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Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands February 1st 2020

Hue 1-21-2020 Da Nang Du thuyen den Da Nang luc 9am. Lan nay du khach tu dong len bo khong can phai can tender. Toi di den Hue de vieng Kinh thanh Hue. Toi den Lang Tu Duc voi muc dich thay mo cua vua Duy Tan.Tren duong di toi den To Dinh Tu Hieu noi Thien Su Thich Nhat Hanh hien cu ngu va cung la noi ngay xua Thien su xuat than tu day. Sau do toi den Lang Tu Duc, Tuy nhien den day chi co vua Tu Duc ma thoi. Vua Tu Duc la con vua Thieu Tri va Nghi Thien Chuong hoang Hau. Vua Tu Duc len ngoi nam 1848 den 1883. Trong lang Tu Duc co Minh Khiem Duong la nha hat xua nhat Vietnam va la nha hat duy ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 5th 2019

Dienstag, den 26. Februar, musste ich mich um 16h von meinen Freunden in Da Lat verabschieden denn ich musste den Nachtbus nach Hoi An nehmen. Lustigerweise nahmen Pamela und André die mit mir die Canyoning Tour gemacht hatten auch diesen Bus und so sind wir zusammen gereist. :-) Es war eine lange, 15-stündige Fahrt, aber der Schlafbus war ganz bequem und ich habe überraschend gut geschlafen. So war ich frisch und ausgeruht als ich dann endlich in Hoi An ankam. :-) Ich hatte für diesen ersten Tag eine Fahrrad-Tour gebucht, aber als ich an der Rezeption nachfragte sagte man mir die Tour würde erst am nächsten Tag stattfinden und die Sonnenuntergang-Bootsfahrt würde höchstwahrscheinlich überhaupt nicht stattfinden. Also habe ich einen Kochkurst für 13h gebucht die eine Fahrt in einem Bambus-Boot einschloss. Meine Tour startete also um ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands August 1st 2018

I'm happy that I set aside extra time (4 nights) for Da Lat. It's 15F degrees cooler than much of the rest of the country and the tour buses don't run the show. There are plenty of tourists, but they're spread throughout the city, making it feel relatively authentic Hiking Langbiang / Dinh Lang Biang Do Cau Guided tours run around 30USD but you can do it on your own for much less, especially if you have a motorbike. I took a moto-taxi to and from the entrance, which is a good half hour from the city. There are three peaks, and ridiculously unnecessary Jeeps take most tourists to the top of one. But to hike the trail to the highest peak, I had to walk an hour or so up the paved road, Jeeps humming, ... read more
Da Lat Pizza
Buddhist Temple
Horror Story Premise

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat December 6th 2017

What an awesome day. Perfect riding weather, not too hot, rain disappeared for blue/grey sky. Left Nha Trang for the usual short bus ride out of town to avoid the chaotic congestion for 70 kms of riding. The first 32 kms was mostly a gentle rise before another 30kms of a continuous steep and winding assent up the Bidoup-Nui Ba Pass ranging between 5-10% before a rewarding speedy 3 km decent at 10%. The route rose from near sea level climbing to 1440 mtrs into a cooler highland climate ideal for growing some of the country's best fruits, flowers and coffee beans. The route passed magnificent scenery with a fast running river at the bottom of a very deep valley lined on both sides with a lush canopy of green colour with plantations at the lower ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands November 6th 2017

Quy Nhon 10-2017 Quy Nhon Tren chuyen xe do toi tinh co ngoi canh nguoi dan ba va toi duoc nghe loi tam su cua ba tren doan duong dai 185km, mat 4hrs tu Pleiku den Qui Nhon. Toi viet len tam su cua ba ma toi dat tua de la “ Tam su cua nguoi dan ba Quang Tri” Ba Nguyen Thi Quyen, ten Ba, sanh truong tai thanh pho vung bien gioi tinh Quang Tri. Ba nam nay 58 tuoi, di mot doan duong ngan ma lo so oi mua. Hien song tai Pleiku cung nguoi chong . Ca hai lam nghe nong va da ve huu. Cuoi doi troi noi cua ba o Thi Xa xoi dau , song giua 2 lan dan Cong san va Viet Nam Cong Hoa. …Va thuo thieu ... read more
10-2017 Quy Nhon

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands » Lam Dong » Da Lat July 19th 2017

Our hopes that the rain would hold off were in tatters. From getting on the bus to getting off it didn't really stop. To make matters worse we were joined on the bus by piles of stinking Durian fruit. So with our eyes watering under the onion B.O stench we made our way on the 5 and a half hour journey (we thought it was 2) all the way to Da Lat. We had heard great things about Da Lat. It's a very pretty French influenced place with parks and adventurous activities such as canyoning. We would normally have spent a lot longer in a place like this but after trekking through the rain to our hostel (which was very friendly) and getting freezing cold I don't think we'd got a great impression. We dumped our ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 12th 2017

Nice breakfast on the 5th floor of the hotel. It came on a "hot plate" and included 2 fried eggs, some deli ham, tomatoes accompanied by a nice fresh VN baguette. On going to the hotel's garage I spotted a nice trike. A Can-Am Spyder. Belongs to the son of the "night watchman" at the hotel. It's a "beast"!! From Khe San had to back-track about 6 kms to get on the road south to our next destination. There was very little traffic and it seemd like we went for km after km before even coming across a local. All the little communites had wooden houses built on stilts for coolness dring the hot summers. We could see inside as they all lacked doors - and the only furnishings appeared to be straw matting. The "kitchen" ... read more
child of hotel owner
Typical highland housing
scenery along theway

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands March 10th 2017

Kathie had to make a family-trip back to Arizona - so I had the chance to do a motorbike ride with my friends who had to do a "visa-run" to the Laos border. We started from Cam Thanh (the district of Hoi An that we are living in) and headed north toward Danang. Danang was not a stop (as it's close to us) but the start of the road that goes over the Hai Van Pass (made famous by the 3 guys on Top Gear). Great views from here looking back toward Danang. After a coffee/potty stop - we continued north to the area of Lang Co - where we visited Elephant Falls. The road to the falls had been washed away in the "wet" and was being rebuilt - and presented us with some rough ... read more
Lang Co
Christian Church
Elephant Falls

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands February 25th 2017

Finalement nous avons bravé la météo et nous sommes allés à Dalat. On a eu encore du beau temps, même mieux qu'avant car 24C. Dalat est une belle ville de montagnes, la route pour y arriver a été superbe, en serpentines a travers les montagnes couvertes de pins et les vallées couvertes de serres. Ici c'est un climat tempéré et on cultive beucoup de fruits de chez nous (en passant, leur fraises ne sont pas aussi bonnes que les notres). Il y a meme des raisins et on peut temoigner que leur vin rouge n'est pas mal. Vue que la ville a été fondée par les français pour échapper à la chaleur de Saigon, ils ont laissé beaucoup de traces:églises, maisons coloniales, petite gare et même une "tour Eiffel" . Il y aussi un attrait inusité, ... read more
Preuve que c'est un "grand" vin
La "tour Eiffel " de Dalat
toit de la Maison folle

Asia » Vietnam » Central Highlands February 2nd 2017

Riding a motorcycle through a round about is like being in a ballet choreographed by a choreographer on acid. His sole instructions to his ensemble are: Do not touch each other but apart from that you can move in any direction you want, no rules do as you please and don’t look the other guys in the eyes, and have fun. Traffic in Vietnam is madness people do as they please without a thought for who’s behind , in front, below nor above them. But It works, no accidents so far and the traffic moves slowly bar the odd extra mad Vietnamese. Anyway it’s nice to be here and move at a snail’s pace, I might be doing 50 km/h or so on a good stretch of road and maybe 25 in the city. Dalat was ... read more

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