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John and Jane Hogg

Due to a tsunami of demands (well two actually - Dick and Sandie from Canada) The Hoggtrotters Blog is back!! Hoggtrotters 2 ...... Trot On ...!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River February 26th 2017

We left Bali during the middle of yet another 'celebration'. There appears to be one more or less every day. This day was a celebration of all things metal! I know! Apparently it was a day to be thankful for all thins metal which were of service to our lives. Cars, scooters et were emblazoned with beautiful leaf offerings. I was informed by a local that one should also dig out guns or weapons and dress them up too! So on to Denpasar Airport. Strangely, we had been unable to print out our boarding passes. The document we received mentioned something about a 'document check'. On arrival at the check in counter, we were met by a charming young lady who asked us if we had a visa to visit Australia! 'Visa? Certainly not! We don't ... read more
Skeleton Trees
Decked out Logia
The Bride and Groom

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Candi Dasa January 30th 2017

February and I just don't see eye-to-eye! It's been a long time coming but we just don't get on. She insists on throwing everything at me – dark nights, cold days, rain, frozen fingers and soggy feet. We, having just enjoyed a wonderful Festive Season with our wonderful kids and grandkids, now look into the long dark tunnel which will lead to a breaking Spring. February agrees with me that she has little to offer except the gradual lengthening of days and the distant promise of a beautiful Spring. So, its time to pack the backpacks and head off to warmer climes dragging ourselves away from our loved ones. South East Asia should fit the bill! After a mammoth journey, offset by the fact that we were travelling on the A380-800 super jumbo all the way ... read more
Genggong Hotel front lawn
Meet the Balinese Gang!!
Prayer Time at the Temple

Asia » Burma February 2nd 2016

It's 8.30 am and, having had a hearty breakfast and lashings of black coffee, I am wondering how on earth we got here! Our body clocks have been liquidised and our brains are envelloped in a blanket of soggy lemon cotton wool. Outside there is the continual tooting of traffic like audible punctuation marks in the humid air. Through the window the Shwadagon Temple is ablaze with early morning golden spendour - a golden lighthouse on the horizon. Random sounds assault our ears. There is the unfamiliar sound of a Burmese pop song - at least that is what I assume it is. Either that or it's a rather random Burmese ice cream van beconing us! We are amongst the 'Bare Knees' people - a description that came about in mid flight due to a misheard ... read more
Carpet of Pagodas!
New Friends!
Strangers on a Train

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu May 20th 2013

And so on to Borneo. The mere mention of that name conjures up images of virgin jungle and exotic wildlife of varying shades of rainbows! How naïve! We arrived at KK from KL - I hope you are now ‘up to speed’ with the acronyms, dear reader! - and were surprised to find a fairly modern, compact and business like town - at least on the surface! The transport system is chaotic as we were to find out later. Most travel around Sabah is best done by air as there are precious few roads. Those that there are tend to be pitted with craters or simply run into stretches without any kind of surface whatsoever. There are four wheel drive ‘taxis’ which run between the main towns - KK, Kudat, and Sandakan! We had sat and ... read more
Pygmy Elephants....
Hoggtrotters Quiz!!!
Janie tries an exercise shaker!

Firstly, let me apologise to those of you who DO NOT suffer from sleep disorders! This blog is quite lengthy and covers a good deal of ‘ground’! It is really a diary for Janie and I to try to remember some of the experiences we have had. Mrs Darling has, in fact, offered to present anyone, who manages to complete reading the blog without nodding off, a gold certificate! No takers so far!!! Anyway on with the task in hand. Just remember, if you’re knackered reading it, imagine how knackering it is actually doing it!!!! We arrived at Kuala Lumpur airport after a pleasant enough flight from Phnom Penh. It was our first time on AirAsia (the local version of Easyjet) and I must say we were quite impressed! However it became obvious that AirAsia have, ... read more
Petronas Twin Towers ...
KL Tower
Dancing Mates!

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville April 14th 2013

Sihanoukville is familiar territory to us. We had stayed here on our previous trip and had decided that this was the ideal place to ‘hole up’ and recouperate from our travels thus far. It was great to have a comfortable bed, cheap food and a lovely beach nearby (Otres Beach). As we arrived we could feel the ‘relief of the familiar’ and celebrate the fact that, for a while at least, we were going to stay put. The Mekong had taken a good deal out of us! Having visited the local pharmacy, for Janie, it became apparent that it was possible to buy ANY drugs, including really heavy duty ones, for a few dollars. In fact you can buy ANYTHING here for a few dollars! Our resort, The Beach Club, is a lovely friendly place run ... read more
The Mango Rooms
Otres Beach
Locals at Above Us Only Sky

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc April 5th 2013

At about 7.00am the next morning, after a chaotic and very rushed breakfast, we had to make a decision. I was negotiating few extra nights at Green Suites with Long the receptionist when Janie appeared on the stairs and said, ‘Let’s just go for it!’ Still ‘Ohing and Ahing’ we jumped into a minibus, and from Ho Chi Minh City, headed south-west for the Mekong Delta. There were several stops at ‘motorway services’ - banana leaf shacks at the side of the road - which gave some relief to the relentless heat of the confined minibus and enabled Janie to stretch her aching back. The roads were basic to say the least and our little bus bounced and jarred over the numerous bridges. Eventually we arrived in Vinh Long in the heart of the Mekong and ... read more
Mekong River Sleepy Backwater
What do you think of my cock?
The Floating Hotel

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Kien Giang » Phu Quoc Island March 16th 2013

Downwards and downwards we circled like a tiny drunken fly. Our 40 seater turbo prop plane from Saigon seemed happier in the air and seemed to want to stay aloft little longer but as we twisted and turned - in a loose figure-of-eight pattern - we saw the tiny jungly island which is Phu Quoc. Covered with rich, dark green vegetation it rose up us from below us. Finally we landed at ‘Phu Quoc International Airport’, a small but well constructed terminal which announces proudly ‘We have money here!’ The airport constitutes one of the few scars on the landscape but as you get to know the island you can see that ‘development’ is the name of the current game. At the moment this is a prime holiday destination for the Vietnamese but very soon all ... read more
Our Jungly Retreat
No Air Freshner Needed Here!!!

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An February 21st 2013

Boris Braincell snuffled and reluctantly rolled over in bed to reach the beeping intercom. After a brief exchange he sighed and muttered to himself, 'Two bloody years and suddenly I'm flavour of the month again. One minute he ignores me for months on end and then it's ''Do this! Can you do that?! Can you think of something for the other?! Well, I suppose this means another flaming blog to be doing!' The insistant voice rang out again, 'Boris! Boris! Get your arse in gear! I can feel another blog coming on!!!' And so it was that we were met and greeted at Da Nang Airport by a charming young man called 'Dong' and escorted to our waiting car. A brand new Toyota had been dispatched to collect us so Janie and I lay back and ... read more
Red Lanterns Everywhere...
Japanese Bridge
Buzz and Julums Wyman

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 February 15th 2013

'Oh, it's good to touch the Green, Green Suites of home!' So the famous Tom Jones song goes - with a little adaptation by my good self! But it really is a little like 'coming home'! Danny Yum, the security guard/kitchen porter/waiter/odd job man/ and various other responsibilities, gives us each a huge bear hug and greets us like long-lost relations - and I'm not even convinced he was here when we last stayed! Lang, the charming young Vietnamese receptionist, has a hugh smile and greets us through misty eyes! If we ever had any doubt about it, we have been sorely missed! We have arrived at the Green Suites, carrying our backpacks through a mass of late night diners who sit on primary school sized plastic chairs in the tiny alleyways and gradually spread and ... read more
I think I have found it.
Reunification Palace
Notre Dame church Ho Chi Minh

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