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Asia » South Korea June 24th 2019

Going from point A to point B without fear of getting lost had been had been no longer a problem for people like me who has poor sense of direction, thanks to google maps. South Korea although having very cheap and probably the fastest internet access do not have a full functioning google maps. You can see the blue dot in there but the accuracy of your destination is not very dependable nor that dot actually seemed not to be going anywhere. So there was always a sense of panic that we are getting lost or my two kids will soon be reaching their walking quota and started whinging before I found our next destination. I feel so unsure but at the same time I do not want to take a cab when I know our ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Jeju April 22nd 2019

Our first stop on this island was at a museum which demonstrated all the cultural things of Korea. Nicely done and mercifully not too long. Loved the grandfather god carved out of volcanic rock for protection. Got one for the bottom of our garden! Not as big as the one in the photo I hasten to add! Later on at the coast we had to use our imagination yet again to see a dragon in a rock. We saw the dragon , a crocodile and a koala! Don't think we were supposed to see all these! Finally a trip to the local market. These are always good as the fresh live fish on show are fascinating as well as the bizarre meats. Back on board we are celebrating Easter with Easter egg display. We missed the ... read more
Stefan and volcanic pizza oven!
Grandfather god
Crocodile maybe??

Asia » South Korea April 6th 2019

Ah Korea, my old friend. As we approached the runway at Gimpo Airport, flying low over the Nakdong Estuary where I used to live in Busan, a wave of excitement hit. It's been a few years since I was last here - a holiday with Amy and some friends 4 years ago. Prior to that I lived here back in 2011, teaching English to elementary school kids. I loved my time there, so it's always exciting to come back and revisit some of the old haunts, and to see how the city and country have changed. It was peak cherry blossom season in Busan, and much to Amy's delight every single road from the airport to our hotel in Nampo-dong was lined with cherry trees in full bloom. We'd gone from being showered by snow falling ... read more
Cherry blossom fever at Gwangalli in Busan
Sending our breakfast to the restaurant upstairs
Outside Jagalchi Market, Busan

Asia » South Korea » Jeju » Jeju-si March 29th 2019

Jeju Island 3-22-2018 Jehu Toi thuc day luc 3Am va di bo den phi truong may 35” de bay di Jeju luc 7:05AM. Do bo mat 35’ vi sang son khong co taxi va xe bus. Jeju island rong 1,848 km2 band 1/150 Vietnam. Dai 73km rong 31 km. Thuoc South Korea. Co 621,000 nguoi song tai day. Dong duc nhu Viet Nam.voi 316 nguoi tren km2. Co 2 thu tieng noi tai day la tieng Jeju va tieng Korean. Da so la dan Korean song tai day. Jeju duoc tao thanh boi nui lua cach day 2 trieu nam nen o day co Vocanic tube dai nhat the gioi goi la Majanggui. Roi thi co nhieu park va beach dep. Dan chung song nho vao tourist. Da so tourist den day la Tau cong chiem ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gwangju January 12th 2019

Hey everyone! l hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! As many of you probably know already, l was able to travel home for the holidays to visit the family. l have signed on to teach for another year here in Korea, and during the negotiation of my new contract, I was able to get a little over a week off to go home and visit my family for Christmas. Just for fun, I wanted to keep my visit a secret from Sarah, although at times it felt like she was basically the only person who didn't know I would be home for the week of Christmas. There were a few occasions when the secret was almost revealed. She kept asking when I would be home next, and finally I told her I would probably ... read more
Christmas at the McGee's
Ben and Jerry's with Lianne!
Before going out

Asia » South Korea » Seoul January 5th 2019

Art is mightier than sword, and politics... read more
The sword of Soeul

Asia » South Korea » Seoul December 27th 2018

We went in search of an animal cafe. These cafes are scattered around Seoul and each has an animal speciality: dogs, cats, raccoons, meerkats, goats and so on. Where these animals come from I am not sure. We decided to go check out the meerkat cafe mainly because neither of us knew what exactly a meerkat was. For once, we found the spot without getting lost first. But I was not prepared for what we walked into. Shoes are left at the door and everyone is given slippers to wear to protect the animals. The cafe doesn’t serve food or coffee (so I decided cafe is false advertising). You can purchase bottled beverages which maintain appropriate sanitation for both the animals and humans. The first shock was the cafe had more than just meerkats; there was ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul December 26th 2018

Things to remember about Seoul in December: cold, I hate cold, buy lots of coffee for outdoor sight seeing. We started walking part of the Seoul City Wall. Seoul was small back at the end of the 1300s and they built a series of wall out of mostly stone and wood to protect Seoul from invaders. The wall is 18.6 km and includes its four inner mountains. About 70% of the wall has been restored or replaced at various points (mostly during hthe Japanese imperial rule l1910-1945) but the wall and many gates still stand as a magnificent connection to Korean history. We followed the wall to Ihwa Mural Village which has an interesting history. This used to be a slum area of Seoul and the government decided to bring in artists to paint murals on ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul December 25th 2018

This may go on record of the longest day of my life. We left Kathmandu last night and our first play had a movie station for each seat. Now normally, I am not the movie person but after 2 months of almost no tv, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I ended up picking an incredibly sad movie (note to self read the summary first ’tear jerker‘ is a hint to pass). This had to be followed up with two documentaries: the truth about exercise and the rise of vertical farming (I recommend this one). All was well and good going into Seoul, found our hotel and was excited to check in a take a nap at 9 AM. The unfortunate part was we couldn’t check in until 3 PM. WHAT TO DO!!!??? Shelby ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Busan November 17th 2018

Our next visit was to the city of Busan. Our train from Suncheon arrived punctually, at 8.50 pm, after a journey in the dark. Our hotel, L'Idea Hotel, was about 100 yards from the train station, chosen by Steve for its proximity (as well as all the usual other things), and we were checking in within ten minutes of getting off the train! And what a lovely room! It was enormous, had its own entrance vestibule(!!) with a shoehorn to help those of us now classed as 'elderly' with our footwear, a wetroom with a Japanese style loo, a jet bath, a king AND a queen sized bed (it was a 'family' room), fluffy duvets, piles of pillows and cushions, slippers and dressing gowns, a separate seating area WITH CHAIRS, a heating system we could figure ... read more
Toilet instructions!
Finally, signs we can read ....
Keep it safe

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