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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Jongno-gu » Gwanghwamun September 20th 2015

Seoul Museum of History is not one of the major sights in the city. I only learnt about the place a couple of years ago, and kept meaning to visit, but I also kept forgetting about it. With a couple of free hours, I decided to head there and learn more about this beast of a city. The museum is in a good location. I walked there from the City Hall area by Deoksugung Palace. I had checked the map and the museum's website and it was about a 15 minute walk. The museum is situated next to Gyeonghuigong Palace. Outside of the museum, there is an old streetcar that operated on the city's streets between 1939 and 2964. The first streetcars began operating in 1899 on May 17th between Cheongnyangni and Jongno. They were the ... read more
Seoul Museum of History
Stone Civil Official Figures
Seoul Museum of History

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 17th 2015

It was interesting to see Zaha Hadid masterpiece from my hotel's window the first day in Seoul. More interestingly, I did not realize it was Hadid's design. It is a Blob Architecture, as I coined it, with predominantly using Aluminium Cladding panels facade. Its not a conventional approach in design but still using conventional Cast-In Situ reinforced concrete structure. At night the building really showing off with its lighting effects, as if like a blob objects that illuminates from inside its body. Brilliantly composed with the surrounding landscapes, and colourful high rise buildings. The ground green grass surfaces overshadowed by thousands of white artificial roses, lit using LED bulbs. It mesmerizes the spaces against the historical walls and street furniture. The Complex called Dongdaemun Design Plaza, often referred to the DDP. It has been designed as ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 15th 2015

So this morning I woke up feeling like shit. I don't know why, but I was really tired and in a bad mood. Maybe it's because I made a few mistakes at work yesterday (basically the things people tell me don't match with my schedule and I was late to class... They told me it was not my mistake, but things like that somehow really get to me). Anyway, I got to the YMCA and even before I started I felt like I was doing everything wrong and was basically useless. That feeling got even stronger when I ate lunch all by myself, because Mark could eat with her class and no one else was around. I just had a really hard time because I felt like nothing I could offer was of any use. But ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 13th 2015

This week was very busy, so I had no time to write anything, but here are some pictures from the time we went to the palace (I think more than a week ago)...... read more
Inside the Palace
Inside the Palace
Us Volunteers!

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 13th 2015

I officially finished my first week of work! So many things happened that I will only write down the most memorable ones. On monday, Mark and I were picked up at the ICYE office by a relatively young man (I don't know if he's 25 or 35, to be honest...) and he took us to the Gangnam YMCA. His English was pretty good, but it seemed like he was feeling very self-concious about it. He seemed to be a little nervous, but in likeable way. As we walked up the hill, he walked very slow, and his breathig was a little heavy, so I was wondering if he was not used to walking? But then as we entered the YMCA and got into the elevator, he said in his (rather cute) Korean accent: "Ah, sorry, sorry. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Seongnam September 13th 2015

Namhansanseong Provincial Park is located very close to Seoul. It stretches over the cities of Seongnam and Gwangju. It even has its own stop on the subway. We took the pink line to Namhansanseong Ipgu (entrance) and came out of exit 4, and headed straight. We kept walking and walking for maybe thirty to forty minutes, along the road. I'm sure that there must be a bus that you are able to take to make the journey quicker and easier. I had never been to Seognam before, can't say that this part of the city was anything to write home about, it was pretty old and generic. We reached the entrance to the provincial park and headed in the direction of the South Gate. We passed quite a couple of temples on the way, and we ... read more
Namhansanseong Provincial Park
Namhansanseong Provincial Park
South Gate

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 12th 2015

Blog round number two has arrived! Since the last blog post we’ve started at the Sungkyunkwan University and settled down in this crazy city. To save you guys lots of reading we decided to upload a little less text and a lot more photos this time. We were overwhelmed by all the positive messages we received from you all, so thank you so much for that! For two weeks now we have been going to classes at the university, which mainly consisted of introduction classes and talking about the subjects to be discussed this semester. We will be taking the following six courses for 16 weeks in total: Economics in Global Environment, Management Information Process, Understanding Asian Culture, Financial Markets in Korea, Marketing Management and Organizational Theory. Most professors are from Korean origin, but have studied ... read more
View from the Business Building
New Millennium Hall at campus
Spectacular presentation...

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 12th 2015

Hey guys! Boy was that a long flight. 15hrs! I sat next to a lovely lady. We didn't understand each other very well but our smiles & hand gestures helped. We were lucky not to have a middles passenger so we could stretch out more. I was able to snag an hour here and there to rest my eyes. But not what my body is craving. I am now in the airport of Seoul South Korea awaiting my final flight!! Then I just need to make it to my hotel & a wonderful hot shower awaits me & some much needed solid sleep. I had 2 meals on the plane. They were alright..better than nothing but similar to hospital food. The razzbery gauva juice was delish! Atone point the pretty stuardis brought a hot bun to ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do » Tongyeong September 5th 2015

5th Sept: We had taken the bus down from Seoul overnight and the traffic had been good. We arrived at Tongyeong in the early hours of the morning and slept for a bit longer, until it started to get light. I came out of the bus, to see that we were parked up near the water. The area was a bit ghetto, as there were a few people (I presume to be tramps) sleeping outside. I was dreading to go to the bathroom, but was pleasantly surprised at how clean they were, there was even toilet paper and soap, which can be a rarity in Korea. The sun was rising and the sky was a beautiful pink color. I took a little wander along the front to see the turtle ships. Turtle ships got their name ... read more
Tongyeong Sunrise
Turtle Ship
Dongpirang Mural Village

Asia » South Korea » Seoul September 1st 2015

We had to go to the immigration office today to get an alien ID card thingy and we had to wait about two hours until it was our turn... Naturally, in a room where everyone was irritated and stressed, we started joking around. Maybe I should explain. So we learned the Korean word for blood today, which is 피(pronounced "pee"). Well... I saw this guy at the immigration office who had a large bandaid on his arm, and without thinking I said "Look! He 피'd! He's wearing a bandage!" and then I must've had this look of horror on my face as I realized what that sounded like, because Pablo (this is USA girl's official nickname... I'll get into that later) burst out laughing. In the end I cried tears of laughter, it was so funny, ... read more
Junsu's Album

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