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Asia » South Korea » Jeju March 5th 2015

In the morning we packed our stuff and were again really lucky. Sangho had to go to Gwangju, too (our flight to Jeju left from there) and he offered to take us to the airport. Saying goodbye to him was hard, in the two days we got so used to each other and had such a great time. He was like a big brother who took care of us, and we couldn't have imagined a better host. Since we arrived at the airport quite early we spent our spare time checking what went on in the world. In the afternoon our flight to Jeju left and we arrived on the island one hour later. Astrid was barely able to lift all her heavy luggage at once, so I was the one whirling around, checking on buses ... read more
Temple at Sanbangsan

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do » Jeonju March 3rd 2015

After a 2 1/2 hour bus ride we arrived in Jeonju where our next host, Sangho, picked us up. He had a car, so we were in the luxurious situation that he drove us right back to his place and again we didn't have to worry about finding the way. His appartement was quite big and he told us he just moved here, because he was planning on marrying his girfriend and had gotten this place, so she could move in with him. We got our own room with a mattress on the floor and freshly washed sheets that were still wrapped in plastic from the dry cleaner. We talked a little, but Astrid and I were pretty tired, so we decided to go to sleep early. A culinary tour through Jeonju (Mar 3rd 2015) As ... read more
Motorway service area on our way to Jeonju
A church in Jeonju
A gate

Asia » South Korea » Daegu March 2nd 2015

I just finished my first day of classes in Korea! Today I only had two classes and they were both in the morning, so it went by pretty quickly. I woke up early to find the buildings (which I meant to do yesterday but didn’t because I ended up staying out late eating awesome food and looking at innumerable cute socks, more on that later). Some questions from my morning walk of KNU in the morning: -Why do so many people wake up early to play tennis? -How is it that this campus has no litter, but it is impossible to find a trash can? -Why are Korean pigeons so large and scary looking? I’ll try to get a photo later, but just trust me for now. -Why don’t any of the shops open until 9:00? ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Suwon March 2nd 2015

First time couchsurfing (Mar 1st 2015) In the evening we met Daegyu, our first couchsurfing host at a metro station in Seoul. He had been in the city for the day, so we were able to go home to Suwon with him and didn't have to worry about finding the right mean of transport there. His profile mentioned he had a dog, but he told us there was none. However, he was living with his mom, dad, brother and grandma, so instead of staying in a place with a dog we got the chance to live with a whole Korean family! When we arrived in Suwon we were chatting on the way to his place and something really funny came up. Daegyu asked where in Germany we came from, so we told him we lived in ... read more
View over Suwon
View over Suwon
If you add a rock on top you can make a wish

Asia » South Korea » Seoul March 1st 2015

At 6 am Astrid and I slowely woke up, but decided to stay in bed until 8 (fight against the jetlag). We got ready, checked out of the hostel and went to get some breakfast. We found some café and since I get grumpy when I'm hungry I just got the first thing I saw which was a bagel with cream cheese, not very Korean, I know and a green tea. Afterwards we made our way to the north of Seoul where we went to the best tourism office in town (as my Lonely Planet said) to get some more information on Seoul and Korea in general. On our way we past by a little stage where a choir performed and a little parade took place. March 1st was the day Korea started its resistance against ... read more
A choir singing to celebrate Korea's independance movement
First impressions of Seoul
Choir again

Asia » South Korea » Daegu February 28th 2015

Hello friends! I have finally finished the transit phase my study abroad experience and am now getting settled and oriented at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. I have been on campus for over 48 hours now and am feeling right at home. I am definitely on the high point of the study abroad culture shock curve where everything is awesome and adorable and I’m enjoying the excitement while it lasts. I love being an international student! Usually I have to work so hard to break into the international community, but now I am automatically in and I’ve already met a ton of cool people from around the world. KNU does an absolutely amazing job of caring for its international community, and the KNU buddy program puts OU Cousins to shame. My buddy picked me ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 27th 2015

The flight is booked (Jan 19th 2015) I had the idea to go to South Korea in December when my Korean friend told me she would be going back over our semester break in March to see her family and I thought: "Hey, why not visit her while she's there?". My wanderlust had been growing for a while and I was in need of a big trip to a country far far away. So why not Asia? I've never been to the biggest continent (I don't really count Turkey as Asia) and since I knew a local there it was the perfect opportunity to go there. Then Minjeong (my Korean friend) told me about this other girl, Astrid, who was also interested in going, so we got together and decided to travel together. At first there ... read more
Entrance to the men's quiet room
Women's quiet room
Our hostel room

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do » Yangsan February 26th 2015

I'm going to take a break from the posts about the places I've visited for a minute. (Don't worry, Taipei and Seoul will be coming soon!) I have no been in South Korea for just about 3 months. I am 25% of the way through with my teaching contract. I survived my first Christmas away from home by spending it with friends instead. I have watched my niece and nephew get bigger and reach milestones without getting to see them except in photos; I missed my niece's second birthday. In the next 9 months, three of my closest friends will get married and I won't be there to celebrate with them. In three months, I have visited Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, and Seoul as well as taken several trips in to Busan to explore. I have ... read more
One of the largest crabs I have ever seen...

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 25th 2015

Because life is too short to stay in one country… I’m headed abroad to South Korea! Right now I’m about 10 hours in to a 24 hour airport extravaganza and on the longest flight of 15 hours and things are going very well. I’m not as tired as I should be considering the lack of sleep, have already met some wonderful people on the plane and at the airport, am about halfway through knitting a scarf (are you proud of me Sammy?), and have started reading “The Greatest Works of Dostoyevski” aka, “Five Books You Couldn’t Finish Even if You Read the Entire Flight”. I am super excited to get to the Seoul airport, which is ranked the world’s best and is apparently the absolute coolest place ever to be stuck waiting for a plane for ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 25th 2015

Currently at Incheon Airport, which seems nice, but I spent a lot of time at customs and rechecking my baggage and didn’t get to explore as much as I wanted to. Never bring an apple to Korea. It will take you forever to get through customs because for some reason instead of just throwing the apple away it has to be taken to “Produce Quarintine.” This involves calling in a bunch of people who have to wear special suits and gloves to take the apple, ask you various questions about it and look at you like you are from Mars for even considering eating it. On the up side Korean toddlers are very cute and there are a lot of them here. I also like the uniforms that the flight attendants wear. Very classy.... read more

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