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Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 29th 2016

if you want bahn mi, there are plenty of stalls along the main road into town in the morning, with the usual scary, grey-looking pate basking in the heat, and some where you can have omelette inside, cooked there and then. By lunchtime they have trundled off. In the evening there are some local pho places which spring up from nowhere, plastic stools and all, for example outside the petrol station when it closes for the night. Mostly local young people, the occasional adventurous traveller on a budget. Otherwise you have to choose between the beach, the night market or the main road. The main road is cheaper, but there are some big big restaurants which have tour buses outside, and some smarter places, including a Spanish tapas one. Err....... A good alternative is to go ... read more
Lang Chia Hostel. Very good Tripadvisor reviews, great location and says it has a pool
Cheap option

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 28th 2016

After much deliberation we decided against hiring a scooter. Sad face :0( Although Gill has a full bike license and is super careful, and both of our insurances cover us for bikes up to 50cc if wearing helmets (flipflops and shorts not mentioned!) we know that we'd be illegal as we have no Vietnamese license, therefore our insurance would be invalid! The road we wanted to go on was paved and quiet for most of the way, then probabably a track, and we have seen loads of farangs riding about, but the locals are just too unpredictable and we couldn't risk the worst happening. Oh, the wisdom of age! How dull...... We had new and if anything, even noisier neighbours. We have not been lucky with the peace and tranquillity aspect. Last night it was Ridiculous ... read more
Motorised bucket behind, washing his catch in the sea
Cao Dai Temple

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 27th 2016

Yesterday was the day for a snorkel trip. We were picked up at 8.15 by John's Tours after a very parsimonious breakfast, just in case! There were going to be 20 of us but there were only about 11 on the minibus. The others wer picked up from the beaches to the north of the harbour, en route, using a long-tailed boat pulled behind us. Except that at one stop the people weren't there (not their fault, I'm sure!) so we had to wait, bobbing up and down, for about 20 minutes. Neither of us are fans of bobbing up and down! In the minibus we were given a safety card with info on what not to touch when snorkelling, and the penalty for losing their equipment. Turned out to be relevant to one couple later. ... read more
The lighthouse temple we went in last night
Floating houses, some with dogs!

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 24th 2016

A surprisingly good night's sleep, given that the mattress is like a table top and the pillow the size of a small postage stamp and filled with sand! Gill and I managed to acquire 2 mozzie bites each. Expecting more. And last night our neighbours, of some sort of Scandinavian origin, had a pile of screeching kids round outside on their veranda. It was fairly early but when they started jumping up and down on the furniture my love of small children temporarily left me and I banged hard in the window. It quietened down soon after. As breakfast finished at the ridiculously early hour of 9am and we were keen for things not to have run out, we were there at 8. The resort isn't anything like full, so there are lots of places to ... read more
Not all of it looks pretty.....

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 24th 2016

After last night's fruitless yomping, we just couldnt make ourselves go on a snorkel trip, so planned to do very little and then go into town for the night market. Russell, the Canadian who'd recommended Phuong Binh, also had a good place to eat in town, although we were by this time seriously doubting his distances. He'd also slightly put us off hiring a scooter with tales of illegality, police, insurance claims, so I posted on the TA Vietnam forum to ask if anyone had any information about how much we would pay as a bribe if stopped by the police. Grief! Did I really just do that? Then wish I hadn't, as I got a VERY arsy reply, would I think of mentioning bribes to someone visiting Bournemouth? Replied of course not (you tosser!) - ... read more
The main road at the end of our lane - work in progress....
There's a good bit of pavement, then it isn't quite finished off
Frogs and eels, alive, alive-o!

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island September 8th 2013

Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island and a burgeoning center of tourism for the country. Lying in the Gulf of Thailand, it has a small population chiefly living in two towns: Duong Dong and An Thoi. Other than these two somnolent hubs, it is an island of thick forest and long beaches lined with tall coconut trees, the few roads occasionally lined with beach resorts, all of it providing a tranquil emptiness that was a whimsical reprieve from the Vietnamese mainland’s busyness. The peacefulness, however, is planned to end soon as the Vietnamese government is committed to turning Phu Quoc into the next Phuket, especially evidenced by some of the construction occurring. Happily, for the time-being, the island is still an escape. And it would have provided the perfect haven from our nearly-ending trip had it ... read more
long beach
sea food

Mit einem Nachtbus, starteten wir fast um Mitternacht unser Reise nach Phu Quoc (sprich: Fu Wug). In den Nachbussen in Vietanam gibt es im Gegensatz zu anderen Asiatischen Ländern Liegebetten, wo sogar Jan ein bisschen schlafen kann. Wir kamen um 5 Uhr morgens in Phu Quoc an und kauften ein Ticket für das Schiff um 8 Uhr. Um 8 Uhr dann, hiess es, dieses Schiff fährt wegen hohem Seegang nicht. Na super, eigentlich war ja klar das etwas passieren wird - mit unserem Glück mit den Schiffen. Das nächste Schiff war ein grösseres, welches auch bei grossen Wellen fahren kann. Leider war das Schiff schon fast ausgebucht und niemand wusste so recht wo es die restlichen Tickets gab. Beim offiziellen Schalter war jedenfalls niemand. Vy hat in der halben Stad... read more
im Liegebus-Bett
auch das Militär will auf die Insel
unser Bungalow

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island March 16th 2013

Downwards and downwards we circled like a tiny drunken fly. Our 40 seater turbo prop plane from Saigon seemed happier in the air and seemed to want to stay aloft little longer but as we twisted and turned - in a loose figure-of-eight pattern - we saw the tiny jungly island which is Phu Quoc. Covered with rich, dark green vegetation it rose up us from below us. Finally we landed at ‘Phu Quoc International Airport’, a small but well constructed terminal which announces proudly ‘We have money here!’ The airport constitutes one of the few scars on the landscape but as you get to know the island you can see that ‘development’ is the name of the current game. At the moment this is a prime holiday destination for the Vietnamese but very soon all ... read more
Our Jungly Retreat
No Air Freshner Needed Here!!!

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 22nd 2013

Miniblog today, for several reasons - not too much to say and thinking about people at home - much love, wish I was with you all right now! Last day here yesterday, self-indulgent reading, and have discovered 2 more advantages of a kindle: you can be reading any old rubbish and no-one can tell what and judge you for being a literary lightweight, and nationality-wise you are completely anonymous and therefore in some useful cases immune from being forced into a conversation you don't really, at that particular moment want. I was very near a yuppie supermummy on the beach, cross between Joyce Grenfell (showing my age....) and Miriam Stoppard, cute toddler but v v peace-shattering positive affirmation and nursery rhymes constantly until at last the poor child was worn out and needed a nap. Now ... read more
Schoolgirl with extra seat on the back
Night market
Amazing but expensive choice of fish

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island February 19th 2013

Arrived and was very happy to see a guy waiting with my name on a sign (love that!) - there was another person on it too, but they couldn't find him so left without him! New international airport here - huuuuuuge and deserted practically. Seastar resort - resort is quite a grand name for it, as there is no pool, but big rooms, enormous bathroom, mosquito net over the bed (although I haven't found one in the room yet), excellent food in the beach restaurant and my room, one of the furthest, is only 25m from the beach, so not too arduous! I have a semi-detached bungalow with interconnecting door, which can be a real pain as you hear every cough, sneeze and much, much worse, but luckily my neighbours are v quiet. At $50 a ... read more
Cambodia is in the background
Sign on bed
My little house

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