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March 14th 2020
Published: March 14th 2020
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Wednesday, 11 March, 2020, cont'd

After a slow start we headed off at 10.45 am, simply walking North. Bought water from the supermarket, that we call fat man's, for obvious reasons.
He told us the first corona virus had been found in Sri Lanka, yesterday.

Looked in souvenir/craft shops on the way up to foodcity. We have a small list of things needed presently, but didn't find anything on the list. We bought other things instead. Then over to Tecso and found one item that we were looking for.

Time for refreshment. The coffee bean & tea leaf cafe provided us with an ice blended hazelnut and an ice blended black forest drink. They claim to have invented ice blended drinks in 1963 in California and are world famous for them! Anyway it was something different.

More ambling and looking. Popped into a shop called Maya, which has some nice stuff. Pat bought two pairs of baggy/yoga type pants she has been keeping an eye out for. Good quality and a reasonable price.

Then a quick look at the beach near Zand restaurant. Decided at 12.20 pm it was beer o'clock and had a beer and a coke in Zand.

Back to the room at 1.00 pm.

A quiet afternoon and we left the room at 6.15 pm for dinner. As we left, the hotel man presented us with the bill, which was fine except he said he didn't take credit card. That was not our understanding and so we changed our plans to visit the money exchange again. We had various amounts of cash in reasonable amounts just in case of things like this. But currently not large amounts of Rupees.

So a stroll up the road and the guy at Rani's gave us what again seemed a good rate on sterling this time and we were now flush with Rupee's.

Then to Cilantro, as we had an enjoyable meal there the other night. Pat ordered the tuna steak again, and I had a Chinese menu item of chicken fried noodles. Good food and paid by credit card!

Back to the hotel for 8.00 pm and handed over the cash for payment of our bill. Watched more cricket.

Lights out 10.00 pm.

Thursday, 12 March, 2020.

Dogs barking in the night woke me. Stirred at 7.20 am. Breakfast at 8.00 am today.

Usual breakfast, plus bacon. Back to the room for 9.00 am.

A stroll southward along the beach today. Left the room at 10.00 am, headed down the lane next to Zand's and onto the beach, turned left.

Today, we were both in swimwear with towels at the ready. Amble was the plan and amble we did. Walking through the surf on the beach occasionally caught out by a stronger wave. The beach is very wide and sandy. Orange in colour more than white. There are some rocks in places to stop erosion, but few and far between, so mainly vast expanses of sand. The waters edge dips quickly and the waves are heavy on the shore. So it is difficult to enter the water as the waves thud into you and then drag at you as the water recedes.

Eventually, we put our stuff down and tried for a dip. We got bashed around, got wet, then gave up and watched the world go by. The water is warmer than I was expecting and very pleasant.

Still continually pestered by people trying to sell something or other.

After enjoying the sun and breeze for a while we continued our amble. There are hotels on the beach and we went past a couple of nice one's. Pat fancied a beer so we headed to the hotel Pledge scape which had a bar and pool on the beach. They were able to provide refreshments. We got in a conversation with a British guest and chatted generally.

Then up to the road and a tuktuk back. Popped in the supermarket for water and back to the room at 12.30 pm.

At 4.00 pm we headed out. Both of us were hungry, so a few errands and something to eat. The shop Maya was shut, this is where Pat bought some yoga pants and we wanted another look. Onwards to foodcity, purchased a few supplies. Waited ages for change at the till. Then off to Zand's restaurant. We have had drinks here several times, but never eaten. Pat ordered pork chops and I ordered Dutch chicken satay. The meals were not up to much. Bill was LKR 4257 (GBP 18.04).

Back to the room 5.30 pm. We had thought we might go out again later just for a drink, but in the end we couldn't be bothered. Lights out 10.20 pm.

Friday 13 March, 2020

Good night's sleep. Nothing planned, last full day.

Stirred at 7.10 am. Breakfast at 8.00 am. Left the room at 10.15 am for a beach morning, north rather than south. Maya was still shut. Out onto the beach and strolled along in the surf. Sat for some time watching the world go by. Ambled homeward but stopped to watch them pulling a net ashore. Noticed the hotel behind had a beach bar, one of the Jetwing hotels, so took the opportunity to hydrate. Beer and a coke LKR 1265 (GBP 5.36), our most expensive drinks yet!

Back to the room for 1.30 pm. Pat had a swim and I had a shower. We had a quiet afternoon watching cricket on the tv.

Out for some dinner at 6.15 pm. Ended up in a place called Grand Oceanpark. Pat had calamari and I had chicken masala. Meals were ok, but far from good, service was a little chaotic.

On the way back we went into a beer and wine store. I wanted to see the prices of things. I was actually surprised and they were not ridiculous.

Back to the room 7.45 pm. Lights out 10.00 pm.

Saturday, 14 March, 2020

Beginning of our journey home starts tonight. A good nights sleep.

Stirred 7.15 am. Breakfast at 8.00 am.

Packing and pottering about until we left the room at 10.20 am. Out on to the beach and found our place for the morning. Paddled our feet and watched the world go by.

Later we popped into Coffee bean and tea leaf for a drink. Then walked down the road to Zand for a beer and a coke. We also shared a club sandwich as we were peckish. Tried to get rid of all our small change in the bill payment. Back to the room for 1.30 pm.


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