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9 mins ago - SuzanneandDavid published a blog
Ecuador - Cuenca
July 25th 2017
David here... We left Latacunga in high spirits. However about 10 minutes into the journey Suzanne spotted a family standing by a horse lying in a pool of blood by the side of the road, obviously ...
22 mins ago - BritishTicos published a blog
From California to the U.K. in 30 days - Day 10 (Moab, Utah to Kanab, Utah)
July 26th 2017
It’s warm and sunny this morning which means I am sweating profusely by the time I have completed the ritual of the suitcases. A quick check of the weather forecast and I decide to forgo the tarp as ...
2 hours 21 mins ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
Korea nach
July 23rd 2017
Heute hat uns der Regen leider erwischt und uns einige Stunden begossen. Fahrt durchs Hinterland, das geprägt ist durch eine sehr intensive Landwirtschaft. Es war eigentlich so, als würde man durc ...
2 hours 46 mins ago - MrsMac published a blog
Worcesterand surrounds
July 25th 2017
Yesterday, Monday, we set out for the market town of Worcester. We have had lazy mornings so did not get on the road until about 10-30am. It was an overcast day, coolish but no rain. After a 15 minute ...
3 hours 10 mins ago - adamel published a blog
The Big Tea with Bees
July 25th 2017
This morning I had the early shift with Theo in Corpus. I woke up a bit late so the morning was rushed, but I made it to the office by 8AM. The morning was super chill. Not much happened at all. The h ...
3 hours 47 mins ago - eirianruth published a blog
Panama City
July 25th 2017
I LOVE PANAMA CITY! Walked from one end if the city to the other this morning along the Pacific Ocean coastline. When you get half way, if you look to the right you see the old part of the city, Ca ...
4 hours 14 mins ago - Festivetraveller published a blog
Summer Sun 2017 Day 04&05 - Athens
July 22nd 2017
Day 03 & 04 - Athens The day started early as we left the hotel by 0600 to catch our 09300 flight to Athens. Next 8 days are planned for Greece, which is our main destination for this vacation and ...
5 hours 1 mins ago - RichieO published a blog
A Day in Toronto
July 25th 2017
Our Trip to Europe began with a one day stop in Toronto, Canada. Since we had some time before our flight we were able to see a couple of sights around the city. The last time we explored Toronto was ...
5 hours 10 mins ago - jewel89 published a blog
Day 20 - Germany, I'm finally back
July 25th 2017
I took an earlier train to Vienna because I didn't trust the 15 minute connection on the train they booked me on... worked out well, gave me time to sit and grab a Starbucks for the first time in +2 w ...
5 hours 13 mins ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
DANEMARK : de Hvide Sande à Ribe
July 24th 2017
Après la collection de photos que vous aurez pu explorer dans le dernier blog... nous continuons notre descente de la côte Ouest du Jutland avec toujours autant de plaisir car il fait magnifique et ...
5 hours 24 mins ago - geomack published a blog
Scandanavian Tour
July 25th 2017
Hello All! We rode into Alta this afternoon. The weather finally broke and we've had several days of beautiful sunny warm weather. Wifi continues to be limited and that will probably continue as we g ...
5 hours 53 mins ago - PoshinDevon published a blog
Legal again........dont panic we were never illegal!
July 21st 2017
Had to be really strong this morning to summon the will power to get up out of bed after our late night Visiting Soner at his place in Getikale. First thing we both said after waking up is we are ...

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