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2nd December 2011

Hey Guys, We went to Osaka aquarium only because we needed to kill time before flying out of the city... It completely blew us away. There were two whale sharks there when we went, was there only one at your visit? Begs the question as to how they transport a fish that big, unless it died of course which would be tragic. We tried to visit every aquarium we come across, I suppose its the divers in us trying to relive the feeling above the water, Osaka is definitely up there as one of the best with Monterey Bay aquarium... Truly amazing! Mike.
1st December 2011

Looks wonderful!
It all looks so great. Japan is moving up my list now. Just wish my wallet was fatter! Thanks for the info. you sent me. Have a great Christmas and take care.
30th November 2011

Following and loving!
Great blog and your pictures of Japan are stunning. Thanks for having us along!
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26th November 2011

great photos
Looks like ye had a lovely trip! Thanks for the stunning photos.
From Blog: Autumn in Japan
25th November 2011

Nice photos. If you ever get time, I'd love to hear some details about the financial side of your time in Japan - is it as dear as everyone says, is it possible to get some good deals, or are you bowing out by blowing the budget?
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25th November 2011

Great panorama!
Some fab photos, we especially like the panorama with the reflection on the still water. Enjoying your perspective on Japan, hopefully we will pick up some tips from your blogs on your time there. By the way, that Hida beef looks delicious!
From Blog: Autumn in Japan
25th November 2011

good blog !
I am happy to see you enjoy traveling in Japan.I didn't know Takayama was so popular to foreigners.Certainly,Takayama has many old Japanese builddings,the town is attractive. If you can,tell me how did you book minshuku? I am starting a service that ordinary household invite travellers.thanks
24th November 2011

Bike riding in the rain!
Nice blog and the photos are magnificent!! I'll be following....
From Blog: Autumn in Japan
24th November 2011

Autumn in Japan
Hey guys - This sounds like a great experience. Congratulations.
From Blog: Autumn in Japan
21st November 2011

You're almost home!
Wow! How time flies. I can't believe you are almost home again - what am I going to do with no more blogs to read or pictures to oogle??!! I think the tuna auction would have been fascinating - even if you can't understand the language, you probably could get the feel of excitement. Looking forward to talking to you once you are back on Canadian/Calgarian soil. Take care.
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20th November 2011

I concur!
I remember flying from Delhi to Frankfurt once and oh my goodness! I had gotten so used to the noise, trash and dirt in Delhi I had to actually to get used to the open clean spaces... Great photography by the way!! Keep up the good work! We're reading you loud and clear.
From Blog: Hello Tokyo!
20th November 2011

Ahhh Tokyo :-)
Glad you guys had a great time in Tokyo - and luckily came across Senso-ji. It would have been a shame to have missed out on the experience. When you get to Mt Fuji I'd highly recommend climbing it overnight for the sunrise. You can get the bus from Shinjuku. Looking forward to those photos!
From Blog: Hello Tokyo!
20th November 2011

What a difference between cultures!
Guys - I'm glad Tokyo was a refreshing change from Delhi. Delhi, for me, was like overstrength whiskey, which is fine in occasional sips, but not for a refreshing drink. Who would have thought two countries and cultures could be so different? :-)
From Blog: Hello Tokyo!
15th November 2011

Looks like i made the right decision to choose Nepal for my big adventure!! It looks Beautiful!! trying to do it as cheaply as possible so any help from anyone would not go a miss :)
12th November 2011

Holy Cow!
Glad to see that you enjoyed Varanasi! Have a great trip to Japan. We are typing this from Edmonton, having arrived an hour or so ago - the weather forecast is for patchy flurries overnight, but so far the temperature is above freezing. :-)
11th November 2011

I am planning a trip to India. Varanasi is on my list, of course!!!! Can you tell me how you managed to go from place to another? Taxi? driver and a car? how? How much did you pay? Thank you. Graciela, from Argentina.
11th November 2011

love your photos
Hi I just had to write to say I love your photos. The one of the cow in Varanasi caught my eye and then I looked at and admired some more in your other blogs. Happy travelling. Kate
11th November 2011

stumbled across your page. Great story, but I'm not sure I agree with your last dig at the government. Imagine if the shoe were in the other foot and you were a citizen of an African passport needed a new passport in Canada :) Anyway. I'm writing this comment in response to an issue that's arising now with Canadian passports. They are introducing a new (biometric) passport, that's going to be more expensive and there will NOT be a 48 page option. If this affects you, you have until Nov 25th to participate in the public consultation process, which I encourage you to do. In short: You may submit your input electronically at Alternatively, you may submit your input by mail, at the following address. Please include a return address. User Fees Act Input Passport Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G3 CANADA
From Blog: Passports!!
11th November 2011

wonderful trip
Hello namaste, it seems that you were really enjoyed your nepal + india trip. you are lucky, couse weather was perfect at ABC during your trek. not always like that.
9th November 2011

9th November 2011

Great Words to describe Entire Annapurna
I have been evolving in the tourism business for 25 years. Your pictures and description adds points who are planning to trek in Nepal.
8th November 2011

Temples and Border Chaos
Excellent pictures for this entry, guys. I just wish there was some way to transmit the sound and energy of the kitchen as the staff were tossing the metal plates, and the dust, noise and crush of the Indian spectators at the border.
8th November 2011

Gday you two. Wow you really do get around dont you!? Amritsar is an amazing place hey? When we went there we originally got a bed in the pilgrims quarters (they had a separate section for westerners) but by the time the afternoon was up we had packed up our gear and were checked into the nearest 3 star! Too many reports of bed bugs and theft for our liking! Also I think that it is the hottest I have ever been at the border ceremony. That conctete ampetheatre is like a huge pizza oven! Any way. We hope you enjoy the rest of India. We sure did. Such a challenge but also so amazing and inspiring. Safe travels and dont take any shit off the locals when lining up for train tickets!! Dont let them push in! Lots of love from Me Cinz and our little man Alessio.
18th October 2011

Wow! Stunning pictures. Any tips on camera settings used here? I see the long shutter speed for the moonlight shots, but how do you get such vivid colours in them all?!
13th October 2011
Machhapuchhare by moonlight

Great photo!

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