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North America » United States » Florida » Pensacola July 4th 2020

We are finally about to take our youngest grandson, Timmy, camping. He was supposed to go last year, but life got in the way and we couldn’t leave home. So this year is it! We have been looking forward to this trip, although it will be a bit odd, with the closings and problems caused by Covid-19. So, we may have an abbreviated trip, but we have a new camper and excited campers, so we will have fun. We left home on Wednesday, after packing the camper on Tuesday while dodging the massive rainfalls (we measured over 2½ inches) and stifling heat and humidity. We encountered some rain and saw lots of flooded fields in Tennessee and northern Mississippi, but ran through very little rain on our way down to Pensacola. Once here we had fun ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Sebastian June 18th 2020

My house is secure, my car is cleaned and packed and I am ready to roll out for my Excellent Summer Adventure. I am so excited! I love to travel and this trip will be about places I'll visit, but more importantly about reconnecting with family and friends. First stop today is with my nephew, Kyle and his fiancé, Rebecca here in beautiful Savannah, GA. Didn't get any time to explore Savannah this trip, but last fall when I was here for a few days, I got to see a lot of the city. I love all the city parks and green spaces - it's a great walking city! The kids and I went to a new restaurant, Current Kitchen and Cocktails on Wilmington Island. I had some great sushi and good wine. We talked ... read more
George on my mind!
Rebecca and Kyle with me at Current  .Restaurant

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee June 3rd 2020

One week ago (May 27th) we were all packed up, closed up, hooked up and ready to drive out of Tropical Palms to head North. You all were nicely settled in your seats and Lulu noted no one was arguing for the “shotgun” seat. We bid our farewell to Sam and Sandy and watched as they rolled through the exit gate at TP. “We’ll miss you and will look forward to seeing you again soon” we called out after them. Okay...our turn. Art stood guard in his golf cart watching our RV move ahead. It moved one inch and then: BONG, BING, BONK, BEEP, RING, DING, DONG....our bells and whistles went off!....and the RV wouldn’t move. Oh, God! Not good. Bad sign. What is going on? Cory studies the dash gauges. RATS! Our two air bag ... read more
Packed and already to leave.....nope!
Sam & Sandy head home
We stay put....the RV won’t move

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 21st 2020

Take your reservations needed. This is it. Our last golf cart ride at Tropical Palms for the season. We have to relish every moment and bump of it. Hold on.....Driver Cory is going to take us to places this little cart has not gone before. Ooooo.....the excitement builds. Navigator Sam prepares himself for the unknown as do Sandy and myself (the backseat drivers). We head up back through Old Town. Slowly, very slowly life is beginning to come back to this place. The Burger King that had closed has reopened....a good sign. As we sail down the wide sidewalk along the main drag of 192, the cars pass by us like planes on a runway. Vroom..Swoosh!! No way are we going to play chicken with these speedsters. Our bouncing buggy moves along dodging the many ... read more
Shopping at Aldi’s - Sam stood guard
Getting take-out orders at Burger King
The police chase begins!

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 12th 2020

Yup.....another year has been tallied into my calendar age record. My numbers keep getting bigger and bigger (and so do I but let’s not talk about that right now). Rats. Because I am in my Golden Years now, I decided I needed to know what that meant and what to expect. I googled it (Google is our friend). Google stated: “The Third Age is now considered by many to be the “golden years” of adulthood. It is generally defined as the span of time between retirement and the beginning of age-imposed physical, emotional, and cognitive limitations, and today would roughly fall between the ages of 65 and 80+.” Well, that’s it! Yup...I am in my Third age! I meet all the criteria for the Golden Years. I could offer up my specifics for each category but ... read more
Cinco de Mayo - I’m celebrating with them
Walt & Diane brought me cupcakes
Sam & Sandy brought me chocolate cake

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee May 4th 2020

Shhhhhhhh. What can we say? Nothing! The question of the day is “what’s new”? Answer: nothing. The next question of the day is “what are you going to do today”? Answer: nothing. Last question of the day is “what did you do today”? Answer: nothing. Nothing, nada, nil, zip, zero, zilch, naught, diddly-squat. That’s our daily agenda. That’s what fills our dance card. Nothing! Blank. I’m sure most of you find all these “do nothing” days boring and frustrating. Cory does. Me.....not so much. To be honest....and I always am....I’m kind of liking it! I’m content to watch TV, play on my iPad, sit outside and enjoy our surroundings and most of all....write this blog. It’s said “Nothing is Impossible”....guess what? Nothing is Possible! But don’t get me wrong....I truly hope and pray this all consuming ... read more
Dance Card
The neighborhood rushed to watch
The delivery truck arrived....everyone watched

North America » United States » Florida May 3rd 2020

When the news came out that the pandemic had taken over Europe I was still working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Now almost two month later we are still stuck on the ship. I know that this is a very hard time for everyone and while I would have liked to go home and spend time with my family, I also consider myself lucky to have experienced these times the way I did. I know my family is save back home in Germany and I am being take care of on the ship. The only thing that brought me down a little bit was that my boyfriend is stuck on a different ship and even though our ships were docked in florida most of the time we were never docked in the same port. ... read more
Family of dolphins
Sunrise over Jacksonvielle

North America » United States » Florida » Tampa April 30th 2020

In February 2020, before Coronavirus caused chaos and shut everything down, I was able to spend the month in Florida. Most of the month was spent in Amelia Island (I'll be writing about that more extensively soon), but I had always wanted to see Tampa. The family & I went to Tampa for a couple of days and checked it out. We visited Tampa, downtown, the Riverwalk, the Bay and Clearwater. Clearwater chaos I didn't spend enough time in Clearwater to be an expert on the city. My daughter was fighting a cold and after a couple of hours on the beach she wanted to get back to the hotel in Tampa Bay. We did spend a few hours on the beach. The water was indeed clear. It was the clearest oceanwater I had ever seen. ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 25th 2020

Bored yet? Don’t worry, we have a few treats for you to keep you entertained. So settle in for a pleasurable time. Remember: we’re all in this together. Let’s start out with the biggie. Sandy Foreman had her 22nd birthday last Thursday. Happy Birthday, Sandy. She told us it was her 22nd....are we to question it? Nope! Not us....And you can’t either! In times past, we usually celebrated her special day by going somewhere extra nice for her birthday. She loves The Cheesecake Factory. Not in the cards this year. What to do under present circumstances with all the coronavirus restrictions? Hmmmmm — let’s think this out. We’re putting on our thinking caps....put yours on, too. No restaurants allowing dine in. Okay......let’s dine OUT! Easy peasy. Cory loaded up the car with our table and chairs. ... read more
Wearing our thinking caps
Cracker Barrel Dining: Outside!
All ready to enjoy a meal

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 22nd 2020

What a life changing experience. More so for some than others. Our personal situation is doable. We aren’t struggling by any means. It is those with family, friends or even themselves who have become ill with this coronavirus that are the ones dealt the bad hand. The first responders and health care workers who have cared for the stricken struggle along with them. We pray for all this to reach its finality and allow the world to put its pieces back together again. Humpty Dumpty....we must fare better than him. Together, we can do it! For the most part, every day is Déjà Vu. They all seem to replicate themselves. Without seeing the written date, we have no clue what day it is. Actually, this predicament isn’t truly a new one. Our day begins with a ... read more
New face wear
Coffee time at our coffee clatch
My dear friend, Lillian Edgley

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