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17th November 2010

Fantastic pictures!
From Blog: Shanghai
17th November 2010
Under the walkway

Amazing picture!
From Blog: Shanghai
17th November 2010
Platform towards the metro

Wow this is a great picture!
From Blog: Shanghai
10th November 2010

Cool photo's guys, as always. I like how in the night Market 'grubs galore' one you can just about see the 'penis' sign sticking out on the left hand side.
10th November 2010

I don't know, those pictures sure made it look awesome! Looking forward to your next leg of the trip. G
30th October 2010
Photo 20

how wonderfull
30th October 2010
Bell tower at night

This is a great picture, wish I'd have got one like this when we were in Xi'an.
29th October 2010

Breakfast in Xian
We visited Xian last year and stayed at the Sofitel, very first class. We had their full breakfast including pancakes. However, they came without syrup, so I asked for some. They weren't sure what I meant so it took a few minutes to describe what I wanted. Anyway, although China has come a long way to meeting the needs of it's western guests, there are still times when our cultures don't understadn each other.
28th October 2010
Drum tower

Thank you! :)
Is it just where you take the photos or, have the places you've visited all been so clean - no litter on the streets??? Incredible - sort of makes me ashamed of us Canadians... Joyce :))))
28th October 2010

I ate some food from that market and I still wonder what type of meat I was actually eating while there.
28th October 2010

I quite enjoyed Xi'an. I went to a Pizza Hut there, and you honestly should try that in China. But just for fun, order a pizza, an appetizer and a dessert and watch as you have to eat your ice cream before the pizza because everything shows up all at once! That night market was fun, it was my first adventure in bartering with a calculator. I have a tea mug on my desk at the moment from that market.
28th October 2010

Terracotta Warriors
OMG!!! How wonderful to be able to see the actual terracotta warriors in person. They are one of my favorite 'finds'. We were to get a few here in Calgary this year for the Chinese 100 years but it was cancelled, so your photos will be my closest shot to the real thing.
27th October 2010

Love your blogs...thanks for sharing
Kathie, I totally appreciate and have enjoyed reading your blogs. This is likely the only way I will see these parts of the world so keep them coming. Continue to be safe and enjoy your travels. Thanks to you as well dont know me. Sandra (TC ex colleague)
26th October 2010

I've been there!
I have a close up shot of the "No Jumping! Be Careful the Safe!" sign. I climbed each of the peaks back in 2006.
24th October 2010

Happy Belated Birthday!
Hey guys, and Happy Birthday Kathie!!! Amazing photos. Lindsey and I are very jealous as we have really wanted to see the bordering counties of the Himalayas for some time and have been talking about it lately since the wedding is all done and we're back to our home lives. When you leave China if you want to see any wedding photos there are a few on facebook; we had an amazing time and lucked out with the weather. It was great to see everyone together and having fun. Looks like the trip has been amazing! I hope you guys are both well and enjoying the adventures and experiences! Take care, Scott & Linds
19th October 2010

I love your pictures!!! I love looking at your updates!!! Take care!!!
19th October 2010

Bad time to check out your blog with the beautiful pictures of fabulous food while I'm stuck eating a Turkey-Bacon Club and a large double-double from Timmy's! Highlight of my lunchhour :) PS Sure do miss you guys
19th October 2010

Star Fields
Awesome! Jordan, pretty impressive pics again!
14th October 2010

The Mountains are Gorgeous
Wow... and Jordan that one shot looks like you leaping to pluck something from the summit. (first attempt?). have you been challenged at all by the local menu's? I haven't seen a lot of beef on the hoof. I know from some of my travels it is better not to ask... Have Fun and be safe. Paul
12th October 2010

Spicy meat dish
1. Just how hot were those chillies that I thought were green beans? 2. How loud was the market - sheep, people, etc.? 3. Jordan, you need to take pictures with your right hand, so we can see Kathy's other profile!! Have fun, take pictures, live well and keep sending the blogs - I love them!
From Blog: Kashgar
9th October 2010

In 1987 took the same route .... in my case from Pakistan to Kashgar, then in to Urumuci and walking in the Tien Shan ..... extraordinary experience as stayed with locals in yurt for a week or so! Is the road really surfaced all the way as your pictures show? I've scanned the old slides and they are on my facebook. About to start travels again (Divorced, retied and kids just started at uni.) so trying to get to see what's worthy of trip. Loved N. Pakistan .... people are wonderful and hospitable. Give my love to all in Passu. Passed through in 87, but had stayed a couple of years earlier.) You've some great pictures .... you've probably passed through now but I'm sure my pictures would cause some amusement with locals. John Mawer
30th September 2010

I love this summary of our last few weeks travelling! Here's to many more adventures in China! PS I really want to go and see the gas crater now too! x
28th September 2010

Snow already
Hi J&K ... you've hit snow ahead of Calgary (just) and about a week behind Canmore/Banff. We've started a bit of Indian summer but know what is just around the corner. Have fun and travel safe.
28th September 2010

W O W!
You two must really love travelling with all the (sometimes) hardships - you both look so radiantly healthy and happy. Thanks for all the great pictures. :))))

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