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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho June 22nd 2023

9 May 2023 - I travelled on a day trip to Can Tho City to visit Vinh (13 years old) and his brother Bao (5 years old). I have been sponsoring them and teaching Vinh English since October 2021 after their father died of Covid-19. My friends donated them some money at that time and before this trip my cousin in Hanoi called her friends for donations. We received some cash, English books, toys and clothes which were second hand but still of good quality. I flew to Can Tho City on Vietjet Air in the morning and took the latest flight before midnight on Bamboo Airways to go back to Hanoi, so I had a half day with their family. When my plane was going to land, I saw an amazing view of the Mekong ... read more
Donated books and toys in my bags at Can Tho Airport
Vinh and Bao in a video clip to thank the donors
A simple bridge leading to a house

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta April 9th 2023

(Apologies for the out of order post - we are going back in time a week for Siem Reap to Nha Trang!) I was quietly relived when I saw my pack circling the conveyer belt in the Ho Chi Minh City airport arrivals hall. When we left Australia we noticed a fellow traveller had the same bag as me but his had a huge lime green strap around it and a large name tag so we weren’t too worried as mine had neither. That sentiment changed in Siem Reap airport when Leonard’s (last name withheld) bag was circling the belt in splendid solitude after we cleared customs. We headed to lost property and fortunately Leonard was waiting sheepishly with my bag and we sent him to collect his with many glares! I was therefore understandably triggered ... read more
War Remnants Museum HCMC
The very very wet market Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta cruise

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta March 17th 2023

We had a full day of splendid sailing after departing Phnom Penh. Sailing the Mekong River during daylight was one of the highlights of this trip. We watched life on the Mekong with its many villages, temples, farmlands and we even spotted a reclining Golden Buddha near the shores. We captured a lovely sunset photo featuring a red sun! We had a long delay at the Vietnamese Border, I presume due to Vietnamese border issues. We didn't plan our trip very well as we started in Vietnam, flew to Cambodia then returned to Vietnam on the cruise. As a result, the Vietnamese embassy made us pay for 2 visas (one time entry only) which set us back about $900! So plan to do Vietnam in a one time, one month visit or you will pay the ... read more
AmaDara Chef's Table - tres chic!
Tan Chau - Rattan mats
Village - Pa the War Vet

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang October 17th 2022

This morning we were woken up 6.00am-ish by notifications coming through to our phones about Preston LXRP works on Cramer Street tomorrow (Tuesday). Hmmn, perhaps we should unsubscribe from the level crossing removal project notifications while we are on holidays? Not to worry, since I was awake I decided that I WOULD wash my hair this morning!! Besides which we needed to make sure we breakfasted earlier this morning with our excursion for today occurring before lunch. The sampans arrived before 8.30am to whisk us across the river to a fish farm where we learnt about rearing the fish. It is a long process, taking about about nine months to grow the fish to marketable size. It sure is smelly though. The pong of the fish and rice food that they make up for them onsite ... read more
Carp and Catfish
Fish Farm
Mekong Boats

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre October 15th 2022

Yay, this morning I felt well enough to venture down to the dining room for a very light breakfast. Would I be feeling sufficiently recovered anyway or is it the drugs?! Whichever, I am glad. Back in our room after breakfast we finalized our packing and then headed downstairs to check out about 10.10am expecting to be met my our Pandaw tour operator between 10.30-11.00am. We arrived at the front desk to find that the Pandaw staff had already set themselves up in the foyer. James greeted us all and saw us onto the coach when it arrived - at closer to 11.00am - and then handed us over to our Vietnamese guides, Mac and Giang, which he told us means ‘River’ in Vietnamese. After not seeing any men urinating in public thus far, today was ... read more
Looking over the prow of the RV Bassac Pandaw
Temple opposite Ben Tre Island
River traffic

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta January 11th 2020

First day with the new group - 8:30am start and only 2hrs travel time! That's better than our current alert shortest trip of 4 hrs and considerably less than the two 11hr trips we've done. We get to the Mekong Delta, expecting a nice clean river and see the opposite. There's rubbish close to shore, floating along the river and the water looks filthy. We pick up our local guide Kai - who's s bit flamboyant, struggles with English and rolls his eyes into the back of his head like The Undertaker whenever he speaks. We get in our boat and head off to one of the Islands. The first place we stop is just a shit tourist gimmick. We try some local fruit, all of which are disgusting except for the Jack Fruit, they have ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta November 17th 2019

Sidste stop på turen er Saigon eller Ho Chi Min City som den hedder i dag. Ca. 70 km uden for byen ligger Cu Chi tunnellerne som er blevet bygget af Vietcong i perioden 1940-60. Tunnellerne var en del af det mere end 250 km lange tunnel system som gjorde det umuligt for bl.a. amerikanerne et bekæmpe Vietcong. Tunnellerne er meget snævre. Også her er det uforståeligt hvordan vietnameserne har kunnet leve på den måde i så mange år. Ud over tunnellerne så vi også nogle af de frygtelige fælder og våben som Vietcong havde udviklet bl.a. dyrefælder som Amerikanerne kunne falde i. Turen fortsatte til Genforeningspaladset som står som det blev forladt ved sydvietnams fald i 1975. Den sidste dag, inden flyveturen hjem, var der byvandring i Ho Chi Min City, forbi det gamle franske ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho November 15th 2019

Efter en flyvetur Da Nang - Can Tho, er vi kommet til Mekongdeltaet i Sydvietnam. Efter landing var vi straks afsted på en byvandring for at indtage stemningen i Can Tho. Målet var at besøge et fransk-vietnamesisk hus fra kolonitiden. Det er et af de bedst bevarede huse fra den tid. Det spændende ved huset var at den forreste del var bygget i fransk kolonistil mens den bagerste del var bygget i vietnamesisk stil. Inden vi kom til vores hotel nåede vi også at køre forbi et aktivet buddistisk tempel hvor omkring 50 elever både munke og eksterne elever bor og modtager undervisning i den buddhistiske lære. Can Tho er meget kendt for sit vandmarked som er i fuld gang allerede ved solopgang. Så næste morgen var vi, tidligt oppe for at opleve den spænende aktivitet ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho May 18th 2019

Today we saw the floating river markets- what an absolute treat! We were very lucky as we had arrived later than the locals typically "go to market" and yet, we had some boats clip on to ours and offer up their goods. We were also lucky to have Vietnamese women on board who were all about the shopping - I loved it! I was right in the middle, somehow, and caught it all. I got to try passion fruit, jack fruit and that beautiful fruit - durian. It was fantastic. We then went over to see how rice noodles are made and did a little shopping. The food was not that good in Can Tho and if I understood the guide correctly it is because their history of colonization has confused the culinary experience (again, not ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Ben Tre May 17th 2019

Today we left the city and checked out to Ben Tre so we could enjoy the Minh Cong Delta. It's part of Vietnam produces a lot of the agriculture rice and fish that the country eats. Water is everywhere, the humidity makes me sticky, and I'm a tad bit burnt - not a bad day at all. We visited a nice farm where we were treated to some local music, fruits and honey - we even got to hold the beehive! We then moved on to a quick float down the river before seeing how coconut candy is made. Creamy, not too sweet, delicious! We moved onto lunch after another longer trip down the river on a bigger boat. We were served what looked like a carp type of fish, a pancake filled with noodles and ... read more

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