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North America » Mexico » Guerrero May 7th 2017

Geo: 16.5225, -101.696This morning about 5 o'clock, Philip woke me up saying, "Do you smell that?" There was a distinctive odor like that of a campfire in the room. We investigated around all corners of the room, the bathroom, the hall, and the balcony. It was strongest in our room although there were faint traces of the odor in the hall and on the balcony. No heat and no smoke except that coming from the funnel of the ship; just smell.I called the front desk and the night manager showed up with one other person to smell our room. They said they couldn't smell smoke, but maybe a new carpet smell. Hmmm? The new carpet was installed in only the hall and that was several days ago. The manager said she'd talk to someone about the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Chiapas May 6th 2017

Geo: 14.0641, -93.6103Not much going on for us today. We mostly stayed in the room and read. We both spent a little time sitting on the balcony as it was not as hot as it has been, and the breeze was pleasant.Lunch was pub-style in the steakhouse for fish and chips. We shared a table and conversation with Buck from San Francisco and Lowell from Seattle. Suzann was the only other person with us at our table for dinner, and it was fun to have a one-on-one chat with her. We went to the show after dinner. Duncan Tuck was billed as a musical comedian. His jokes were silly, but mostly fresh with a lot of puns, and his singing was good. His guitar playing on a twelve-string and also on a flamenco guitar was the ... read more

Geo: 13.5928, -89.8275I just finished my steps for today. We had a tour that I thought would involve a lot of walking, but I had logged only a little over 4,200 steps by the time we got back to the ship so I finished the steps in the room. I have made my 10,000-step goal every day but two so far.Today, the ship docked in Acajutla, El Salvador. The notes that I made at home showed our shore excursion was scheduled from 11:00 to 3:45. When we got our tickets on board, the time had been changed. We met for the tour in the Cabaret Lounge at 12:10 for a 12:30 tour. We did not get back to the ship until 6:15. This morning once the ship was in position at the dock, a large show ... read more
Boat at the Acajutla, El Salvador Port
Volcanos in El Salvador
Cashew Tree

Geo: 11.249, -85.8633The Pacific Princess arrived in the harbor of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua early this morning—about 7 a.m. She anchored very near the port and tenders started running as soon as the ship cleared customs. Our tour was scheduled for the afternoon, so Philip and I had a leisurely breakfast in the dining room. He did the final upload of grades before we left on the tour and checked for messages from students about their grades when we returned in the late afternoon. Everything is fine so far. He'll check again tomorrow, I imagine.Our tour was rated E for easy by the cruise line so that means it would be very, very easy. I only walked about 1800 steps during this tour and that included getting from the tender to the bus which was ... read more
San Juan del Sur Christ Statue and City View
San Juan del Sur Port
On the Highway

Geo: 6.3939, -80.163We had a slow day. Philip finished grading the final papers for his class. He should be able to upload the grades tomorrow morning when we get in cell phone range of Nicaragua. That will be the last responsibility for the class. Glad it's almost over.We went to the party for the Princess Captain's Circle members, people who have sailed with Princess at least once before this cruise. Turned out to be 90% of the passengers on board. The person who has sailed the most has been on 279 Princess cruises. We have a new captain who got on board at Aruba. The dinner menu had all the best items on it – lobster, chateaubriand, duck a l'orange. Sure wish they would spread them out throughout the cruise, but that would be more expensive. ... read more

Geo: 9.18149, -79.8218Up early with the alarm as we were scheduled to enter the Gatun Locks at 6:55 a.m. I think we may have started even earlier as we were out of them about thirty minutes before expected. We watched the operation of the Gatun Locks from our balcony. A couple of days ago, I scheduled a time for one of the ship's photographers to come to our cabin to take our photo on our balcony with the locks in the background. He made it just in time as we exited the last of the Gatun Locks. There were also ship photographers who disembarked to take photos at the same time the lock personnel embarked to guide the ship through the canal. Those photographers were on the side taking photos of people on their balconies and ... read more
Ship in the Panama Canal
Panama Canal
Ordering Coffee

Geo: 10.8678, -79.8993We were awake and up in time for breakfast in the dining room today for the first time. I have been anticipating having eggs Benedict, but, no, it was not on the menu. As far as I remember, eggs Benedict has been on the daily menu of every other ship we have sailed. Breakfast was still good although the waiters were rushing, and I felt a bit hurried. We had a slow day today. We watched the old move Charlie Chan in Panama on the TV in our room. That was fun. I can't remember ever watching a Charlie Chan movie; I just remember the character from people imitating and caricaturizing him. Philip and I worked on one of the jigsaw puzzles in the library, a composite picture of neon signs of Las Vegas ... read more

South America » Colombia » Santa Marta April 30th 2017

Geo: 11.2508, -74.2061Last night we went through some rough sea and strong wind that woke me up a couple of times. Although Philip and I had left our Fitbits on the desk, I had to hide them away, because the rolling motion of the ship activated them, and their green lights kept blinking. We made it through the night and woke up before the alarm went off.The ship docked in Santa Marta by 7 a.m., and Phil got up early to get online and check the status of his class and look for messages from students. He was able to get a lot of work done before we left the ship for the shore excursion. We took a half-day tour that went to the 16th century Santa Marta Catedral, which claims to be the oldest cathedral ... read more
Santa Marta Port
Cathedral at Santa Marta
Cathedral at Santa Marta

South America » Colombia » La Guajira April 29th 2017

Geo: 13.4024, -72.6044Breakfast in the buffet was followed by a trip to the laundry to wash our clothes. There were several available washers and dryers when I checked on the way back to the room after breakfast so I hurried up to our room to grab the laundry bag I prepared last night. There are eight sets of washer/dryers that charge $3.00 per load in each. They only take tokens that are available from a machine in the laundry room. Slide a cruise card to charge the fee and get the tokens. At dinner tonight, Suzann, one of our tablemates, said that although she gets free laundry with her Princess elite status, she does her laundry herself. The commercial laundry on the ship shrinks things and uses too high a temperature. I won't be using it ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 28th 2017

Geo: 12.53, -70.03This morning, we skipped breakfast but were in line at the BBQ station about as soon as it opened at 11:00. We wanted to be finished and ready for our shore excursion early. The ship pulled into the harbor at Oranjestad, Aruba at noon. As soon as we saw land coming up, Philip jumped on his laptop to see if he could get a connection through the local phone service. It worked and he got some work done before we had to leave for the tour. It worked well enough that he was confident he would be able to get everything done when we returned in the late afternoon. He had thought about taking his laptop on the tour since the bus provided free Wi-Fi, but I am glad that wasn't necessary.We left the ... read more
Aruba Port
Aruba Port
Alto Vista Chapel

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