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April 24th 2017
Published: June 25th 2017
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With a late morning flight scheduled, we had an easy start to the trip. We finished packing and getting everything in the house ready for our long absence and still arrived at the Sunport early. We had no trouble going through security. I didn't notice anything different there with the new security procedures. This is the first time we have flown since the new pat-down procedures have been in place. Waiting at the gate for a little over an hour left a lot of time for people-watching, but it was not too interesting today. I find it hard to read at the airport with all the distractions, but Philip was happily engrossed in his book. I had time to contemplate and anticipate our trip.

The flights were okay. IAH to FLL ran about 30 minutes late. All the luggage made it so all-in-all an okay trip. The cab to the hotel was a little different. The driver never talked to us not even acknowledging that he heard the destination that I gave him. His car looked like a late-model car, but rattled and creaked along the way. His driving seemed safe enough. When we arrived at the hotel ten or fifteen minutes later, he took a long time to get the vehicle in just the right spot to stop. He moved forward and backward to get it to a level spot on the driveway so it didn't roll. I guess the emergency brake doesn't work.

At the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina Hotel, we were given what the clerk said was an upgraded room. It has a view of the bay (but they may all have a view with the way the building is oriented) and a usable balcony. The room seems small though. We had dinner at the G Bar and Grill in the hotel at an outside table. The evening was just beautiful with a light breeze and perfect temperature. One of the waiters was so chatty. He talked about trying to be a flight attendant for United but didn't get chosen. I guess Philip's loyalty credit card from United prompted that. We didn't tell him that our brother-in-law is a flight attendant for them.

Quotation for the Day: “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits” – A. A. Milne.


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