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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon December 28th 2015

Day 9 is my ride to Samut Sakhon and I anticipated this could be one challenging ride because I must ensure I don't end up in expressways. This journey will bypass Bangkok so I have to be alert all the time. The night before, I plotted my route and save in GPS unlike before this where I wrote on paper and key in the coordinates when I stop. I had 7 coordinates to follow. From Trat to Chonburi, I am not so worried because it is state highway only after Chonburi the expressway begins where I need to be cautious. I manage to grap by bfast at Amaon Cafe. I reached Samut Prakan pier where I use the ferry to cross the river. 6batt to cross the river. Taking ferry really cuts down my mileage and ... read more
CP Chicken, my lunch
Industrial bridge at Bangkok Province
Ferry ride

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon June 23rd 2014

By train from Bangkok to Mahachai I have done this trip several times just to get out of busy bustling Bangkok. Also to take friends from abroad when they visited me in Bangkok. It was a pleasant way of escaping from the heat of Bangkok for one day. Mahachai is a major fishing port in the province of Samut Sakhon, Thailand. To get there you have to first go to Wongwien Yai railway station which is across the Chao Phya river in Thonburi. From Wongwien Yai there are trains leaving every hour to the town of Mahachai. The fare is only 10 baht (30 US cents) one way which is extremely cheap! The trains plying this route are rather old and decrepit without any air conditioning, and there is only one class which is third or ... read more
mahachai 2
mahachai 3
mahachai 4

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon December 9th 2013

I started late again since I had not slept until the morning. I had to start with the only obvious road, which was an Autobahn more or less. Luckily, the emergency lane is used as a bidirectional lane for small and slow vehicles, so it was not a problem to drive there. The smog was not so nice however. But I guess 2 days won’t kill me. After about 10 km I had the chance to leave to a “rural road” and that is what I did. If I had known that the road was damaged for many kilometres and basically just dust and dirt, I might have decided differently. Although the scenery got much lovelier, the dirt just sticked everywhere, especially with the 100+ trucks passing and creating clouds of dust. Every time I passed ... read more
Can't take anymore
The rural road
Cloud approaching

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon October 13th 2012

Landlord thought he'd get greedy in the old place and asked me to move farther from the water so he could make more money for 1.5 months during the high season. Decided to move down shore and now he's bummed because he lost a long term customer. Almost double the price and well worth it. Now it's the best place I've ever lived in and should be here roughly six months, pictures at read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon August 22nd 2012

Last Day was always one of my unforgettables during every trip. For our Thailand trip, we wanted to experience authentic ONLY in Thailand experience. So guided by OFF(actually PANOTE is his real name I check his ID...RULE1 don't talk to strangers without an ID! =>), KBS agency pick Cecille and I at our hotel early at 7am. Travelling with us our some Filipino and Asian newly found friends^_^. Good thing our hotel serve free buffet breakfast, to prepare us for our great adventure starting for about an hour of travel to province outskirts the city of Bangkok. I enjoyed a sulit ATV like ride, except you're riding the elephant, on trails like pavements,water/river,trees,land...with Pong Kwang the gentle elephant...We paid for 500Baht all worth it knowing that income would support the elephant sanctuary and foods. We get ... read more
With the BEST person in Thailand!!!
6FT above the ground

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon August 5th 2012

After leaving my hostel on Saturday I travelled across Bangkok in a taxi to meet the guys that'd be travelling down Thailand and into Mayalsia together. We had one night of luxury on Saturday in preparation to takle the following nights 12 hour train journey. Sunday morning we travelled bu minibus to see the salt fields, a coconut factory making various things out of you can imagine this was fascinating!!! We then went across to the floating markets which really did live up to the iconic images you see of Thailand. They are literally canal-like set up with numerous boats selling pretty much anything from food such as mango sticky rice, fried bananas, fresh fruit and veg, soup.. the list goes on! They were also selling flowers, clothes, ornaments and even knives. We took ... read more
Me at the markets
Koh Pha-ngan
The night train

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon February 4th 2012

I know that this is a really late post on the floods in Bangkok but I had written down these notes about what I saw during my second experience through the flood and really feel that they should be shared. It was on our overnight bus trip to and from Chiang Mai that I was able to see more of the flood damage to the northern outskirts of Bangkok. We had received an extra week off because the government announced that the flood water would be pushed through our city to be released into the gulf. As we left our city, every where you looked people and businesses were preparing for the worst. Cement walls were popping up everywhere around building entrances and sandbags laid out everywhere. You could purchase huge kayaks and flotation vests on ... read more
parked/abandoned cars on side of highway
Truck with a kayak
driving through water

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon February 3rd 2012

Finding a place to workout in my city here in Thailand was a real challenge! Moving to Thailand, I envisioned myself joining a Muay Thai school, riding a bicycle to my school and having amazing workouts. Sadly, the day I moved to my city everyone I asked couldn’t even tell me where a gym was let alone a Muay Thai school. Dreams slashed I tried my hardest to find some sort of way to stay fit while living here. I could not believe that no one in my city could point me to any sort of gym. Riding a bicycle around this city is like a death wish with the amount of cars, trucks, and scooters zooming around. So, Lauren and I decided to do our best at working out together. I bought a jump rope ... read more
Gazebo gym
Running track at the park
The track

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon January 15th 2012

Hello everyone! Erika and I spent the morning exploring the meat and fish market that our city is famous for. If you google Mahachai, Thailand you get two things...the famous Mae Khlong Railway that passes through our town and the fish/meat market. People from Bangkok travel to our city just for the markets. Apparently the fish are the freshest in the area of Bangkok and the cheapest. On the weekend hoards of people fill the markets and purchase their goodies. A trip through these markets is pretty intense. What you see next you will never know!! Pigs head, intestense, heart, brain, feet, cut open fish, fish heads, etc. If you know me... then you know that I absolutley hate raw meat and any sort of fish!! This market in other words is a nightmare for me! ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon January 8th 2012

So my worst fear while being over here is losing someone back home. I came to face that fear when Mr. Gibson passed away early January. He meant a lot to our family and has been in my life ever since I can remember. It really sucked being far away from anyone who could really comfort me on his loss. I also wish I could have paid my last respects to him at his funeral. I did in my own way here in Thailand though. It was nice being able to write something to be read at his funeral. That was my only way to be there and the best way really. I remembered the good times and shared that with those who also knew him. Death is a reminder that we are not invincible. Yet, ... read more
Last time I saw Mr. Gibson
Dad, Mr. Gibson, and I
In my <3 forever

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