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North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee November 27th 2021

Golly! I bet you were wondering if I had died or something. Never fear, I’m still here….just lazy and absorbed with streaming various shows on our TV. Now I’m ready to get back to business. Is that applause I hear? Bring it on folks! We had a Happy Halloween here at Tropical Palms. Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet! Some of the dedicated campers decorated their sites for the holiday with some fabulous blow-up figures. Us….the best we came up with was Lulu and a simple plastic pumpkin. Lulu didn’t even wear a costume! She usually puts on a fancy type headdress. It wasn’t even enough to take a picture of. Several costumed treat or treaters came by for some candies. Lulu was jealous! Theresa & Grant and Walt & Diane came over with their dinner ... read more
Halloween decorations
Cory, Theresa, Diane, Walt, Grant, Lulu
Sam & Sandy, Cory & me at Cracker Barrel

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 26th 2021

Two weeks post- op and Cory went to see his doctor. Well, kind of….he passed him at the work station….enough to share greetings. Don’t you think he should be called Dr. Hunky? Oh-la-la. Cory was actually seen by his Physician Assistant, Christa. She plays an important role in this whole process….after the doctor performed the surgery, it was Christa who put Patient Cory back together again with her handiwork. She will follow him until he is completely recovered. She is very good! I do have one complaint, however. Cory rolls his eyes on this. They didn’t take a photo of his knee during the surgery! Remember mine that I shared with all of you? All the blood and gore and raw bone….’member? You knew me inside and out after that. Not going to happen here with ... read more
Cory’s Doctor…..Dr.Hunky

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 7th 2021

That’s right. Monday, October 4th, was surgery day for Cory. Using robotics, Dr.Johnston gave Cory a left total knee replacement. Everything went super. He spent one night at the Celebration hospital as an observation out-patient. He was almost in the same room I had one year ago! Before I get into the minute details, I have to finish up with our eating extravaganza we were enjoying prior to his surgery. Because we had a free coupon for a desert at Cheddars, we made that a definite stop. Our main course was their yummy chicken pot pie. It’s always a winner! The free desert was their legendary Cookie Monster…..Scratch-made chocolate chip cookie, baked to order, with vanilla bean ice cream, homemade hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped nuts and a cherry on top. Actually, we got two cherries ... read more
Cheddars: pot pie and monster cookie desert
Capone’s restaurant in Margaritaville
Rigatoni & meatballs & Cory

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee October 1st 2021

We are trying, anyway… do it all…. before Cory goes under the knife. Not much time left to squeeze in all the things we want to do before he becomes incapacitated. I am already planning on what type of patient he will be. He’s already calling me Nurse Ratched. Monday is the big day! October 4th is when Cory will get his new knee. Chop, Chop. Be ready for some juicy, medical blogs following his surgical procedure. Hope we get an operative photo of his knee to go along with mine…..makes for a good family collage. Fortunately, because I’ve had my two knees replaced, Cory will be able to use many of my hand-me-downs. The walker is now his. Tons of ice packs that I used he can pile around his knee. Even my left over ... read more
There, There, Cory…I’m here to take care of you!
Catfish Place and yummy shrimp!
Walk-On’s Bistreaux

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee September 24th 2021

We have water! Finally! Remember how we told you about our broken water system? We’ll, it’s not broken anymore. We have water….yes, water..I’m repeating myself. Tom, from RV Force, came and fixed our problem. Yay for Tom! Cory had ordered the needed parts from Tiffin so Tom could fix everything right then and there. Hooray! We tend to take so much for granted. Once it’s not there (like H2O)…..woweeee……you really appreciate what you had. Now we can shower and wash clothes in our RV. We don’t need a bucket of water to flush the toilet. We can use our sinks again. Oh, happy days! Water, Water, Water everywhere. Today, Driver Cory took us on a little jaunt. We went to the Mill Creek RV park on Michigan Ave. It is at this park that the last ... read more
Cory & Tom - RV Force - fixed our water issue
Mill Creek RV Park & Sandcastles

North America » United States » Florida September 19th 2021

9/17/21 This morning, at 9:30 AM and 83 degrees (and it seemed like 100% humidity), we put Satellite Beach in our rear view mirror and headed for the panhandle of Florida. For anyone who has made this trip, you know well that it is less than interesting and largely boring. We crossed the state to I-75 and drove up to I-10 and west to Panama City Beach. We had expected to hit a lot of rain, remnants of Nicholas, but the rain was sparce and the trip was uneventful. The only thing we saw that was of interest was the banner across the road in Blountstown that read “Goat Day Oct 16”. I wonder what that is all about. No worry, we were not inclined to stick around and find out. We checked into our hotel ... read more
Walton Beach
Walton Beach

North America » United States » Florida September 16th 2021

6-14-21 It has been a difficult year and a half for everyone. One of the things we missed in 2020 was our annual road trip. This year, we are spending a lot of time with our daughter and her family. So this trip is rather disjointed. It will not be our usual 5-6 week marathon, as in the past. But I plan to document as much of it as may be of interest to any of my dedicated readers. We begin this trip with heavy hearts. This will be our very first road trip without our beloved Beamer who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in October of 2020. He was an enthusiastic traveler, always eager to jump into the back seat and go wherever we decided to go. And in his travels, he visited all 48 ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee September 15th 2021

What’s new with all of you? Hope everything is going along the way you want it to. Summer has faded and we are well into the Autumn season…..we’ll, some of you are anyway. Here at Tropical Palms, it seems like we are still at the height of the summer season. The weather is HOT, HOT and HOTTER. Cory tries working outside getting our RV all set up. The brief moments that I go out, I start to sweat. Nice!! We both end up as sweat balls. We feel like human baked potatoes. Lulu won’t even consider trying it. She doesn’t have sweat glands and would die from heat stroke if she ventured out. God forbid. Our air conditioners on the RV are our Godsend. I never liked air conditioning but welcome it eagerly and gratefully now. ... read more
Bulow RV Resort Campground
Elite site at Bulow Campground …mud!
Cottages and RV’s

North America » United States » Florida » Keys September 6th 2021

Keys West, Florida 2021 8 Ernest Hemmingway' House 2021 8 Duval street, Key West... read more

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