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Martha Yuliana


I'm a bit over-excited to share my travelling experiences..
It's simply I'm out there hitting the road and having my feet keep on itchy mood to walk more and more.. it's simply I just want to have the time of my life out there and see more things this world offers me 😊

While I work on my own company, I got many chances ( I supposed too) to do what I want to do and see what I want to see. Guess what?! I don't choose to make it as simple as I thought about it :d Even I do want to skip lot of my works and be on the road (like you all wish for), I prefer to stay more focus on my work and after I feel I got stable at some point in a mean time, I'll take my time out as a reward on what I've done.. then be back on my duties again before hitting the next other (or same) road out there..

so, enjoy my write!
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Live present fully, what's next let it be.. que sera sera..

.....Sometimes we need to go further in our own path or taking a big leap to find about ourself. But when you stop and look around,you already found the inner-side whose been sticking with you all these times and able to lead your own decision going through the path....

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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru May 17th 2011

on my other daily blog , I also write about my latest trip to Semeru but I guess I'd like to write here again since this one is more read by any travallers :D So, last weekend me and some of couchsurfing friends planned to reach Semeru volcano, which also known as the highest volcano is Java island. Well, even it's only 3.676m heights compared with other higher summit.. despite this volcano is the highest one on the island where I live, also the trek path which challenged me to try :d I saw random articles and watched some videos about Semeru and all of them said it was kinda dangerous since already many people died from bein gout of track and lost. And some also fell deep down to rocky valley.. Few days before ... read more
villager style toilet :D
ready to go!
how villagers moving

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo February 20th 2011

few days left till Pierre going to leave Malang.. no wonder we used any spare time we have to be on some trip together.. and this time we went to see Bromo which already in eruption for about 2-3 months.. actually Bromo is an active volcano which always smoking, but about 3 months back then, it's started to explode!! had no idea how bad is the eruption till we reach there.. these time I only knew the news from newspaper only, not on the real place!.. now, let me share you this eruption story.. hoho.. Happy weekend!!.. :* why happy weekend? well, cause we went on weekend! hah, what a lame sentence :d.. so, before I already planned to do some backpacker style using public transport via Tumpang town, then rent motorbike there for only 100000IDR ... read more
:D yay him for taking us passed holly bumpy road
prairie! :D

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air February 12th 2011

we had quite long weekend and there's one day off on tuesday, so me and bf decided to have holiday together.. what a tanning holiday!!!!... olala!! as you can read above, it means we went to beaches area with lot of sun, lights, and seas around us.. wohooo!! Saturday, February 12nd 2011.... so, we departed from Malang on saturday afternoon- we're almost late like always, then from Juanda airport we took flight which I already booked straight to Denpasar. We arrived around 7.30 pm on Denpasar and heading to the hotel on centre of Kuta area.. at least mon amour will have some ideas what's in Kuta.. we went around and bought sandals (hah!) and stranded in Burger King since we're way too hungry. And I noticed (as always), Kuta still crowded with too many foreigners ... read more
getting into the fast boat
Gili Trawangan
Gili Air

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Ijen Plateau August 17th 2010

Voila! Finally I've reached Ijen plateau! :D :D :D so the route I took to explore Ijen was: Bondowoso - Sempol - Belawan - Paltuding - IJEN!! - Taman Sari - Banyuwangi.. Let's start!! DAY 1 Started from my lovely city, Malang, from 8 am with my new travelmate from German, Anna :) and sure we kept using the economic way. Economic bus with no air-con (hell yeah!) for almost 2 hours to reach Bondowoso. But when we passed Probolinggo town, all the bus passengers asked to change into another bus which looked more scary than the first one.. It felt like the bus can be easily broken and crashed only by gentle smack :P hehe.. Along our way to Bondowoso, the bus couldn't afford to stop every hundreds kilometres to pick other passengers or just ... read more
smelly fish..euyy..
bumpy road
ueee... :D

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Malang June 26th 2010

This weekend is super duper yummy weekend! :D Most of Malang couchsurfers and some foreign couchsurfers join into one huge mass of hunger people and we cooked like crazy! It was stunning and we really did great job for our own food from our own countries :) Shayenne from Philipina made great dish of chicken which is really stunning! (I need to know the recipe for sure..) Tom from Belgium made really nice and fresh broccoli and potato ;) Marco from Italy made such huge portion of veggie spaghetti.. bellissima!! :D Some new friends from France (Alex, Pej, and Rose) made us a very big portion of crepes! =) I made Banoffee ;) whish already made every people addicted to it :d and also everybody else made and prepare more interesting local food from Indonesia.. what ... read more
Broccoli and potatoes - by Tom
Veggie spaghetti - Marcooo.... :D
Bonaffee - pic taken by Lala..

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Karimunjawa May 31st 2010

Ow, after Yuli had a terrible sea-sick n the second day in this paradise :d, I left her alone in hotel while I had really lot of fun with the other tours members! :) This day we're going to "Pulau Menjangan" to visit shark farm? farm?hmm.. I don't know what's the exact english for it.. bu it's a place to save the smaller shark and keep them safe from hunter then after they grow bigger, they will released in the wide sea right behind the island.. the cool idea is I could swim with the sharks! :D but with no any blood in your body pleasee.. first I was affraid that they will bite me, though the instructor told me they won't bite me.. oh please! this is my very first time swimming with shark! how ... read more
people on the board..

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Karimunjawa May 30th 2010

So, after had lot of rest and lazy time on the first day, now I'm ready to explore all the islands around Karimunjawa (well, not all actually, only 3 small islands hehe..) . This time, we're gonna explore "Pulau Kecil" , "Pulau Tengah" , and "Pulau Gosong". And, ater we picked up by fishermen boat by morning, we started to sail against the morning wave to reach "Pulau Sintong".. but in the middle of our journey, the fishermen told us that the wave was too high to reach that place.. so we all agreed to passed "Pulau SIntong" and straight ahead to "Pulau Kecil" :( geezz... At first, when I'm already could saw the island, I thought that it would be ordinary island.. but infact of being ordinary, it's a fabuluous island!! so the private cottage ... read more
Pulau Kecil
Pulau Kecil
my beach.. :d

Asia May 29th 2010

Well, after such a long time facing the reality and only put my eyes on lot of papers and duties from my own office, finally I had some days for my eyes and body to spend on outdoor activities :d here we come KARIMUNJAWA islands...!!!! :D if you never heard anythig about Karimunjawa before, go google it to get some first impression on where I've spent my wonderful days there :) oh, some said it's Caribbian van Java hehe.. ;) So, I don't know how to describe my journey from my city, Malang, to get into Karimunjawa.. It was such a long long and tiring journey.. with a friend of mine, Yuli.. My idea was going from Malang to Surabaya first to watch some movies there then catch the night bus straight to Jepara. And take ... read more
yuli can't afford to sleep while waiting the next bus
getting ready to wander for 6 HOURS!
use your bag as pillow.. and watch ur leg or you'll get half-tanned :d

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Malang April 10th 2010

everybody!!! :D have you know that I'm also member on couchsurfing??? so here's come my first time hosting, yay! :D and it goes to... teng teng... Rachel Harper!!.. yes, she's my first guest hehe :P she comes from US but recently she's working on Thailand by NGO and her coming through Indonesia is for her holiday and visiting time for her friends.. well, few days before her coming to Malang, she messaged me and told me she'll spend couple days I just said "oh, yes..! your room is ready!" then here she comes :) I picked her on train station which located only 5 minutes driving from my house and then we heading right to have lunch..yeah, she seemed hungry and need some space to walk cause she's been sitting in hours :( then I ... read more
walking to reach the waterfall
"Coban Rondo" waterfal!
men under waterfall?

Asia » Indonesia » Java April 2nd 2010

Well well... this trip is my annual trip back to 'Home' which I'd rather called as my mom's birthplace :P hehe.. it's in Situbondo city, and I've drove my car for 4-5 hours to get there.. To reach this city, I've passed lot of small cities like Pasuruan, Probolinggo (which could lead yoto Bromo mountain), Kraksaan , Paiton, and more other smaller town to arrive in Situbondo, though it's a small town also :P before our way to Situbondo, we're come by to Surabaya to visit family graveyard from my dad's side.. and in Situbondo is from mom.. Since Situbondo loaed nearly with coastline, sure it's sooo hot! Dry wind and too-much-bright sun..which would make me can't stop dripping all wet :( but lucky me I got lot of cold winds and grey sky!! and sure ... read more
oh no...
fish ponds!!
oysters river..

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