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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok November 2nd 2012

Story and 292873737photos coming soon... read more

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Yao October 29th 2012

This blog contains 134 (yep 134!) photos. To view all of them scroll down and turn the pages. I'll be adding videos to this blog so check back! Up before dawn I drove from Kho Lanta to meet up with the Six Senses people at the Phuket Airport. The drive was fantastic with Krabi Provence being it's lovely self. With no real time issues I was able to make a couple of stops, enjoy views, and purchase some interesting woven fish traps. Being that my car had accumulated unavoidable dings and scrapes, I was nervous to see what the financial damage was going to be. Amazingly the rental dude looked it over, smiled and handed me my reciept....whew. The people from Six Senses were waiting upon me when I arrived. They had matching celery colored linen ... read more
Speedboat smilin'
View from my Villa
Longtail boat trip

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Lanta October 18th 2012

This blog contains 65 photos. To view all of them scroll down and turn the pages. After one epic wrong turn that almost got my compact car stuck in an alley made for motorbikes, I made it to Time for Lime. The polar opposite of Sri Panwa, Time for Lime is a low key bungalow, cooking school and dog rescue all rolled into a cool spot. I'm glad I visited Kho Lanta during low season as I don't envison the island handling a crowd well. As it was, the empty beaches had a funky feel-- not fancy and even a bit dirty (they say the trash washes over from Kho Phi Phi.) I had signed up for a cooking class, but was too tired to attend that night so kindly they let me defer to the ... read more
Beautiful fishing boats
Time for Lime

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Krabi October 12th 2012

This blog contains 77 photos. To view all of them scroll down and turn the pages. I will be adding more pictures and some cool videos soon so stop back! After 2 nights in Phuket, it was time for my big drive to Kho Lanta. I got a super early start, so I could visit Tiger Wat Cave before it got too hot. Sri Panwa sent me off with a lovely boxed breakfast for the road. It was much easier navigating Phuket Town in the dawn hours than it was in the early afternoon, thus I enjoyed the scenery much more. I thought it was really cool to see the monks out with their bowls collecting morning food alms. Photo-op after photo-op presented itself, but I had no way to stop and take one. This was ... read more
The top of the mountain at Wat Tham Sua
Monkeys appear to own this

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket October 12th 2012

This blog contains 69 photos. To view all the pics be sure and scroll down and turn the pages. Up early for my Bangkok Airways flight to Phuket. A fun airline, Bangkok airways has a certain pizazz and 60's feel. They remind me of the glory days of US air travel with the sharp uniforms and porcelain skinned staff.( I continue to be impressed with the Asian airlines. I flew to Thailand on Asiana and it was top notch. What a vast difference from US carriers who treat passengers like shit.)The safety video Bangkok Air shows before the flight is autotune, overdub, kitsch hilarity. If traveling in Asia, I highly recommend them. Their lounges are nice too and are free with certain flights. I was anxious when I arrived in Phuket for this was to be ... read more
Andaman Sunset
Baba Nest
"Cool Spa"

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 11th 2012

This blog contains 38 photos that follow the many videos. To view all the photos be sure to scroll down and turn the pages. My second day in Chiang Mai comprised of my much anticipated visit to Elephant Nature Park. When planning my trip to Thailand, I had a real dilemma when it came to elephants. I really wanted to see an elephant up close, but I did not want to be in an exploitative situation. Elephant treks and rides were out of the question for me. I know about the phajaan and do not want to support people who continue to inflict this torture. I heard about Elephant Nature Park and checked out their website. Finally I found an option that made me feel decent about getting up close with these magnificent creatures! ENP is ... read more
My new bff
Lek Chailert

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai October 10th 2012

This blog contains 48 photos. Scroll down and turn page to view all of them My Nok Air flight back to Chiang Mai was orange instead of It still had the silly birdesque paint job so I suppose that makes it a runner up for" The Best Plane Ever." I arrived in Chiang Mai mid morning and checked into the Riverview Lodge. Riverview is a cute, family run hotel that is in a great local. After a brief settling in I was off to Warorot Market.Warorot is where the locals shop and one can find just about anything there. It's one of those fun markets where eels swim around in buckets and bugs are snacked not swatted. When I left Mae Hong Son, I was heartbroken over not being able to find a Hmong outfit. ... read more
Warorot Flower Market at Dusk
Wall Detail in Pung Tao Gong Temple
Riverview Lodge

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong October 6th 2012

This blog contains 39 photos. Scroll down and turn page to view all of them. Day four of my trip...time to meet the Black Lahu Hilltribe. I like the Black Lahu! What a gregarious,fun bunch! Their origens are Tibet and Western China. There are many sects and the one I visited is named after their distinct black based clothing. They are animists and have village Shamen who practice herbalsim. A 16 year old boy named 'Chiyo' was assigned to to take me on a trek. He was rather quiet and a departure from his gregarious fellow tribesmen --but I imagine this might have had something to do with being sixteen and having to take an "old lady" on a trek ha ha ha. We started up the mountain and the going was slippery(channel the goat, Gina, ... read more
Ban Jabu Welcoming Committee
Ban Jabu

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Soppong October 5th 2012

This blog has 53 photos. please scroll down and turn page to view all of them. The agenda for my third day in Thailand was an excursion to the town of Soppong. I got a hunch while researching Thailand that Soppong would be a cool place to visit and it did not dissapoint. Once again we wound our way through hairpin turns, curling our way through the mountains. We made a stop at a small White Karon village. Everybody was at work in the fields, so it was quiet except for a little boy who was laying on a mat cradling a hen. I wanted a photo of him so badly, but it was way to dark for it to turn out. The White Karon have a nice aesthetic sense in how they create their surroundings. ... read more
White Karon Village
Lahu Roadside Market

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Mae Hong Son October 4th 2012

This blog has 27 photos --please scroll down and turn page to view all of them.Unfortunately I have noted that when using my iPad to upload photos none of my crops or other edits show, so forgive the occasional finger, dark picture etc. I came across Mae Aw while researching my trip to Thailand and instantly decided it was a must see place. It might not be the most spectacular spot in the country, but I find it really unique and cool. The village was settled by Chinese peoples who were members of the Kuomintang Party.The village for all intent and purpose is "Chinese" which gives it an uniqueness. Here is a great synopsis of the village's history found on Legal Nomads: To trace back to original inhabitants of Mae Aw (or as the Thais call ... read more
Mae Aw seen from across the reservoir
Tea Shop
Tea Tasting

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