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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 17th 2023

There is always so much to be thankful for: our family, our health, our friends and Lulu! Actually what Pooh and Piglet had to say, says it all! We are thankful for today. Today is our favorite and we hope it is yours, too. Get your time machines back out again. We have to back up before we can go forward. Cory and I finally got our new tent set up. Actually, the friendly fellows next door to us lent their hands and strength in the process. Thank you, Dave & Vinnie. Lulu even pitched in….best she could…..she has limitations remember. She checked the roof for any issues. All was good according to Supervisor Lulu. We are able to set up extra chairs so our “coffee klatch” can accommodate more friends. “If you build it, they ... read more
So true!
Our tent
Halloween, Hot Air Balloon, Quinn on our roof

North America » United States » Florida » Anna Maria November 15th 2023

Housing is in an exciting place in the U.S. Historically, low interest rates were followed by a pandemic, which rapidly changed the state of the market. Today, prices steadily rise across the U.S., which has put the market in turmoil. Amid these issues, there have been winners and losers. Florida is looking to be one of the big winners. Florida and Affordability First and foremost, this isn’t to say that Florida is extremely or even exceptionally affordable. It’s certainly not reaching the highs of other areas such as New York or California. However, many people are moving into Florida, inevitably raising prices. The average home price is $392,000in Florida. For reference, the average in California is $450,000. This price is lower than in many states but still above average. In contrast, th... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 13th 2023

Hold onto your broomsticks! As you already know, we arrived safe and sound at Tropical Palms on September 28th. It was a good trip down with only one issue…..would you expect less? As we glided happily along in our rolling house, the loudest buzzer we have ever heard went off inside our cozy abode. This usually means TROUBLE! Cory’s wide eyes were searching the dash as his nervous foot was applying the brake. My sweet voice echoed in an equally high-pitched screech. Of course, we were on a busy expressway……Of course! Quickly, I realized where this horrendous noise was emanating from. By now, Cory’s hearing aides has caused him to become a crazed person. He was struggling badly. He was frothing at the mouth….his eyes were spinning. He was howling as loud as the shrill, ear-breaking ... read more
Traveling to Florida
The blaring smoke detector
Cory & Penny’s wedding Celebration….most of our family present

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale October 10th 2023

NOTE TO ALL: I am so sorry but I am having technical problems with my travelblog website. I can't upload photos so here is my first travel blog with only 1 photo. I will try another website and let you know if I continue with my travelblog. I may just do a couple of posts along the trip on Facebook. Once again - Sooo Sorry! Fort Lauderdale… or Wilton Manors actually! After a 24-hour grueling flight from Nanaimo to Fort Lauderdale, we arrived safely and exhausted into the Fort Lauderdale airport! An 8-hour layover in Vancouver was followed with a 3-hour layover in Toronto! But there was a bright moment as we saw a stunning sunrise as we raced through Toronto airport trying to get through US customs in time! We needed that 3 hour layover ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Treasure Island August 4th 2023

Le vendredi 4 août 2023, Aujourd'hui, c'est business as usual au boulot, et pour moi, ça veut systématiquement dire que vendredi après-midi= urgence à gérer. Et ce n'est pas parce que je pars en vacances à 16:30 que j'y échappe. Un usager me tient en haleine jusqu'à la toute fin... Heureusement, à 16:35, je suis bien assise dans la voiture avec les enfants et les valises, gracieuseté de mon mari hyper-efficace qui s'est occupé de tout tandis que je gérais la situation problématique de mon usager. Enfin, les vacances commencent! On se rend rapidement chez belle-maman qui nous a préparé un copieux souper pour marquer notre départ. Puis, elle va gentiment nous reconduire à l'aéroport, où nous dormirons cette nuit. C'est notre 3e fois au Marriott dans l'aérogare et pourtant, nous n'avions encore jamais testé la ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando July 12th 2023

July 12, 2023 – On the Road Again It’s 6 am Kirsten has finished her shower and is dressed. I’m still rolling over in bed. Let’s go sleepy head, Mandy will be here in 1 ½ hour and I’m going on vacation with or without you. Ok, Ok, I’m up..... I’m in and out of the shower and dressed, Kirsten has me a cup of coffee sitting on the counter. We’re all packed, and our suitcases are sitting by the door. It’s 7:30 am now and Mandy just texted Kirsten that she is downstairs ready. Ok, let’s go!! We grab our suitcases and out the door we go. Next stop is terminal C at Orlando International airport. Yeah, the new addition to the airport. Easy drop off and pickup. And yes, the traffic on I-4 was ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Key West June 17th 2023

Episode 2 of our little US tour. First was the United flight from Las Vegas all the way to Fort Lauderdale. Bad news, Las Vegas airport has very very few airport lounges, they prefer to keep the space for slot machines, I'm not kidding! Good news, United has one of those few lounges. So a little wine glass before our midnight flight and we are on our way...for a very short night. LAS to IAH (Houston) is a mere three hours not easy to get any decent night sleep here. Houston airport is supposed to be huge...but the lounge was next door to the gate...and to our next gate for the 2 hours flight to Fort Lauderdale, we never really walk around. Nice breakfast at 6am before it was time to finish the night on ... read more
For this road, there is only one ride possible...
Celebrating our third anniversary...
Miami Beach...

North America » United States » Florida » Daytona Beach June 16th 2023

Yesterday we concluded our 11-week odyssey to Italy and France when we departed Paris for Orlando (via Dublin, Ireland). As friends of ours (Cindy and John Vogt) recently observed, after they had traveled from Florida to stay with us in Sorrento, "international travel ain't for sissies anymore." After our experiences during this trip, we could not agree more with their assessment! Our return journey went about as well as we could have hoped, but it was still a stressful and exhausting ordeal. It began when our friend and taxi driver arrived outside our apartment at 6:15 AM for the drive to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Roissy-en-France, 14 miles northeast of Paris. As the busiest airport within the European Union, it can be an intimidating venue for travelers, not only for the sheer volume of ... read more
Madame Dominique's potted flowers
Final packing
Farewell to our friend Serge

We started this morning with FREE breakfast in the hotel again, and then scheduled our ride to the cruise port. There is a shuttle bus from the hotel directly to our ship’s terminal, so we paid the fee instead of a taxi that would have gotten us close but about 100 yards away. Anyway, we returned to the room and packed our bags awaiting our noon ride. We took everything down to the lobby on time and they loaded our bags and we got onto the shuttle. The steps into the van were a little problem, but we persevered and we were on our way. Thinking about it, trying to get us and our luggage into a normal sedan taxi probably would have been crowed anyway. At the terminal our bags were taken from us by ... read more

Today was a built-in day of rest. Yesterday we actually got here early enough to rest up from the air travel, but we didn’t know for sure that would be the case. So this was an insurance day. We didn’t want to take any chances of missing the ship tomorrow. Also, the airline fares were cheaper by flying on Wednesday and more than offset the cost of an extra night at the hotel – so it was a small cost savings to come early. And the TV News this evening described today as the start of the “busy Memorial Day weekend” travel. Anyway, that gave us some peace of mind that we would have everything here when the ship sails tomorrow. It is an example of how we are going to try to keep to a ... read more

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