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25th December 2010

Awesome trip
I've just given myself a pleasant little Christmas gift. I've spent the last while living vicariously through your wonderful coverage of your great adventure. I kept putting off reviewing all of your blogs on purpose, and I'm glad I did. My next treat to myself will be in a few months. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time, and sharing it with others. I want to wish you safe and happy travels, and most importantly Merry Christnas and a Happy New Year.
23rd December 2010

Merry Christmas!
Kathie/Jordan, I am sure you are receiving many, many emails from people like me who are living vicariously through your wonderful travel blog. I actually have printed some of the blogs and taken them to my mother, who is also a travel bug but not able to do so anymore. she loves hearing your detailed descriptions of places and then goes and looks them up on the computer. It's hard to beleive you have been gone six months now! It is almost Christmas here and the weather, while chilly (-13 to -4), is still nice and crisp and clear. The office is deserted today and I plan only to do my yearly clean. I wish both of you a Merry Christmas!
18th December 2010

Don't know how I missed this one! FANTASTIC photos... and you got to spend the night there! It must have been amazing to see them so close for so long. :D
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13th December 2010

Hi Guys! I can't believe you've been in China for three months already! Time is flying by. Your pictures bring back memories of my trip to Hong Kong in '07. The shopping part was fun but we couldn't wait to move on to the next stop. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves. Keep the blog posts coming! Savitha
13th December 2010

I plan to do a week in Kyrgyzstan. When is the good time for trekking?
5th December 2010
Inside our Tulou

This looks like the setting of the movie Kung Fu Hustle...
2nd December 2010

quite lovely photos you got here.
1st December 2010

Hello Kathie and Jordan! My name is Patricia Dinsmore and I am in the process of setting up a travel blog for me and my family. I am an ESL teacher from Pennsylvania who is currently living in Costa Rica with my husband Bob and our soon to be 16 year old son Jacob. We will be moving to China in 4 weeks so I can teach English at a language school, called First Leap, in Anhui China in Hefei. I came across your blog and noticed that you are actually visiting the Anhui Province and just thought I would say "Hello!" Hope you are having a great time in Asia and we look forward to being there soon ourselves!
1st December 2010

Superb photos
Just a quick note to say hi and to let you know how much I'm enjoying your photo-blog. Safe travels! Linda
1st December 2010

Jordan, I am amazed! Not at just the beaughty but that most of the pictures are devoid of humans AND it's day time! Awesome filmography! G
30th November 2010

wonderful photos
enjoyed the photos from the last two blogs looked relaxing and not too much for crowds!
30th November 2010

Great photography!
Enjoyed your blog and the photos. Rated a couple. Safe travels!
29th November 2010

love the bit were u put a the dvds
29th November 2010
Canal 5

BEAUTIFUL!!! LOVE IT!!! What a great picture!!!
29th November 2010

suzhou. my chinese home town
hey, I lived in Suzhou for over a year. I love it, in fact I'm going back next week. actually, there are some very relaxing places there. Warning, don't go to the end of the river in Luzhi. but also a very lovely little place.
29th November 2010

You have some AMAZING pictures here! It makes me want to hop on a plane now! :D
29th November 2010
Ready to go rafting

Awwwww cuuuute!!!!
28th November 2010

catching up to your tour thru mom ann
those are great photos and meeting jackie chan what a bonus. glad all is well with your trip. we enjoyed china when we went as well , but that was 16 years ago or so. so keep enjoying the trip. travel safely. always good to check up on your next adventure love to you both cousin val and bill desrosiers
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18th November 2010

Funny about the kid pooping! When I told my dad we were trying to potty train Nolan, my dad said that in China, in his day, they never had to do diapers because they just sent the kids out onto the street to poop... guess some people still adhere to that, lol. Eeeww.
18th November 2010

Hi There! You two continue to look more and more healthy - guess all that strange food agrees with you.... :)))) xoxo
17th November 2010

LOVE the pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Great job on the night shots. That is cool you got to meet Jackie Chan.
From Blog: Shanghai
17th November 2010

yep ,fantastic shots
From Blog: Shanghai
17th November 2010

Thanks so much for the compliments on the photos. We're pretty happy with how they turned out.
From Blog: Shanghai

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