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12th October 2011
Machhapuchhare by moonlight

You have posted some fantastic photos of your trek to Annapurna but this one is my favourite.
11th October 2011
ABC and Annapurna South

I have no words for that beauty!
11th October 2011

what an amazing picture!!
11th October 2011

Glad that this time the mist cleared and you actually got to see something! Looks fantastic.
11th October 2011

Well Done!
An interesting and informative blog with lovely photographs! Both Chris and I enjoyed reading, and great timing for us as we are just planning our own trip to Annapurna/ Nepal.
11th October 2011

Spectacular! The adventure of a lifetime.
26th September 2011

Really looking forward to be in Nepal in three weeks after seen your pix - wondering if you could recommand a place to stay in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur ?
25th September 2011

glad you are safe
Hi you two We are just back from 6 weeks in the UK and while there heard of the earthquake. Glad you are both fine and had no more than some excitement to contend with. You are sure having a fantastic time - how on earth does one "settle back" into an ordinary working life after all this? I look forward to more posts love, Mahadevi
23rd September 2011

Kathy and Jordan - I think the pictures of Kathmandu are my favourite of the whole trip so far. Perhaps it's just the idea of you being in Kathmandu (immortalized in so many songs and movies) or it may be my love of that style of architecture, but it just sounds so exotic and wonderful. I look forward to seeing you when you come back to Canada, when I (and probably many others)can grill you on all your impressions of the places you have been.
6th September 2011

Each time I plan to visit the Siem Reap temples I end up somewhere else...maybe I should not plan...just go! Great pics.
6th September 2011

Great photos - good memories for us!
Hi Cathy and Jordan, It\'s amazing that you\'re still travelling - it seems so long ago that we came back! Enjoying reading all your blogs, you\'re now on familiar territory for us - when do you go to India? Did you contact Raj (or another driver?). We will be heading off to Bolivia on Oct. 17 - can\'t wait! Take care of yourselves, Trace and Jim.
31st August 2011

So Jealous!
Hey guys, looks like you're continuing to have an amazing time in SE Asia. I'm envious for sure and hope you are enjoying Cambodia! We loved it there. Phnom Penh does have very neat architecture, excellent (cheap) shopping and great food. I remember the people very well also and some good conversations we had. Are you going to Seam Reap next for the temples? Be sure you do. You can't miss it as they are incredible and so many. It is not hard to get away from the very busy touristy areas to catch a sunrise and be the only one on a temple. Anyways, take care and enjoy!!! Scott
From Blog: Let's Have Fun!
25th August 2011

Your pictures bring back so many memories. You guys look so happy and relaxed. I can't wait to read about your adventures in India.
15th August 2011

Great Blog!
I really enjoy reading your blogs. They are informative and interesting, and your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us!
10th August 2011

Horse carting around the temples look like fun!
Certainly in my bucket list. Don't know when I'd get to go. Thanks for this, from one armchair traveler here.
30th July 2011
sunday market

Great photo!
A creative and different slant from the usual market photograph.
29th July 2011

I like to read all I can about travelling in Asia. I did go to Thailand 4 times, I loved it, the food, the sights, the people...I was able to take a little trip (only 3 days) to Yangoon, and seeing your pictures of the place brought lots of good memories of such a exotic, magical place. Happy traveling!!!!!
7th July 2011

I hope you guys are eating a tonne of nasi goering. It's one of my favourite things I ever had while travelling the world. So simple, but so damn good!
26th June 2011

Bugs, moths,leeches, monkey's, orang-utan, birds and more. Excellent! Absolutely love the photo of the boots on the steps and the green lizard. Spectacular. Mother nature at its finest. Oh-- and happy anniversary.
25th June 2011

Fabulous wildlife;-)
Great photos - well done;-) Happy Anniversary - ours is also 23rd of June but this one was less spectacular than yours I would say hahha
25th June 2011

Amazing photos!
Hi there, Borneo is up next for us and we were really excited to see all the wildlife you caught on camera while you were there. It looks just amazing. We are working our way over land from Kuching to KK then to Indo but are on a much tighter the sounds of it, it might be hard to stick to! Nate and Jessie
22nd June 2011

Cost of Living in NZ and OZ
Very expensive indeed !
21st June 2011
baby wallaby

Love it
What a fab photo - such a close encounter;-)
21st June 2011

Really glad the food photos are back! The next best thing to eating is thinking about eating.... Am also looking forward to hearing more about Borneo...
15th June 2011

Great Blog
Arent the whale sharks just awesome? Glad you got a little bit of time in with one :-)

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