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27th February 2017
Somewhere to Have a Tipple!

Sunny Oz ?!!
Hobbies Great to hear from you,and glad all is good.Typical of you to take some bad weather with you for the wedding!!! No harm done,and all looked as though it went off beautifully Sorry I,m not there to sample all the wines,but we,ll have to make do with Lidells ! I hope the next stage of your journey is successful,and look forward to seeing you on your return Love P and C xxxx
26th February 2017

Who would have guessed
Had quite a laugh at this, thanks again for sharing. I'm off to Aussie in December, I will be visa armed x
6th February 2017

John and Janey So glad you're having a great time in Bali,and enjoying the locals hospitality All well here,and the weather has been superb !!! Have a fab time in Oz,and enjoy the rest of your holiday Love P and C xxx
5th February 2017

Keep Trotting Hoggers
As always, great to received Master John's highly (sometimes too highly) detailed Travel Blog about the latest excursion up the Irrawaddy or wherever. Must admit, he always makes it seem most attractive with his delightful turn of phrase (? Bill Bryson's Apprentice) and as we read it here in the shivering, damp South West of England, even the doubtful delights of the bog-washer must add some light to the gloom. Enjoy the rest of your journey in the Tropics and look forward to the real delights of Perth and the wineries of the Margaret River. You lucky people !!! Much love to you both xx
5th June 2013

Loved Borneo too
We didn't get as far a field as you did but we loved Borneo also. It is another world. We met a couple from Vancouver, Canada (usually I run the other way when I see Canadians and Americans, I can see them at home), but born and raised in Kk. We were so lucky to have them show us the ins and outs of KK, what to see,where to go that the tourists weren't, places tourists did not get to see and last but not least the different types of food we were bound to encounter along the way. It gave us a good bit of knowledge to carry on in the rest of Malaysia and look like we knew what we were doing. Dam good actors we are. Glad you felt the same way.
5th June 2013

Where are you
Where are you??? I need my "travel fix" I am having a hard time breathing waithing for you. Haven't heard from you for a while (it seems). Home for 2 1/2 months and I am ready to go again. We are planning our next trip 2015 - two months in Bali. Okay I know you are ready to get home, see the babies and get back to normal. Remember Bali, 2015. Would love to see you there!!!. Enough of that - back to where are you? All your fans are waiting to read more. Life is so dull without your blogs. Big Hugs from Canada.
23rd May 2013

Not much here to match your adventures
Just beautiful pics and more entertaining tales. Borneo does sound magic even with the mozzies, heat and dust, dodgey politics, roads etc. Could you do any snorkelling in those fabulous waters? Can't imagine how you will cope coming home ... As to your quiz - to keep it on the polite side, on second glance it looks like a calcified scoop of butterscotch ice cream .
24th May 2013

Hoggtrotters Quiz
Hi, you two! Lovely to hear from you, as always! You will be fascinated and excited to hear that, at this moment, you are the closest to winning the coveted Hoggtrotters' Prize! Mind you, you are the sole entrants so far! Really look forward to seeing you both when we get home! Yes- it's gonna be a toughie but we are excited about seeing the kids and grandkids. Should cushion the landing!!! Love and hugs J and J xxx
23rd May 2013

WOW! We are SO envious
Just love your blogs. Can almost feel we are there with you. Great pics and comments. Really miss that Asian madness and never knowing what each day will bring. To say we are restless would be an understatement especially with this weird cold weather we are having. Each time a new chapter of your blog arrives, I have to go back and reread the previous ones to remember where you got to! So good to realise that you are able to get the most out of this trip despite such a rotten start, Jane, and then more symptoms out there. Hopefully John, your back is surviving taking on camel/bullock activities for both your gear. Surprised you didn't go for massage therapy whilst Jane was doing her thing! I can see why your thoughts turned to the possibility of TukTuk licence especially the motorbike version! The Killing Fields Memorial is certainly one thing I had on my list, even though so sobering, but really interesting hearing about this. Wonder what the current World young feel about it all. Unreal, like WW1 and WW2, I guess. Enough - will see you all too soon in reality now! Take care and safe flight home x
14th May 2013

Wow what a place, glad they've put up a memorial to all those poor people who were torured and died. A dreadful time in world history. Pics are great - I like the tuk tuks. Glad you two are enjoying your travels.
14th May 2013

Not sure about John wanting to take Jane up the Twin Towers - sounds a bit painful
Great stories, although the bar bit sounds hairy (!!!). Stay safe and looking forward to seeing you both soon.
13th May 2013

Soooooooo jealous!!!!
Love reading about your travels. Keep up the good work. I am green with envy. We are already planning our next journey for 2015. Keep the blogs coming.
10th May 2013

Reply to blog on KL
Gosh! It is exhausting just reading about your adventures. Can feel the heat and the humidity for real. Silly question when you are on a quest which has been planned for years, but do you miss home?
14th April 2013

What a fabulous time you both are having. Loving the Tai Chi tale, think I would have just stayed in 'Above us' too ;) They sound like a great couple. Shame you have to move on.... lots of love Sam x x x x
10th April 2013

It all sounds amazing (hard work in places) and John I love your rhetoric. Keep posting and love to you both. Linda and Chris xxxx
7th April 2013

Another great account!
Love hearing all you are up to. Bit of a cliff hanger last time wondering about poor Jane so very relieved to know you are able to face the challenges still! Now sincerely hope you are actually "doing absolutely nothing for next couple of weeks". The most exciting thing we have in Devon at the moment is something called "sun"
19th March 2013

Uk eat your hearts out!
You bring the smells heat dust colours and noise right to us! AND make us laugh! Brilliant descriptions. Add cows and dogs to the traffic in HCMC and that's KTM. So glad all well and you finally got out there - and already it's been a month. Would you credit it: Same 0 degs temps snow or rain and really cold in
18th March 2013

Awesome review Hoggies
Thanks for the time you spend keeping us updated. I'm in Pattaya with Darian at the mo, so know what a mozzie attack can do, spent my first few days itching, but good old Deet has saved the days, and nights. Hope Jane better soon, I've had shingles once, not anything I would like again. Melodie
From Blog: Hot in Phu Quoc
17th March 2013

thank you so much - we are speechless
dear hoggtrotters community, dear ladies and gentlemen yes, well, we are, yes we are really speechless - we just ride our bike and well, got now this famous and first hoggtrotter award - what a honor!!!!!! it was a breathtaking ceremony with such a great audience, famous star- photographer jane and the one and only john who presented the show... we still don't find the right words to say thank you and can't wait till we get the certificate (will it be blue, red or even golden ;-) ???)!!! We will put it on our bicycles, that's sure!!!
From Blog: Hoi An
26th February 2013

Hey hoggies, thanks for the updates, I truly love them. So glad Jane has lost all her beach pebbles. Sounds wonderful from your fabulous descriptions. Love Melodie
26th February 2013

What a wonderful time you are both having. Hope the shingles (where ever they were placed!!) has calmed down Jane..... John - you should write your autobiography - you are a brilliant scribe. Much love to you both xxxxx
25th February 2013

So sorry to hear that you have been suffering from shingles. How really nasty and to hold up your exit from these frozen shores as well!! Hope all is well by now and you are fully into your travels once again. Looking forward to hearing all your news. Take care you both and tons of love xxxx
23rd February 2013

thanks for the email Jane, great to hear you are well enough to travel. it all looks amazing. looking forward to hearing of your travels and seeing the photos. take care nd enjoy the sandy beaches...i will think of you both often as it snows here.. like yesterday! lots of love sue, damian and the ever growing haley boys
18th February 2013

Hey ho off you go!
We have just returned from our travels so feeling the cold.enjoy the ride!xx
18th February 2013

Hey ho off you go!
We have just returned from our travels so feeling the cold.enjoy the ride!xx

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