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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam April 19th 2018

I imagine travel for most people as a well-planned endeavor. Getting the most out of your cherished two weeks off from the daily drudgery is probably some of the most well thought out plans a person makes during the year. Weeks spent searching websites trying to find the perfect hotel, flight and entertainment usually follow months of reading dreamy destination brochures filled with glossy pictures of a glamorous life somewhere on a distant side of the globe. Some seek advice from a travel expert, often a lady behind a desk covered by brochures who seems to have been everywhere and tasted the buffets of every gleaming cruise ship that plies the seven seas. Some attempt to make life simpler by booking a prearranged trip that meets most or all of your travel dreams. Spending more time ... read more
Bongeunsa Temple- Seoul
Lotte Tower- Seoul
Cherry Blossoms- Seoul

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam December 15th 2016

15th Dec: I left Korea about six months before and had done so much since leaving, but I was missing it. Korea was the place I called home for many years, so when I found out I was off from mid December, I planned a return trip. I was looking forward to seeing familiar faces, being able to read what is around and understand (to some extent) what people are saying to me. Also the food, I was really missing the food.There is a Korean place on my uni campus, but it is pretty crappy. My flight left Shanghai early afternoon and I got to Incheon around teatime. I took the subway into the city, which took a little while. I was staying in Gangnam and met my friend there as she'd booked my goshiwon for ... read more
Christmas Tree Latte
Strawberry Cake and Christmas Tree Latte
Strawberry Cake

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam September 10th 2016

South Korea: On my last trip I didn’t use any of the airline points I had acquired traveling as a consultant. This time I redeemed points for a 1 way to Seoul in business class on Korean Air. I had never flown business class on an intercontinental flight. After the flight I realized why everyone raves about it. I was able to lie down completely vertical and got a good 7 hours of sleep. I also picked up a pair of noise cancelling headphones (not sure if I was allowed to but no one stopped me as I walked off the plane with them in clear sight). I flew on an Airbus A380. This was the same aircraft I took to Asia on my last trip. The entire upstairs was business class. I watched Nixon & ... read more
Changdoekgung Palace
Korean BBQ with John
Bridge of Freedom

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 15th 2016

Last day in Korea was a quiet one. Today is a holiday (National Liberation Day) so many stores are closed. We went for a walk and had some chicken and beer for lunch. Heat was still very strong so we decided to go back to the air conditioned apartment until the evening. Halahbujee had dinner plans at 6p to meet a second set of friends. RoAnJoSo hit Gangnam to see the night life it is so famous for. We went to a different area of Gangnam (more south than where we were the first time) and it did not disappoint. This area is pulsing with bars, karaoke bars, shopping (both stores and street vendors). Side alleys hold an incredible amount of restaurants making it very difficult to settle on one place to eat. Everything from Taco ... read more
Gangnam at night
Strawberry-ade and Grapefruit-ade were delicious!
Sophie was in heaven with all that pasta

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 3rd 2016

Robb’s ankle was still hurting from yesterday so we took it a little early today. Headed out later in the morning towards Gangnam. We didn’t see Psy (of Gangnam Style song popularity) but we did see a lot of very rich and expensive stores. It was incredibly hot so we only saw a portion of Gangnam, mainly K-Star Road which is where many K-Pop entertainment management agencies are located. Gangnam is in fact a very trendy part of Seoul and has a vibrant nightlife. But at Noon during 40C weather, we didn’t linger very long. We took some photos and opted to go back to an area near the hotel where there are lots of restaurants and had our first taste of Chimaek(“Chi” for Chicken and “maek” which is Korean for beer). JoSo had some “maek” ... read more
Sophie and Gangnam KPop Road Kitty
Hally Road
Sophie with "Gangnamdol"

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam October 31st 2015

With a few hours to spare in the Gangnam area, I decided to head to these royal tombs. They are easily accessible from Seollung subway station, which is connected to both Line 2 and the Bundang Line. The tombs are about a five minute walk and you can see the car park first, which lets you know you are in the right place. The entrance fee was 1,000 won, a complete bargain. I paid my entrance fee and picked up an English leaflet. I have been to the royal tombs in Hwaseon, so I was curious to see how similar these ones would be. The trees were looking lovely with the autumn colours coming through. I came across the first tomb that of King Seongjong, he was the 9th ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. I was ... read more
Red Spiked Gate
Tomb of King Seongjong
Tomb of King Seongjong

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam » Nonhyon-dong July 21st 2015

I just had a blast in South Korea where I spent 2 weeks visiting family and friends. I am still a bit jet lagged as I just walked in the door of my house 2 hours ago but I dont want to sleep yet as to not mess up my sleep schedule. I wanted to write while I was there but they were so many things to do that I just didn't get the chance. All I can say is that I must have gained 10 pounds while I was there because it seems that this is all I was doing. Everyone in my family was commenting on how skinny I am and that they must not be feeding me in the US. I even went to a baseball game to see the Doosan Bears play ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam May 21st 2015

I got up early to catch the train to the airport. I made it through the gate and onto the train just as it was pulling away (oops cutting it close). Not a minute after I got on, they made an announcement that every seat was reserved. Dang it! So I hopped off quick at the next stop to ask the platform conductor how to get one. He directed me back on the train, so I got back on. A few minutes later, the train conductor made his way through the train checking tickets and let me pay for one. Lucky me! When I finally made it to the airport, I was really confused trying to leave because the one I bought on the train was only half the price. I originally used my PASMO (the ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam » Gae-po-dong April 25th 2015

I took the subway to Suseo station and came out of exit 6. The start of the trail is a one minute walk away. I spent sometime, looking at the trail map. There was the trail map for the mountain also for the Seoul Trail, which is spread over more than 100 kilometres, over the city, and seems to mainly be on the flat land around the base of the mountains. It looks like the Seoul Trail could be nice. I hope I have time to do a section or two of it. I started up the steps, which marked the start of the trail. the steps weren't too bad and didn't last too long, before giving way to a gentle forest trail. There were a few benches not long after the steps and some friends ... read more
The City Poking Through the Trees
Start of the Trail

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 6th 2014

arrives ce matin a 8h45 á Seoul Pris en charge par Koreaexpo 2014 pour le tranfert a l hotel IBIS voila notre journee en photos vue de l hotel 11 etage repas du midi visite de la ville et d un grand magasin... read more

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