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Asia » South Korea » Seoul November 10th 2015

I left Denver at 12:10 on a Monday afternoon and landed in Seoul at 8:50 on a Tuesday night. There was no Tuesday for me. Due to my late arrival, I had to find a bus. After asking at the transportation desk and failing twice at the ATM before I succeeded, I managed to jump onto the bus as it was pulling away. Only to have it stop about 10 meters later. I got to the station and was able to hop on someone's hotspot long enough to order an Uber to take me to Brett's. Cab drivers in Korea don't speak English. My cab driver didn't follow his GPS, although it did seem to get us there faster. My favorite part of the cab ride was when we would get to a road where we ... read more
Galbi-Sal Barbecue
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam October 31st 2015

With a few hours to spare in the Gangnam area, I decided to head to these royal tombs. They are easily accessible from Seollung subway station, which is connected to both Line 2 and the Bundang Line. The tombs are about a five minute walk and you can see the car park first, which lets you know you are in the right place. The entrance fee was 1,000 won, a complete bargain. I paid my entrance fee and picked up an English leaflet. I have been to the royal tombs in Hwaseon, so I was curious to see how similar these ones would be. The trees were looking lovely with the autumn colours coming through. I came across the first tomb that of King Seongjong, he was the 9th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. I was ... read more
Red Spiked Gate
Tomb of King Seongjong
Tomb of King Seongjong

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Insadong October 28th 2015

A lovely week walking, enjoying the autumn weather, exploring and eating :)... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do October 25th 2015

We left Seoul early, the traffic wasn't too bad and it didn't take us long to reach the park. The weather was gorgeous, I couldn't believe that it was almost the end of October. We walked along the long strip of restaurants, cafes, and shops that lead to the entrance to the park. We paid the entrance fee, I think it was a couple of thousand won and went in. We walked along this gorgeous path that was lined with trees in all their autumnal glory. I love autumn time, all the beautiful colours that are all about. We walked along the path, and after a while we reached the Yongmunsa temple. The temple was originally built during the Silla Dynasty. It suffered a lot of damage during the Korean War. The temple is known for ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 14th 2015

Wednesday 14th October 2015 We took the same bus back to Seoul that we had taken to Gyeongju and after a comfortable 3 hour journey arrived in Seoul. This time we had decided to stay at K-Pop Guesthouse which is just outside of Seoul station. After walking up and down a street and not being able to locate out guesthouse, a helpful local man pointed us to an alleyway where we were able to find and then check into the guesthouse. The room itself was very basic. Again we had bunk beds and an small en suite wet room. The room was never going to win any awards and I imagine the only certificate this place has is from the health and safety department telling them that they need to close this place down. It was ... read more
Hello Kitty Cafe
Girls in traditional dresses
More Hello Kitty

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 11th 2015

Going to the bathroom here is always a little adventure... Which button do i push to flush? Also, in some bathrooms there is no toilet paper, for whatever reason. Tissues are always handy to have. A bonus: in many places you should throw away the toilet paper in the trash, DO NOT flush it.... read more
Wait what? Where...
...Oh. There it is.

Asia » South Korea » Seoul October 11th 2015

There are so many things that are different here that I can't even begin to explain, but I'll try to mentions some that I notice a lot. People don't say anything when you sneeze. "Bless you" is not a thing here... Sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes for a light to turn green. Seriously, if you want to cross a street and the light is still green, you better run for it. The traffic rules here confuse me. Illegal U-turns don't look very illegal here, since everyone just turns when they feel like it. Motorcycles apparently count as pedestrians if they want to: they drive on the sidewalk and use the pedestrian crossings regularly. I have had a bunch of people asking me if my hair color is natural and if I got a perm. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do October 11th 2015

I have been to the temple at the top of the mountain before, a few years ago. However last time I cheated and took a minibus part way up the mountain, so I only had to walk for about 10-15 minutes to reach the temple. Coming back to Namhae, I couldn't resist heading back to this temple, as it has some of the most stunning views I have seen in Korea. Seeing as I a bit fitter than I was a few years ago, I was more than happy to do the hike (also there was no other option this time). We left our pension around 6 am, it was only about a ten minute drive to the starting point for our hike. I don't know why I bothered packing my headtorch as it was really ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju October 11th 2015

Sunday 11th October 2015 We arrived at the Express bus station early for our 3 hour journey South East to Gyeongju. The bus wasn't something I was particularly excited about as it was very cheap costing approx £12 return each so didn't hold many high expectations. Having said that, when we boarded we were more than pleasantly surprised. The Bus was set out like an airplane with just 3 seats per row and each seat reclining back almost flat with a leg support. Plenty of space around the soft leather seat. For the next 3 hours we slept. Gyeongju was recommended by a few forums and guides we had read. It is about 30km inland from the east coast and is a place where lots of all kings and generals are buried and surrounded by countryside. ... read more
Bulguska Temple
Autumn leaves
Bell tower

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do » Jinju October 9th 2015

We travelled south overnight and arrived in Jinju in the early hours of the morning. We headed to Jinhangho Lake first. It was really quiet and we were the only people about. I head down to the lake and was pretty underwhelmed by it. I took a few photos of the misty lake, more to just say that I had been as it wasn't too pretty. I sat and ate some breakfast while reading my book for a bit. Then went for a bit of a wander around. There was a kid's amusement park, which seemed a bit eerie as there was no one around. I did get to see the sun rising over Jinju, which was pretty. We were by Jinhangho Lake for a couple of hours and for me, it wasn't really worthy of ... read more
Jinhangho Lake
Kids' Theme Park
Kids' Theme Park

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