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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 27th 2017

Geo: 15.7838, -69.9677We spent the second day of the cruise at sea again. Today it seemed like we were moving faster and the ship rolled some. We felt the movement for the first time this trip, but it is a gentle roll and still easy to ignore. As I am writing tonight though, I can feel it a bit more.This morning we were up in time for breakfast at the Panorama Buffet. A woman sat down with us to eat. She was funny (funny peculiar, not funny Ha-Ha) and talked and talked the whole time we were there. The only time she stopped was when I said that I was trying to hear the announcements on the loud speaker. She did stop talking then, but as soon as they were over, she started up again. You ... read more
Mini-Suite 8022
Mini-Suite 8022
Mini-Suite 8022

Central America Caribbean » Cuba April 26th 2017

Geo: 21.066, -74.9665We slept late and started the day with an early lunch at the BBQ station near the pool. They have no actual barbeque—just hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken burgers cooked outside. My hamburger was good, but Philip won't be ordering the veggie burger again. He had time for a haircut in the salon before we went to the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. It was fun to meet several people there whom I had seen on this cruise's Roll Call. I was looking for Dick and Sunny from California, because I had chatted with them online before the cruise about getting a team ready for the ship's trivia games. As it turned out, Prezz, the coordinator for the Meet and Greet, pointed to two chairs and asked us to sit there. Sunny and Dick ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba April 25th 2017

Geo: 23.3947, -78.4052Breakfast in the hotel was free for diamond members. Then Philip finished downloading papers and graded most of them. We left our room at checkout time, 11 o'clock, but sat in the lobby for a while since check-in at the cruise ship terminal didn't start until 12:30. The concierge told us that there was nothing at the port so we should wait at the hotel. I had prearranged a transfer with Quick and Safe Transportation from the Hilton to Port Everglades for12:30. They were happy to take us early so we left the hotel closer to 12:10. The port is only about a five-minute drive. Check-in for the Pacific Princess was underway when we arrived. Not too many people were there so we walked right up to the counter going through the usual check-in ... read more
View of the Pacific Princess from Our Hotel Room
View of the Hilton while Leaving Port Everglades
Leaving Port Everglades

North America » United States » Florida April 24th 2017

Geo: 26.1228, -80.1505With a late morning flight scheduled, we had an easy start to the trip. We finished packing and getting everything in the house ready for our long absence and still arrived at the Sunport early. We had no trouble going through security. I didn't notice anything different there with the new security procedures. This is the first time we have flown since the new pat-down procedures have been in place. Waiting at the gate for a little over an hour left a lot of time for people-watching, but it was not too interesting today. I find it hard to read at the airport with all the distractions, but Philip was happily engrossed in his book. I had time to contemplate and anticipate our trip.The flights were okay. IAH to FLL ran about 30 minutes ... read more

North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque April 24th 2017

Geo: 35.0841, -106.649... read more

Geo: 35.1241, -106.768We left Amarillo this morning and made it home by about 2 this afternoon. Very nice trip, all-in-all. We put about 1,700 miles on the new RAV 4. It rode well on the trip. I like the new features on the cruise control that add to the safety of the vehicle. It took a while to get used to the way the speed changed when other cars appeared in front of me and when they moved to another lane. I like it though. We had a good time on this trip. My favorite things were meeting Gary and Candi and seeing all the travel experts at the show. ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Amarillo April 6th 2017

Geo: 35.2072, -101.834We left Decatur this morning and drove just to Amarillo for the night. We will make it the rest of the way home tomorrow. We were in Childress at lunchtime so we stopped in at Top Notch Texas BBQ. This was the third time that we have been there, but it was the first time that it has been busy. The other times there were only one or two tables besides us. Now we have a favorite restaurant in Childress. Never thought about being able to say that. I have a favorite in Boyd, too. I may make special plans to go back through Boyd so we can eat at gogogumbo again on another trip to Dallas. When we checked into the Homewood Suites, we were given a room that had a strong and ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Decatur April 5th 2017

Geo: 33.2342, -97.5858Today we left Mount Pleasant and drove to Decatur for the night. Phil had chatted with Gary through Facebook and email before we left home and made arrangements to meet him and his wife for dinner. Gary is the adopted son of Phil's biological father. At least, we think so with a very high degree of certainty. All the other men in the DNA line that matches Phil have been eliminated so it must be him barring any other people who were not known to the family. There is always that possibility. Phil's biological father had no other natural children to test so we cannot be 100% sure, but it certainly seems like we have found the right person. Gary describes his dad in much the same way that Jane described him, too.We had ... read more
Kind Stranger Offered to Take a Photo of All of Us

North America » United States » Texas » Mount Pleasant April 4th 2017

Geo: 33.1571, -94.9686Today was all about wandering through cemeteries. We also stopped by one more library, the Daingerfield Public Library, where we found two chatty and helpful librarians right before they closed for lunch. The older one gave Phil directions to one of the cemeteries that we could not find on a map.We walked the Clark, Daingerfield, Bradfield Chapel, Naples, Wilder, and Spring Hill Cemeteries finding a few ancestors and some more distant relatives in each one. The last cemetery we saw was the Loving Cemetery right next to Spring Hill. Its sign said that it was established in 1958 so we did not walk through thinking that none of the people we were looking for lived that long. However, we thought later that perhaps we should have stopped in since sometimes graves are moved long ... read more
Clark Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Daingerfield Public Library

North America » United States » Texas » Mount Pleasant April 3rd 2017

Geo: 33.1571, -94.9686After breakfast in the hotel, we checked out and left for Mount Pleasant about 9:30. Morning rush hour traffic had died down by then, and we got through Dallas fairly smoothly. We arrived in Mount Pleasant about two hours later. We found the town square and the Titus County Courthouse before they closed for the noon hour and went in to look through birth, death, and marriage records. One of the clerks on duty showed us the ledgers that she had for the late 19th and early 20th centuries and let us browse by ourselves in the storage room. She used her computer to look through some indexes, too, that made our search a little easier. We photographed the certificates that we found. Copy machines are too hard on those huge books .After searching, ... read more
Titus County Courthouse
Titus County Courthouse
Titus County Courthouse

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