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24th January 2008

Sudanese Border
I always used to wonder what was on the other side of that border every time I went to Abu Simbel. Very interesting!
24th January 2008

Very Cool!
Now I want to see Sudan. Looking forward to the Ethiopia pics - went there in one of my dreams a few months ago.
30th December 2007

You're on Daphne with Driver Ben!!
I happened on your blog by chance, and noticed that you're traveling on Daphne, and with Ben. That's fantastic. I spent two months in Central Asia last summer on that truck with Ben, and had a great time. Please say hi to Ben from Anselmo. Enjoy your trip!
28th December 2007

great pictures. a part of home i'm yet to visit. thanks for sharing
6th December 2007

My vote is for the original
5th December 2007

Facial Hair
Really, I felt the "Porn Star" look has a real Cheech Marin (Born in East L.A.) look to it. It gets my vote - whatever movie theme one is renting. I'd expect no less from a server at Taco Bell. "Trailer trash" reminds me of some Western. I'd recommend a brace of Colt Peacemakers, slung low, with a wide brimmed hat and perhaps crossed bandoliers... On the other hand, the full beard has a sort of Middle Eastern look to it, and with so much happening there, I'd call it the "Current Affairs" style. Thanks for the in-depth presentation on shaving. :-)
6th November 2007

Say hi to Dave from us!
We were both amused to see your blog. We have just done 3 months with Dave the Hat in South America. It was really neat to see your photos. If you are still with Dave say hi from us. Great guy! Enjoy your trip. Pieter and Rae.
From Blog: Bushcamp
5th November 2007

Is the shipping crate hotel....literally that is the hotel, in the picture there? Or am I having a case of the Mondays and not seeing the joke?!
24th October 2007

great pictures
enjoying the pictures Thanks bunches
20th October 2007

hi kathye Never seen a monkey with a red jumper .smile gécko
From Blog: Todra Gorge
20th October 2007

vivement Avril
je m'en mets plein les yeux de vos belles photos et prend mon mal en patience sachant quej e devrais y aller y faire de la montagne l'année prochaine avec quelques potes ,alors profitez en bien ;Bizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz les touristes
From Blog: Marrakech
18th October 2007

Adventure photography
Kathie and Jordan - You guys have posted some wonderful images. It is obvious that you have been alert for opportunities to both 1. copiously record activities and sights which form a defining portion of your travel experience, and 2. pause to enjoy the magnificence of some special settings, given your limitations with regard to time, light and season. Congratulations to you both for so diligently posting your experience with we who are not with you. It is obvious that you are investing a considerable degree of time when the opportunity arises to share. Thanks so much for taking the time. Jim
From Blog: Essouira
8th October 2007

Le Maroc est un beau pays, profitez en, c'est de le pays des milles et une nuits Fabien et Gwen
From Blog: Ait benhaddou
7th October 2007

cc kathie et jordan
vous etes magnifique un gros bisous et beaucoup de bonheur a bientot guillaume (france)
3rd October 2007

The Beard!!!!
I love the beard!!!
1st October 2007

hi kathy and Jordan good choise to visit Marrocco and really good place to smoke too;Have a good trip and profite sun because last week it have snowed at 1500 m in Haute savoie;good day
1st October 2007

Photos added
We finally got q chance to upload some photos. Enjoy!
21st September 2007

AAAhhh driving a standard!!....
I remember teaching each other to drive a standard!!!!! Wasn't it your dad's Ranger??!!! No surprise that driving a standard in Europe would be a bit sketchy!!! LMAO Great pics guys!!!
17th September 2007

Salut Kathie et jordan Je vous souhaite à tous les deux un bon sejour en France ,profitez en un maximum ;voila 15 jours que je suis rentré d'Australie alors je vous souhaite autant de bonheur que j'en ai eu ,A Bientot
From Blog: Paris
17th September 2007

Le Big Mac toujours! Also, they don't do le egg McMuffin over here. C'est dommage!
From Blog: Paris
17th September 2007

Sure! Here are the links to our intineraries in Africa. I guess that would help! (start Sept 22) (start May 31) (start July 26)
From Blog: Paris
13th September 2007

Do you guys have a rough itinerary of what regions you'll be in and when that you could post? (for all the African current events I read :) ...just curious if the things I'm reading are happening near where you guys are/will be)
From Blog: Paris
12th September 2007

Great Blog
Hi Kathie and Jordan, Great blog so far! I've been to Paris twice, but I don't think I made it to as many places as you guys. Getting worn our just reading all the places you have seen. Glad to hear you're doing well and visiting some great sites. Stay safe, and I look forward to your next post. Kent
From Blog: Paris
11th September 2007

Looks like a great time...
C'est Bon!! Glad to hear you guys survived the shoebox in the sky!! (Air Transit) So is it true - is it Le Big Mac or a Royale with Cheese? (Pulp Fiction) Great photos guys, my co-workers are SO JEALOUS of my screen backgrounds :) Keep em coming. Take care and take it easy on that ankle.... P.S. How's the beard coming??
From Blog: Paris
4th September 2007

Wish I was there!!
Looks like a fabulous time in Bermuda!! Wish I was with you. At least the weather here in Calgary hasn't been too bad the last few days. I look forward to the next installment and pictures.
From Blog: Bermuda

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