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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet August 30th 2013

August 21-24, 2013 After a couple of days in Bangkok, we wanted to go to the beach, take in some sun, and enjoy some nice waters. We decided to head to Koh Samet, a popular destination among local tourists because of its close proximity to Bangkok. Though the estimated time of the trip was two and a half hours, it took us over four hours to reach the beach bungalows we had reserved. The bus ride from Bangkok left us at Ban Phe. We waited around the ferry terminal for an hour and ate some local pad Thai. The boat ride from there to the island took just under an hour. Once we got to the port at Koh Samet, a truck taxi took us to our resort. We stayed at Le Blanc on the Ao ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet January 15th 2013

Lynne and I are on the way to Perth, WA, for the wedding of my nephew, Thomas. It is such a lengthy flight to Perth from London and so we decided to stop off for 6 days on the island known as Koh Samet in Thailand which is a two and half hour drive from Bangkok before the short ferry ride over to the island. We are staying at this wonderful resort known as the Paradee and it is an ideal retreat for plenty of rest and relaxation with lots of time for reading, swimming and dozing by the pool and sea. The Thai staff are so friendly and helpful and everything is so efficiently run. The Thai food in the restaurant is both delicious and well presented and furthermore served with a smiling face on ... read more
The jetty for disembarking
The pool and sea beyond
The beach by the Paradee

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet December 29th 2012

At the end of our third week here I think it is fair to say that we have all well and truly entered relaxation/lazy mode. With quite a drastic turnaround from out first week, we have embraced the heat and beauty of island life, our days spent laying on the powdery white sands of Koh Samet, interrupted only by a cold Chang beer or a refreshing dip into the crystal clear water. My first blog entry was a rushed muddle of words, perfectly reflecting the chaos of our first weeks activity. Likewise, unless you want endless metaphors about how glorious the weather is, how dipping into the sea is like stepping into a bath or how sunkissed we have become, you will have to excuse my hazy tone and let our pictures tell the story. We ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet December 28th 2012

We had so many ideas about where we could go and spend new year but in the end all of the islands down in the south were just too far. We would have been travelling for over 24 hours and none of us fancied doing that journey back with a hangover. So we opted for a posh rooftop party in Bangkok which was great because it gave us a good excuse to get all glammed up, something we haven’t had much opportunity to do since arriving in Thailand. But we had the whole weekend plus new year’s eve and new year’s day and we didn’t fancy spending 5 days in Bangkok, its kind of a been there, done that kind of thing. So we started looking for alternatives.. In the end we decided to go down ... read more
chang in the sun

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet November 24th 2012

I waited two years to get my mom and sister out to South East Asia. Finally in August 2011 my sister, who was in-between jobs at the time, came for an entire month. She loved HK! I think a big part of that was because partying until 7am is socially acceptable here. Mom followed and stayed for a couple nights. She still thinks I'm crazy for living out here, but I believe that's my fault for trying to show her an authentic Chinese experience by dragging her around Kowloon, the most densly populated are in the world. oops. From Hong Kong we flew to Bangkok and spent a couple nights there with my mom's Intercontinental Hotel discount! I love Bangkok. There's something about the energy of that city that makes me happy. I was a little ... read more
Beach Hut
Dins on the beach
Fire shows on the beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet August 9th 2012

30/07 to 09/08: Bangkok We are back to Bangkok for a couple of days. We stayed at Baan Hualampong Guesthouse nearby the central train station which we arrived from Malaysia. The surroundings are very nice and cosy - just 1 minute walk from the main street but so peaceful and quiet and green. We meet with Leon a Dutch guy leaving in Chiang Mai and working in Thailand as a journalist and hoping to get a house in a little paradise ( we like to keep it secret). The man is an interesting and misterious guy and has a great life story . We also met with Gillian, from Edinburgh. We shared our travels'experience and also gain some advice for India and places to stay. 02/08 to 05/08: Koh Samet As planned we meet up with ... read more
Oh and Co
 Guys !! chilling...
weather is changing

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet July 26th 2012

After numerous bus changes and 2 ferry trips, we arrived in Koh Samet on the 24th July at 7.30pm. We left Koh Chang at 9am and were told that the journey would take 2 and a half hours...clearly they were wrong!! We arrived at the port to take us from the mainland to the island at 4.05 missing the ferry that departed at 4! We were quickly beckoned into a cafe by three expats who were keen to get to know us and offer advice and information about Koh Samet. At 5pm we boarded the boat and waited another 40 minutes before we finally set sail due to the large amount of supplies that were loaded on. The journey only took about an hour although the rough sea and violent swaying of the boat made it ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 20th 2012

After a couple of quiet days of Mark with food poisoning (or a really bad "Chang-Over") it was time to get back into the routine of things - by this time we had pretty much figured out where the best coffee in town is, and quite often it is nt in actual fact where the neon sign says "Best Coffee in Town". Our coffee shop was 'Jump' - beautifully air-conditioned & they had the best Bossa Mix, although I think most cafe's in Thailand seem to all have the same CD in their players. Most of our time on Ko Samet was spent on the beach with a good book and our frisbee. We pretty much have the frisbee down-pat now. One of the many highlights on this small island is the one and only beach ... read more
A Meal fit for a King
Modern day Monk
Temple Time

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet March 15th 2012

The next few days were spent hobbling to the shared bathrooms far too oftenAfter being picked up in a land cruiser and driven the 2.5 hours from Bangkok to Banphe (Rayong District),our driver was a friend of Tony's and also German - we spent most of the drive assuming this was Tony only to discover that he was waiting for us at the jetty. We then jumped on a speed boat with the actual owner of the bungalow style guest house we had booked, Tony runs Baan-Pra-Kai-Kaew with his Thai wife. After arriving it was clear our driver, who we spoke to the whole way, would prove to be the only German we had a full conversation with during this stay. The accomodation is basic, we spent the first 3 nights in a small room with ... read more
Baan-Pra-Kai-Kaew Bungalow
Early riser
Frisby with the locals

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet February 16th 2012

Returning to Bangkok for one night, after spending 3 weeks in a tiny rural village is like being thrust head first into a melting pot of bright flashing neon, louder than loud, bumper to bumper headonistic chaos. The first time I was here I loved it but now the second time and the novelty's quickly worn off. This is also the first time Talissa & I have seen Westerners for 3 weeks, my first sight of which is an abundance of loud leery beer swilling pot bellied vest wearing English t**ts dancing to Rhianna in the rain outside a pub on th Khao San Road. But then no one ever came down here for culture... Except maybe a ping pong show or two... However we make the most of being back in civilisation, so to speak, ... read more
Down on the beach at night
Fire Show
Setting off Lanterns

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