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3rd January 2015

Beautiful photos
Enjoyed reading the walking blog- loved the photos- thanks- Gill
14th November 2013

What a trip! I have followed your blogs off and on for ages, but having a couple of idle days this week have read them from start to finish! I feel quite exhausted after reading about so many countries!
From Blog: We're home!
14th November 2013

Hmph! Hugely different from my experience there! I have got to go back one day... with very strong seasickness tablets!!!
14th November 2013

What on earth did you do with all the souvenirs you must have bought whilst travelling? I'm always amazed by how just a few souvenirs can complicate packing for the journey home; I dread to think what it must be like after a year!
From Blog: Malawi
14th November 2013
Leopard 1

Beautiful animal
I've been reading all your Africa blogs over the last couple of days. You are so lucky to have seen leopards in the wild! May I ask how close you were? What kind of lens did you use to capture so many close-ups of animals?
19th November 2013
Leopard 1

Hi Anna,
Hi Anna, Thanks for all the comments, it's nice to see people still look at our blogs every once in a while. It's so hard to believe, all the things we have seen and done. Africa was already 5 years ago. I miss it so much. We actually didn't buy too many souvenirs, but luckily both sets of our parents came to meet us in Cape Town for a week, so we were able to unload a bunch of stuff on to them. This was really nice. As for photography - Jordan was shooting with a 70-300 lens most of the time, and this photo might have been cropped as well- can't remember. :-) We just moved to northern Canada, the Yukon actually - it is more of a life style choice, looking forward to exploring a bit more of our own country for a change. Take care, safe travels. Kathie
4th March 2013

Thanks, All notes were useful for me.
10th November 2012

Paradise on Earth
I watch these pictures whenever am at night duty and do not get tired of watching them , Keep posting more of them please
29th August 2012
Wadi Halfa

Thanks (AfricaBound)
Hi, Kathie & Jordan Thank you for these beautiful and wonderful pictures from (my Loved city "Wadi Halfa") I wish you aHappy & luck & success,, Thanks
From Blog: Welcome to Sudan
5th June 2012
Figures at Banteay Srei

Nice photo
Love to see more of Cambodia.....thanks for sharing
17th January 2012

just finished your at home blog
I'm a month late on reading your last blog, but enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, photos, and an inspired lifestyle with me, I greatly appreciate it! There is also one picture from your earlier travels, that I would love to get my hands on;) I'm glad you are both home safe and sound, albeit to the same everything, change is good! Cheers
13th January 2012

guys ur fantastic
can you give me some hints where and when is the best time to travel.
20th December 2011

Nice to have you back!
Hey, Kathie & Jordan. Thanks for letting me 'come along' on your adventure - I read every post and it was a great temporary vacation for me every time! I look forward to catching up in person next month. :) Tamara
17th December 2011

welcome home guys, life will never be the same for you two. You have seen the world..
17th December 2011

500 days, really??
Glad to hear you're starting to adapt to the life 'back home'... I think that's the most difficult part. I'm now looking forward to your next adventure, I love reading your blogs and your pictures are always amazing! Good luck with everything, guys!
17th December 2011

Hey guys! Amazing final blog...perhaps there will be another trip in the future? Your trip is/was very similar to ours and you're also from Calgary! We're currently in Nepal, then India, then Myanmar, Phillipines, then China....eventually ending up in New Zealand. Going home is something that is so hard to explain to others who do not travel, we totally understand all the changes! After our first year away, it was more foreign to us to be at home than on the road. Hopefully Calgary isn't too cold right now! Enjoy the holidays. Dariece
17th December 2011

Thank you for sharing ;-)
It was a pleasure to read your stories and admire great photos;-) Good luck in Canada! B&T
12th December 2011

my view..
Good experience. I too have seen many sumo tournaments in Fukuoka, my kid enjoyed a lot.
6th December 2011

Home sweet home!
Hi Kathy, Thanks for another wonderful journey! - I've enjoyed the stories and the pictures are amazing! You and Jordon should change up careers and work for national geographic or some sort of travel guide - Welcome home. Lynda
5th December 2011

Great pictures!!
I wasn't expecting to see them so happy to be in the hot springs! Awesome shots.
5th December 2011

So long isn't goodbye
You guys are by far the cutest snow monkeys. Loved the blog!
5th December 2011

Thank you!
Just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed your emails. They are going to be sorely missed. I can't help but be surprised that with eating so many foreign/different foods that neigher of you got sick - if anything you both look the picture of radiant health, even more so then when you first started. If you even make another trip - do keep me in mind. Thanks you so very much xoxoxo
5th December 2011

Welcome to the Great White North!
Douglas Adams notwithstanding, it sounds as if Japan was a great place to visit, and a marvelous way to wind down your journey in preparation to returning home. We look forward to seeing you in the next couple of weeks. Have a great flight, and don't worry: you haven't missed winter - it's still here, waiting for you to enjoy! :-)
5th December 2011

Good luck
I'll miss your blog Jordan and Kathie - it's been nice travelling vicariously throughout the last 10 months! Enjoy Xmas in Canada with your families.
5th December 2011

Welcome back!!
I am looking forward to seeing both of you when I am back in Calgary. Safe travels back to Canada.

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