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15th June 2011

Ending the Australian Tour
Thanks for sharing these photos and highlights of Western Australia. Now, off to your next adventure!
15th June 2011

You have some excellent photos here!
Loved the rainbow. This blog is full of nice wildlife photos.
15th June 2011

They migrated!
We do have our whale sharks here in Donsol south of Manila, Philippines from Feb through May. Perhaps they migrate to Australian waters after? Also to Mexico? Who knows. Glad to have found this blog. You took a nice photo even if it's taken from the tail. Back here, water's so murky you can't get a decent shot. Thanks for sharing.
6th June 2011

Hi folks - loved reading about your mice adventures. You were warned!!! Hope they disappear before I visit - I am coming over to Alice Springs in July and hope to get down to Uluru and the Olgas with my sister - your photos are very enticing. Keep enjoying your travels. Much love, Mahadevi
26th May 2011
12 apostles

Wow what a photo! What a place.
26th May 2011

Central Oz
We did Ayres Rock, the Olgas etc treks as a test for my new camera for our Mali/Ethiopia trip & for desert conditions...and could not believe how green it have been fortunate to catch such stunning reds & greens...a rare event...I do not know if a mouse plague is termed "wildlife"...thus protected in our National Parks!!!...enjoyed your blog...
26th May 2011
road leading to olgas

Wow what a stunning photo!
Love it and loved the Olgas. Much greener than when I was there. Hope you and your mice are well.
18th May 2011

Amazing trip
Me and my girlfriend had a trip extension in Rwanda to visit Gorilla last april and was one of the best trip of our life. We was in Tanzania, visiting Serengeti National Park, and we decided to spent 3 days in Rwanda. It was easy and amazing reach Rwanda, from Serengeti we flew with Coastal Aviation to Kigali, had a panoramic view of all Serengeti and Victoria Lake. If you have the chance, our suggestion is to visit Rwanda and Serengeti, it is an unbelievable trip.
15th May 2011

Love the koala photos! It's great to follow your blogs - although I'm knocked out at how expensive New Zealand was. Will be a long time before we can afford to go there. Keep enjoying, Jim and Trace.
13th May 2011

Nice Panorama
Hi, Thanks for sharing the panorama. The best so far. Thumb up :)
From Blog: Sydney...check!
8th May 2011

Nice Photos!
The panorama is beautiful, but I think I most enjoy the photo of Luna Park. I agree - creepy indeed, but that reflection of the eye in the water ... well done!
From Blog: Sydney...check!
8th May 2011
Lunch time in Shiraz

SALAM DUSTE AZIZAM!(Hi dear friend)
Hi Africabound , I hope you had nice time in Iran. Best Wishes. Soheil-Iran-Shiraz
8th May 2011

Nice photos of the Opera House ;-) Enjoy.
From Blog: Sydney...check!
24th April 2011

Time flies!!
Hi Guys - I can't believe its been three months since you got to NZ. Have a great time in AUS. I can't wait to read your blog posts.
24th April 2011

just found your blog and checked some of your posts, those are so wonderful! and brilliant idea to do backpack along 3 months in New Zealand, those pictures are perfect! definetely brings my travelling appetite to hit New Zealand soon in future :) keep up your write! good luck for you two :)
22nd April 2011

hey you are pretty close to Auckland now! we just got back from the South Island visiting Kirsty and Co and look forward to hearing from you soon........ Martin is in the city (flat) for a bowls tournament tomorrow and Sunday, weather permitting and I am at Matakawau (home) - you are welcome wherever you choose looks like a great birthday Jordan! love from us both, Mahadevi
22nd April 2011

Looks Amazing!
New Zealand looks incredible!!! Keep the great blogs coming and I hope you guys are doing well - I'm very certain that you are. The snow has almost melted here, so now starts the season of dust and gravel, but summer hopefully soon after. Can't wait to see all of the photos (one day). Enjoy!!! -Scott
13th April 2011
Bush camping

Great picture. Almost 'other worldly'.
From Blog: Welcome to Sudan
5th April 2011
Mt Cook and Mt Tasman reflection

Your ohotos are extraordinary;-)
5th April 2011
Nugget Point sunrise

AMAZING;-) well done
From Blog: Coastal Otago
5th April 2011
Orakei Korako 4

Fabulous photo;-) Must have been evern better live...
5th April 2011

Great psychedelic photos!
27th March 2011

Love is everlasting.
Hi dear friends I hope you had nice time in Iran, thanks for beautiful photos and reports. Best wishes. Soheil .IRAN-SHIRAZ.
26th March 2011

Thanks for the reminder that there is plenty of my own country that I have yet to explore :-) More great photos - love that panorama shot!
21st March 2011

did you learn to shear any sheep??

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