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Carolyn Fowle

I'm happy with who I am, who I am becoming, and who I aspire to be. No one can tell me any different. Just encourage me on my path and I'll do the same for you. 😊

I am a "farang" foreign teacher in Thailand teaching 14 and 17 year olds conversational English. This whole experience is brand new and exciting. I never know what the next day will bring. These are my stories and experiences. As I get more settled I will have more time to update.

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Asia » India » Rajasthan » Udaipur May 31st 2012

As we arrived in Udaipur, the bus pulled over to the side of the road. Outside our window we could see the slums of Udaipur and the families going about their morning routines. It's always a humbling experience watching the lives of others that are so different from your own. Little children were collecting water for their families and mothers were tending to their husbands and infants. Trash heaps were everywhere and some children were digging through them to find some worthwhile treasures. It never gets easier to see such poverty on our travels and it's really hard to ignore. As soon as we stepped foot outside the bus we were bombarded by rickshaw drivers ready to take us to our next destination. We chose a particularly friendly one and were on our way. Bouncing around ... read more
taking baths
view from balcony
My bed and my view :)

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur » Chomu May 26th 2012

Our first bus ride in India was a real adventure. We weren't planning on taking buses ever in India because driving on the roads in this country is horrendous. There is constant honking, lane switching, and dramatic brake usage on the roads and we just didn't want to submit ourselves to 7+ hours of this. Unfortunately for us, we didn't heed our friend's advice and book our train tickets in advance, instead we wanted to go with the flow and decide as we went how long we stayed in each city. We were able to get one train ride from Delhi to Agra, but any other trip we needed was already booked for the next month! We had no other choice but to take buses or private cars to any destination from then on out. It ... read more
Sleeper buses are awesome!

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Jaipur » Chomu May 24th 2012

Jaipur was such a cool destination. We stayed at an amazing hotel after learning our lesson in Agra about hostels in India. The room cost us only $13 each a night and it was worth every penny! Anuraag Villa is a cozy little hotel away from the crazy, noisy streets of Jaipur. They were very organized, clean, and helpful. The beautiful garden made this place a great escape from the crazy, sometimes overwhelming, Jaipur. If we thought traffic was bad in New Delhi we were proven that it could be worse. We have decided that ear plugs while riding around town is a must. The horns here seem to be 150% louder than any other horn I've ever experienced, and they love to lay down on the horns here. It's constant, this honking of the horn. ... read more
The Old City
Fort/Palace Amber and Jaigarh Fort
Enjoying a day at the market

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra May 20th 2012

We left bustling New Delhi on our second full day in India. We were excited to leave the busy capital of India and head to the home of the Taj Mahal, Agra. This marks our first trip on an Indian train. The train station was a mere 5 minute walk from our hostel, so we packed up our bags and set off for a day of travel. The train station was easy to navigate and before we knew it we were sitting in our cabin of the train at platform 3. We had a sleeper cabin with fan no A/C. The train itself was not fancy or overly comfortable but we had a place to sit and a window to enjoy the views that passed by. It seemed like we were the only foreign travelers that ... read more
a train passing by :)
Agra Fort
a glimpse in the daily life

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi » Dwarka May 16th 2012

I've finally reached my last destination in Asia before I return to the western world, India! This day has been long awaited and it's almost surreal that I am here now. I spent a month fretting over my visa to get here and only one week before my flight was I able to obtain it. It was such a relief because otherwise I'd be left with unusable flights. We flew from Singapore to New Delhi via Indigo airlines for only $130! Such a great value and the flight was very nice. There were only 4 western passengers on the flight and this was our first sign that things are going to be very different from here on out. It's nice going somewhere that won't be filled with other tourists like places in Southeast Asia are. Arriving ... read more
The India Gate
Power Outage!
Trying to find our way

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon February 4th 2012

I know that this is a really late post on the floods in Bangkok but I had written down these notes about what I saw during my second experience through the flood and really feel that they should be shared. It was on our overnight bus trip to and from Chiang Mai that I was able to see more of the flood damage to the northern outskirts of Bangkok. We had received an extra week off because the government announced that the flood water would be pushed through our city to be released into the gulf. As we left our city, every where you looked people and businesses were preparing for the worst. Cement walls were popping up everywhere around building entrances and sandbags laid out everywhere. You could purchase huge kayaks and flotation vests on ... read more
parked/abandoned cars on side of highway
Truck with a kayak
driving through water

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Samut Sakhon February 3rd 2012

Finding a place to workout in my city here in Thailand was a real challenge! Moving to Thailand, I envisioned myself joining a Muay Thai school, riding a bicycle to my school and having amazing workouts. Sadly, the day I moved to my city everyone I asked couldn’t even tell me where a gym was let alone a Muay Thai school. Dreams slashed I tried my hardest to find some sort of way to stay fit while living here. I could not believe that no one in my city could point me to any sort of gym. Riding a bicycle around this city is like a death wish with the amount of cars, trucks, and scooters zooming around. So, Lauren and I decided to do our best at working out together. I bought a jump rope ... read more
Gazebo gym
Running track at the park
The track

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 31st 2012

mini vans -these fit 14 passengers snuggly. They don't leave for their destinations until every seat is filled. There are no schedules for departure or arrival just depends on how fast the vans can fill up. They travel near and far for very cheap. This is the typical method of transport for us to get to Bangkok. We have also taken these for trips up to 4 hours long. Songtaos -These are regular trucks that have been transformed into a public method of transportation. They have roofed truck beds with rows of seats to sit on either side. Song means two in Thai. So two rowed truck. This is what we take to get around town. Taxis-Taxis in Thailand are never hard to miss. They come in bright colors like hot pink, lime green, bright red, ... read more
song tao
tuk tuk
Overnight/day bus

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ampawa January 27th 2012

Before meeting Leslie in Bangkok on Saturday, Erika and I had a "date" with some of her students. One of her students, Mew, has become quite the facebook stalker on our teacher facebook account and finally asked us to go on a trip with her. She wanted to take us to Amphawa, a well known floating market about 40 minutes from Mahachai. We requested that she take us via train so that we could see the scenery outside of Mahachai, factory city. Just meeting up with her at the train station was a huge communication hassle and finally after an hour we found Mew and her two friends. So even though Mew is really into hanging out with Teacher Erika, she can not or will not speak a single word of English. It's pretty awkward. Erika ... read more
Erika and I :)
Mew taking care of Erika
The floating market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet January 26th 2012

Nothing is more exciting living abroad than having someone you know from home come visit! It's was so great being able to share my life here in Thailand with a friend from Austin, Texas. Leslie went to McCombs with me (the business school at UT) and served as an officer with me in the Women in Business Association (WBA). Leslie just graduated in December and before her amazing job starts up in NYC she is taking the world by storm and going everywhere. We arranged to meet her at the airport that Friday evening. It was so strange being in an airport, it gets my travel blood pumping and I just wanted to get on a flight and go somewhere. This trip to Thailand has been the longest time I've spent in just on foreign country. ... read more
yummy fruit shakes :)
Candle light dinner on the beach
Best fire show thus far!

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