
as a lover of language you HAVE to go ---- just to listen to the many ways you can manipulate our language into something witty and lovely at the same time. The sights and pubs are pretty awesome too!
From Blog: Ireland Pics
6th August 2012

Bettina, I'm literally crying here. I'm SO MAD at your airline, the f**ers. I hate Heathrow because everyone I've ever encountered there is nasty and helpless (and yes, I realize that they are doing what their companies instruct, but sometimes it is important to be HUMAN). So glad you met your 'family' and I'm sending them hugs too. xoxo to you and Kaylene.
6th August 2012

crazy, isn't it?
The thing is it's basically three airlines because I booked this online, sooooo basically one airline booked us on the other airlines, and, well, even thought they're all partners apparently they cannot read each other's screens. So, you go to one desk, and they say, "that's quite unfortunate, but you will have to talk to so and so because I don't have access to their system." So and so will say the same IF so and so is actually at the desk. It's allllll just too darned symbolic of how we've shrunk our world thanks to technology, but forgot to remember people are real-live beings with real lives, so the formulas and whatnot do not always work (especially when you forget to even let the computers talk to each other!). or something like that.
29th July 2012

wonderful to read about your trip! xo
16th October 2010

Thanks for sharing!
Wow! I've never been to Colorado. How beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful!
From Blog: Purple Majesty
13th October 2010

welcome home
I am sorry I did not read this until now... what an experience... Great writing. Beautiful pictures.
29th July 2010

my poor tongue and their poor ears
Twi is such a different language than the ones I know. Our teacher gave us handouts to look at words, and sometimes I'd throw in English sounds, sometimes German, sometimes French or Spanish (and I don't even know those languages). But, I managed to get a few phrases down pat. And, I absolutely LOVED practicing at the market. Any time I said Mi Pawo Cho (forgive my spellig, I don't have handout nearby), or Mache or Wo hot de sein (dear God my spelling is way, way off), Medasse or Yedanasse, a crowd would cheer and start teaching me new things. My favorite, of course, was Bakoo and Medasse Pa. I loved saying it, partly because they're fun to say, but mostly because of how everyone lit up when I did. I miss Ghana (came home a few days ago), but I plan on coming back. If I do I vow to learn much, much more of the language.
From Blog: Just-right time
28th July 2010

One trick to learning is abandon all your precepts about sound, inflections, intonations, etc - especially coming from English. Then LISTEN to how twi words are pronounced. If you're in the central region, or far west of Accra and are only exposed to fanti, then you'll have a really tough time. but with other dialects (Akuapem, Kwahu, Asante, etc). Try to break down words in your head, or even on paper. Next, look for sounds in the English language that most mimic each broken down segment of whichever word you have in your head. Then piece them together after practicing a few times. Ghanaians also LOVE when you make an honest attempt to learn our languages. We might laugh at your initial attempts, but your effort melts our hearts. So try using twi, or Ga, or whichever you're exposed to. Don't worry about butchering the language. You'll always find someone willing to help you learn.
From Blog: Just-right time
25th July 2010

I soooo hope the children and adults who open their eyes continue to spread good work --- maybe one day the good in us will sooooo outweigh the bad.
25th July 2010

there can be no more important work than saving children and raising the consciousness of adults.
25th July 2010

Thanks for the correction
Yes, Mike you are absolutely right. I later learned this, and I apologize for getting it wrong when I wrote this.
25th July 2010

snapping of your middle finger is part of how Ghanaians shake hands. It's not a "tip me" gesture.
24th July 2010

not enough time
to do this story justice, and I wish I could have gotten some statistics to post, but I'll share that with anyone when I get home. There's always so much to catch my attention before I leave here.
23rd July 2010

am I being too optimistic
do you think our young ones can pull it off? I'm banking on them ... alas I've never been a good investor.
23rd July 2010

bettina, this brought tears to my eyes. xxx

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