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March 11th 2020
Published: March 11th 2020
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Monday 9 March, 2020 cont'd

We left the room at 6.40 pm to find some dinner. Down to the main road and turned right. We stopped at a a restaurant called Sherryland, a few buildings down. The menu looked ok, so we went in. The waiter came for our drinks order and we asked about alcohol, as it was Poya (full moon) day, the waiter spoke quietly and said there was no alcohol. But if we didn't tell anyone they would mix a drink at the bar and could serve it that way. So no bottles of beer were seen on tables. Pat had a gin and tonic and I had a coke. For food we had a burger with chips and chicken stir fry with rice. Food was good, bill was LKR 3311 (GBP 13.97).

After dinner we took a short stroll northwards, then back to the room, 8.45 pm

In the restaurant we had watched some cricket on the tv. So, we tried to find it on our room tv. Normally we don't go anywhere near the television in the room, so this was a first. Two remotes, I managed to turn on the set, then the box and actually clicked through and found the cricket! Pat fell asleep anyway and lights out was 9.50 pm.

Tuesday 10, March, 2020

Slept well. Visit to Negombo today.

Woke 7.00 am. We have breakfast included in this hotel and had arranged for it at 8.30 am.

As we were getting ready, there was a power cut. We went down and breakfast was sliced fruits, omelettes (one plain, one spicy), toast, with tea and coffee.

Back to the room, still no power and then off to the bus stop at 9.50 am. A red bus picked us up at 10.10 am. Fare LKR 19 (GBP 0.08) each. We got seats, although separately.

Off at the Negombo bus station, and started ambling. It was then Pat pointed out there was a power cut here also, as we could hear numerous generators running. We had assumed it was local to the hotel area, but we were wrong.

This curtailed our activities considerably as a lot of the shops were dark. Additionally, we had some US Dollars we wanted to exchange for Rupees. We have seen numerous signs for money exchange all over the place, but were uncertain about it, and wanted to try a bank.

We looked in our current favourite bank, the Bank of Ceylon and it was mobbed, we left straight away. So, we looked around the town for a while, achieving very little. Then started walking homeward. The whole walk from hotel to town is 4.8 kilometres on Google. Therefore not a small walk, especially in nearly 40°C heat. We did most on foot today but not all.

A stop at Rani's laundry, where we paid LKR 600 (GBP 2.50) and picked up our washing. Enough walking, so we hopped in a tuktuk for the last kilometre to Zand's restaurant for a beer and a coke. Very welcome.

Back at to the hotel at 12.00 pm. Changed and in the pool to cool off. Still no power.

Power came back at 5.38 pm after a quiet afternoon.

Went out for a walk at 6.40 pm. as we left we saw the hotel man on the way out and after a short conversation arranged a late check out and a taxi for our departure day. A good start to the evening.

Then we headed for one of the many places that advertised money exchange. We thought we would make enquiries and at least see what they would give us.

Rani's a big jewellery store was still open and welcomed us in. We had looked what current rates were in the market on the internet to get an idea and the rate he quoted was only two points off. So we went ahead. Without any commission we probably ended up better off than at the bank.

Next was to decide on our location for dinner. We looked at Lords restaurant and went in. They have several different areas, with various cricket related names. Smoking, no smoking, bar, family area, loud music. We chose fuddy duddy, my words. The Batsmans lounge. No smoking, background live local music, which was not unpleasant.

Another extensive menu, Pat ordered a chicken stuffed with cheese and fries. I ordered a chef special, supreme coconut chicken, with vegetable rice and deep fried tortillas. We both had lovely meals, the presentation was excellent. Bill was LKR 4675 (GBP 19.73).

Back to the room for 8.25 pm. Watched some more cricket on the tv. Lights out 9.58 pm.

Wednesday, 11 March, 2020.

An unsettled sleep, for no reason. Plan for today, unknown.

Stirred at 7.05 am and down for usual breakfast at 8.30 am. Then up to the room for a slow start to the day.


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