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Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo May 6th 2021

We had to return to Saudi Arabia for additional work. However, at this time, people were barred from flying directly from UAE to Saudi, so we had to do a 14 day quarantine. Most people were going to Bahrain as it was a shorter route. However, we decided to try somewhere a little different - if we are going to be stuck in a hotel for 14 days, why not try to make the most of it?? Maldives was on the table.... but work probably would not go for that! However, it was suggested Sri Lanka was open and after looking, the hotels were actually cheaper though the flights were a bit more - it would even out and we would be happy. Initially, it was supposed to be 4 of us, but then the client ... read more
Morning fiserman
Dinner at sunset

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 19th 2020

For the sake of completing this journey on the blog, I will simply say we returned home after an arduos and fraught time. Then commenced a 14 day self isolation period.... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 14th 2020

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020, cont'd After a slow start we headed off at 10.45 am, simply walking North. Bought water from the supermarket, that we call fat man's, for obvious reasons. He told us the first corona virus had been found in Sri Lanka, yesterday. Looked in souvenir/craft shops on the way up to foodcity. We have a small list of things needed presently, but didn't find anything on the list. We bought other things instead. Then over to Tecso and found one item that we were looking for. Time for refreshment. The coffee bean & tea leaf cafe provided us with an ice blended hazelnut and an ice blended black forest drink. They claim to have invented ice blended drinks in 1963 in California and are world famous for them! Anyway it was something different. ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 11th 2020

Monday 9 March, 2020 cont'd We left the room at 6.40 pm to find some dinner. Down to the main road and turned right. We stopped at a a restaurant called Sherryland, a few buildings down. The menu looked ok, so we went in. The waiter came for our drinks order and we asked about alcohol, as it was Poya (full moon) day, the waiter spoke quietly and said there was no alcohol. But if we didn't tell anyone they would mix a drink at the bar and could serve it that way. So no bottles of beer were seen on tables. Pat had a gin and tonic and I had a coke. For food we had a burger with chips and chicken stir fry with rice. Food was good, bill was LKR 3311 (GBP 13.97). ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 9th 2020

Saturday 7 March, 2020 A good nights sleep. Plan for today, try to find a cricket stadium. The England cricket team are playing two test matches against Sri Lanka in late March just after we leave. However, they are playing two warm up matches, one not to far from Negombo and the other in Colombo, while we are still here. After doing some research, we have been able to find out some details and the first game is at Katunayake stadium near the airport. The information is sketchy and not wholly encouraging me as how accurate it might be. However we thought we would at least try to find it. Stirred at 6.50 am. Left at 9.50 am. The first step was to get to Negombo. So we went to the bus stop and a blue ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 7th 2020

Wednesday 4 March, 2020, cont'd During our walk this morning we had spotted several laundrys and many restaurants, some of which we might even like to try. There were a couple of Italian restaurants, next door to each other which caught Pat's eye. So we headed out at 6.30 pm to find a laundry and then eat. We had it in our minds that the first laundry was a little way along and then the Italian restaurants followed. We walked and walked and came to the restaurants! Well we had got that all wrong. Next we walked past the cafe and the shop we visited this morning. Both guys were out on the street and we said hello. Finally after walking even further we spotted the laundry which was up a side alley. It was a ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo March 1st 2019

We spent the night at Tunes hotel at KLIA2. We stayed at the same hotel in 2009 prior to going to India. How the airport has changed in that time.... The hotel is four times the size and a massive shopping mall is now between it and the main terminal area. However it was only a two minute walk in the early morning gloom to the airport transit bus which took us to the international terminal. Our flight from Kuala Lumpur on Sri Lankan airlines was comfortable and the three and half hours passed quickly, helped again by Netflix and in flight movie. We had prebooked a taxi but it did not meet us so we had to negotiate with another company to take us to the hotel, hoping the hotel would pay the bill as ... read more
A boisterous games of cricket on the beach at sunset in Negombo
Selling coconuts on the footpath near our hotel.
Sunset drinks in Negombo

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo February 23rd 2019

Arrived very late into Colombo (5 am by Qld clock) and transferred to our nearby costal starting point at the Lavinia Hotel Negombo. Negombo is a low key fishing village and a popular beach alternative to the bustling capital city of Colombo. Had a short but sound sleep but then lay awake waiting for the late winter sun to rise with the muezzin’s call to prayer announcing a new day. Next day was a casual adjustment for time & travel with a long morning walk to a thriving fish market taking in the local scene and atmosphere before returning by a beautiful beach front. Middle of the day is incredibly hot. We finished the day with an evening briefing and meet-up with the rest of the group. The tour has 15 riders supported by a guide, ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo September 18th 2018

We were up and out of the hotel by the crack of dawn (I’m talking 6am) and at Ella train station. We were finally going to sample the world famous Sri Lankan railway system. We were travelling from Ella to Nuno Oya, which we were told was he most beautiful part of the journey, and the early time meant that whilst there were lots of tourists, there were substantially less than there would have been at half 9 which was the next available train. It may have been the early start coupled with the colossus of yesterdays expedition, but the train journey itself was a mixed bag. I will sum it up like so. The Good: 1. I know it’s a repetitive thing for Sri Lanka but again the journey itself is beautiful, it doesn’t really ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo September 18th 2018

I’ve been a bit grumpy today, the swimming pool has done my ears in (I’m long suffering with ear troubles, as family and friends will well know, but I wasn’t not going to go in the pool on the beach. Simple as.) I also managed to hit myself in the head with the shower door and now have a small mark on the top right of my forehead, hidden just beneath the hair line. Excellent. When I woke at 8.30am Meg was already up, and out for a jog and a swim, returning shortly after. After our packing and ensuring that our baggage was aeroplane friendly, we put our luggage in the hotel hold and went out to source breakfast. A “Full English Breakast” consists of 2 grilled mini hot dogs, 2 pieces of grilled toast, ... read more

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