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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet November 4th 2011

Did I learn my lesson from drinking too much thai whiskey...,hell no. I proceeded to have a crazy few days on the island. And it was great, the only thing i did was go on a snorkelling trip around some islands on one of the days. But my time pretty much consisted of sleeping till late, eating lots, watching lots of comedy during the day then getting pissed at night. We went to a reggae bar one night before id even ordered a drink a crazy thai/hippy/rasta guy asked me if i wanted to buy some mara-ju-ana. Errr 'no thanks' but we had a good night with some crazy guys from kuwait and listening to the surprisingly good rasta/thai/hippy 'sunflower band'. Funniest bit was one of them trying to sing Bob Marley Iron, Lion, Zion he ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet October 30th 2011

Very quick entry today because I'm very very ill- all self inflicted! Stay away from Thai whiskey, it fucks you up BIG TIME! Or maybe dont stay away completely just dont drink 2 and a half buckets like me. Major hangover and nearly broken nose, i look like iv been fighting. Happy days. Going to go sleep it off on the beach with a few cocktails and some great thai food then do it all again no doubt. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet May 24th 2011

Hi Everybody, Hope all is well...Been partying in Sihanoukville in Cambodia, so didn't do my blog... So where we left off last time, we went out that night in the capital with 2 girls who worked in our hotel from Cambodia, they took us around some bars and clubs...Was an ok night, problem is in Cambodia is it is so poor there are loads of girls in all the bars and clubs that want you to pay for them for the evening...apart from that it was a good night out...Next day we went to the Killing Fields. We took a tuk tuk, took about half an hour. I didn't take any picture what so ever as I didn't think it was appropriate. The only way I can describe it is imagine what it would be like ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 22nd 2011

HE SAID... We checked out of our Bangkok hotel and jumped into an air conditioned minibus at 7.45am for the four hour trip to the Ban Phe ferry terminal. We picked up an elderly French couple from another Bangkok hotel who were also travelling to Koh Samet. The traffic was very heavy in the morning rush hour. It was strange seeing an ambulance stranded in traffic, its emergency lights were flashing but it was unable to move. I couldn’t help but wonder where it was going and how long it’s intended patients would have to wait before it arrived. We eventually emerged from the bustling Bangkok traffic at 9am. It was a great way to see this huge city come to life. We had driven through the CBD and watched people as they made their way ... read more
ban phe
ao prao resort transfer
ao prao resort

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 20th 2011

Better late than never!! Haven't had the time to sit down and do this since we got back, so for anyone still interested here's the final instalment. …....So we totally changed our plans and cut short our stay on Phu Quoc, we flew back to Saigon where we had pre-booked a hotel room for three nights but we were both so eager to hit a Thai beach again that we decided to fly out as soon as possible. We had to pay extra to change flights but managed to get ourselves on the Air Asia to Bangkok later that day, so with just a few hours left in Saigon we took a taxi from the Airport to the city, popped in to see Chan at Bich Duyen to tell him we'd changed our plans and wouldn't ... read more
Rooftop view of Bangkok
Relaxing on the rooftop
Altitude sickness...or P****d ???

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 19th 2011

Hello Loved Ones, This morning I awoke to the sounds of cacophonous cicadas, tropical birds, gecko calls and the delicious crashing surf. Bliss. The perfect temperature allowed for no need of fan and therefore it was a night filled with comfortable slumber. We've walked good amounts of the west coast of Koh Samet on white sandy beaches and rocky points, through banyan tree speckled forests and sandy trails. It is a beautiful and accessible island, which each 'Ao' or beach having it's own particular feel that draws different crowds of people. There are European families, Russian groups, Thais getting away from Bangkok for the weekend, gay and lesbian and hetero couples, and the ubiquitous older-awkward-Caucasian-male with young-attractive-fit-fashionable-Thai-girl couples. There is a lovely 'live and let live' vibe to Thailand and it is especially present on the ... read more
Fishing Boats
Dave on our ferry trip to the island
Rest stop

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 8th 2011

Our last day on the island was overcast, and we even had rain! We spent the morning in side our bungelow watching movies and reading. We grabbed a soup cup at 7 11 for lunch, and walked down to the pier to see what time the boats leave in the morning. On our way back we stopped and got an hour long thai massage. They deffinately aren't like massages at home, they actually kinda hurt. Tris said his lady didn't press hard enough though. We think she was learning because she was always a step behind the girl that was giving me mine. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching desperate housewives. Today wasn't that exciting. ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 7th 2011

We woke up early, and the person met us at our guest house to guide us to where the bus was to take us to the pier. Imagine that, we get off the bus and we are at another travel agency who wants our money. We made it to the island just before 1:00pm. We jumped in the back of a truck which took us to the beach we wanted to go too for 20 baht a person (just under a dollar each). We walked around for a bit looking for a place to stay. Unlike Bangkok, there weren't a ton of signs saying ' Guest House', ' Sleep Here'. So it took us a bit to find something. We are at a place called White Sand Resort. We are in a bungelow with a king ... read more
Selling food
Food Hawker

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet January 27th 2011

Gått noen dager siden sist blogginnlegg Den 24. januar fortsatt vi ferden videre. Denne gangen var målet øya Koh Samet som ligger på andre siden av Thailand bukta. For å komme seg dit er letteste og raskeste fremkomstmiddel fly. Vi tok fly til Utapao som ligger rett utenfor Pattaya. Må bare få med at på alle de gangene jeg/vi har vært i Thailand har vi aldri avlagt Pattaya et besøk.. heller ikke denne gangen :) Fra flyplassen som for øvrig er en millitær liten flyplass fortsatte ferden videre til Rayong og Ban Pier (havna) med taxi. Vi sa klart fra til taxisjåføren av vi ikke ønsket noen som helst form for speed boat over til Samet.. Vi klarer fint å finne ferge og komme oss over på egenhånd. Sjåførene ser sitt snitt til å tjene noen ... read more
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Photo 14
Photo 15

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet December 15th 2010

Flotte og avslappende Koh Samet. Så kom vi igjen til Koh Samet. En fantastisk øy med hvite fine strender, og hvor vi faktisk startet vår tur i 2009. Etter å ha vært mye på reisefot var det godt å komme tilbake til denne perlen som ligger bare noen timers kjøretur fra Bangkok. Vi booket oss inn på samme sted som i fjor, Malibu garden resort. Intet luksusbosted, men det gjør ingenting når alt rundt er så bra. Det meste virket helt uforandret siden sist år, bortsett fra at russerne også har funnet veien hit. De er forøvrig nesten ikke til å unngå, uansett hvor man kommer i denne delen av Asia. Og egentlig går det meste greit nok, men både vi, samt tydeligvis også de lokale thailenderne er ganske så fornøyd på endel av de som ... read more
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Photo 12
Photo 13

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