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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong December 15th 2015

When the winter starts it gets's getting really cold...I have to wear socks in the morning! I got a bit addicted to getting up at 5am to drive up the ridge to see the sunrise, so here is a small selection.... read more
Sea of Fog
Thalee Mok
Pah Ahtit Khoon

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong November 28th 2015

In Huai Hea, about an hour or so north from Soppong. This is a village where John used to live. They were doing this ceremony for Nah-lor who has had 4 operations and bits taken from her brain. This is the Lahu trying to bring one of her souls back into her body to heal her. No pictures of the actual ceremony, but hopefully it will be shown on the BBC next year.... read more
New friends
My guavas and the view

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong November 25th 2015

I spent the day making Kratong. These are little floating offerings, made out of banana leaf and a thick chunk of banana stalk for the floaty bit. Then you stick on flowers and banana leaves twisted into shapes to make it look as beautiful as possible. In Ban Tham Lod, we released ours at the entrance of the cave and they floated through (or sank, depending on luck mostly). There was music and dancing too. Moo dressed me up in one of her Shan outfits.... read more
My Kratong
Making Kratong at Cave Lodge
Getting ready

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong September 27th 2015

John and I went for a walk to see a cave near a village called Mae La Naa. I have been in this cave before, but went in from the other end. If you went all the way through it is 12 km long!... read more
Tham Nam Hoo

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong September 21st 2015

It's the end of Buddhist 'lent'. During the last 3 months, the elders of Ban Tham spend 3 nights each month in the temple, at different points of the lunar cycle. As Monks don't eat after midday, I guess the people in the temple don't eat either. And so the following morning the get breakfast served by the community. Today was Cave Lodge's turn.... read more
Waiting for food
Feeding the monks

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong September 9th 2015

I had just got back from Cambodia, a little bit ill, but John, Steve, a guest, and I went to find Sacred Well Cave.... read more
Sacred Well
In the cave
Cave entrance

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong June 4th 2015

Despite being about 5500 miles away from all my family and (nearly) all my friends, and living in a culture that doesn't really do birthdays, it was a very festive day :-) Hollie had stuck posters around the house and made a big banner for the kitchen. John and Nang, being the very generous people they are, roasted a small barnyard, cracked open the red wine and chocolate, and invited staff and friends to come and eat with us. Hollie surprised me with a very delicious cake that we managed to cut into 20 slices, and Sue made some super rich chocolate cake truffles soaked in Thai whiskey. I even got self relighting candles on my cake! Very awesome of everyone, and even tho I got up at 5am to watch the sunset, I didn't want ... read more
Banner in the kitchen
Jittra, Gai, and Ong

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong March 19th 2015

No photo again. No particular theme from today, just a good vibe.... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong January 27th 2013

It was a 2 hour bus trip from Mae Hong Son to Soppong passing wonderful landscapes, green hills and 2 (or 3?) steep mountain passes. Soppong is a small village along one street with only few guesthouses, a couple of shops and NO!Seven-Eleven - this does not happen very often in Thailand. I went to the River-Inn Guesthouse and was greeted like an old friend. I had tried to make a reservation beforehand, but did not get an answer. Anyway, they had a free bungalow and after the first night I could change to an even cheaper bungalow. No problem, it was nice, clean and not too expensive. What did I want more? I went to the wonderful terrasse overlooking the river, listened to the birds singing and just enjoyed this little paradies. The perfect place ... read more
floating through the Tham Lot cave
yummy breakfast
the bus to Pai

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong October 6th 2012

This blog contains 39 photos. Scroll down and turn page to view all of them. Day four of my trip...time to meet the Black Lahu Hilltribe. I like the Black Lahu! What a gregarious,fun bunch! Their origens are Tibet and Western China. There are many sects and the one I visited is named after their distinct black based clothing. They are animists and have village Shamen who practice herbalsim. A 16 year old boy named 'Chiyo' was assigned to to take me on a trek. He was rather quiet and a departure from his gregarious fellow tribesmen --but I imagine this might have had something to do with being sixteen and having to take an "old lady" on a trek ha ha ha. We started up the mountain and the going was slippery(channel the goat, Gina, ... read more
Ban Jabu Welcoming Committee
Ban Jabu

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