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February 2nd 2017
Published: February 2nd 2017
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Riding a motorcycle through a round about is like being in a ballet choreographed by a choreographer on acid.

His sole instructions to his ensemble are: Do not touch each other but apart from that you can move in any direction you want, no rules do as you please and don’t look the other guys in the eyes, and have fun.

Traffic in Vietnam is madness people do as they please without a thought for who’s behind , in front, below nor above them.

But It works, no accidents so far and the traffic moves slowly bar the odd extra mad Vietnamese.

Anyway it’s nice to be here and move at a snail’s pace, I might be doing 50 km/h or so on a good stretch of road and maybe 25 in the city.

Dalat was nice I met some nice people and almost got pissed, they must dilute the alcohol, a lot.

Two night with multiple G&Ts and nothing, slept like baby and no hangover.

We went to a place called 100 Roofs which is a bar/ nightclub with a lot of different floors an passage and staircases going up and down, sometimes they leave you at a dead end and sometimes you have to squat and wriggle through to get into the next room.

An a maze ing place somebody had a lot of imagination and lots of stucco.

The next day I took of for Cam Rhan Bay an allegedly nice place, not very, but the ride was nice through the mountains, back to sea level and heat and humidity again, I met to guys one from Slovakia and one from the Czech Republic.

we travelled together to Cam Rahn and finally found a motel, strangely enough a motel without a parking place for cars.

This in a way makes sense as there are few private cars in Vietnam.

A quick shower, no a very quick shower as there was no hot water, and off to find dinner.

Not so easy as we thought, bit of sign language and much waving about with arms, we got help from some locals who called a taxi and gave us a beer each while we waited, bless their generous hearts.

Tet, the Vietnamese new year is this going on at max level, and one place we tried was so noisy that it was impossible to stay there.

We finally found a slightly more silent place and with the help of google translate got a a decent dinner, morning glory, rice two omelettes, bread and rice and finally a Vietnames hot pot= cook your own food at the table , very nice and tasty.

And beer to wash it down, of course a lot of drunk Vietnames wanted to drink with us and booths up was the only thing so we had to drink beer by shots, other wise we’d still be there.

I slept well in the motel and the next day it was off to Nha Trang, the biggest Russian settlement outside Russia.

Everything was chock a block with people and traffic and very difficult to find a room.

Nah Trang used to be nice but it’s just a crowded resort town like any other.

A couple of beers a walkabout and a crummy dinner later, time for bed.

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