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Robb & Ann

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gangnam August 15th 2016

Last day in Korea was a quiet one. Today is a holiday (National Liberation Day) so many stores are closed. We went for a walk and had some chicken and beer for lunch. Heat was still very strong so we decided to go back to the air conditioned apartment until the evening. Halahbujee had dinner plans at 6p to meet a second set of friends. RoAnJoSo hit Gangnam to see the night life it is so famous for. We went to a different area of Gangnam (more south than where we were the first time) and it did not disappoint. This area is pulsing with bars, karaoke bars, shopping (both stores and street vendors). Side alleys hold an incredible amount of restaurants making it very difficult to settle on one place to eat. Everything from Taco ... read more
Gangnam at night
Strawberry-ade and Grapefruit-ade were delicious!
Sophie was in heaven with all that pasta

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do August 14th 2016

Today is day we go to Pyeongchang(hometown of Halahbujee, Harmonee and Ann). While most of the Lee and Hwang families are in Canada now, we have a few family members, Pyeongchang Aunt and Uncle, who still live in Pyeongchang so a visit to Korea wouldn't be complete without a trip back home. (Pyeongchang Aunt is cousins with Halmonee. Halmonee's mother and Pyeongchang Aunt's father were brother and sister.) We took subway to Gangbyeon Bus Terminal to purchase tickets early this morning. We didn't account for the long weekend* and tickets were sold out for morning and afternoon buses to Pyeongchang. The last train at 4:30p had a few seats open so we figured better late than never. *Monday Aug 15th is a national holiday in Korea - Gwangbokjoel - known as liberation day, the holiday marks ... read more
Halahbujee and familiar face from when he lived in Pyeongchang
Dinner with Pyeongchang Emo
Sad to see house we lived in is now a grocery store.

Asia » South Korea » Seoul August 12th 2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELKE!!!!!!! Everyone slept in until 9a today. Plan was to take it easy after 7 days/6 nights of very full days during the bus tour. Halahbujee slept for most of the day. The rest of us took a walk around the hotel area and had donkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) and breaded chicken for lunch. It was another hot day. The kind where you sweat just standing. We stopped at a bakery and bought Korean bread, which JoSo found a little sweeter and more flavourful than Canadian bread, and a blueberry and cream filled bun. Both were delicious. The blueberry and cream bun wasn't as sweet as one may be used to in Canada, but it was still sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth craving. We called our aunt and uncle in Pyeongchang and ... read more
Street dancers doing K-Pop songs
Who is that guy taking a picture of the street singer?
Come on Jon, let's go for some wine/cocktails!

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Wonju August 11th 2016

Today is last day of bus tour. First stop was Yeongwol where King Danjong was exiled by his Uncle. King Danjong became King at age 12 when his father (son of King Sejong*) died at age 22. *King Sejong or King Sejong the Great is one of the best known figures in Korean history. He created the Korean language, hangul, and during his reign, Korea saw much stability and growth. He is the man on the 10,000 KRW bill. Lunch was good with an assortment of pretty much everything from fish, to meat to vegetables. But you had to sit on the floor again. Not the most comfortable position for those who are used to table and chairs. After lunch there was one last stop, Hanji Museum where we learned about the origins of paper and ... read more
Jon wants to take rock back as souvenir
Ann suggested this rock instead

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Andong August 10th 2016

A day and a half left to go on bus tour. This morning we leave for Andong, a city about mid-way up the east coast. First stop was Hahoe Village, a historic village and home to descendants of the Ryu clan. Like other traditional hanok (old style Korean home) villages, this one is also inhabited so you see a strange mix of straw roofed or large tile-roofed traditional houses with a Chevy or Lexus or Hyundai parked alongside. This area was already popular because it was birthplace of notable scholars of the Joseon Period, but in 1999 achieved even greater fame when Queen Elizabeth II visited. The village is also known for its Mask Dance and many vendors sell traditional wooden masks. Because we were in an area with a reputation for having given Korean some ... read more
Ann and Jon, happy together.
Hahoe Hanok Village
Staffords in traditional Korean village

Asia » South Korea » Ulsan August 9th 2016

Before we start the day's entry, we should give you a mini lesson on Korean toilets - at least the Ladies' Room. #1 - Almost all restrooms have the standard toilet, but some have both standard and squatting versions. Check before you enter stall if no picture is indicated on the stall door. #2 - Some standard toilets come with fancy buttons. Don't press unless you can figure out what they are. One's a bidet, one's to wipe your butt in lieu of toilet paper and one air dries. For the curious or those who don't mind adventure in the nether regions, go ahead and press away! #3 - Some restrooms have a common area for toilet paper. i.e. Stalls don't come equipped with paper. Check before you enter stall. #4 - Almost all restrooms have ... read more
"Regular" toilet.
With fancy buttons!
Eggs and bacon for breakfast

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangnam-do » Jinju August 8th 2016

Before leaving Yeosu, we made one more stop - Odongdo Island in Yeosu. There's a lighthouse on this Island but as it was a Monday, and it seems Monday is a rest day in Korea, it was closed. Still island was very pretty with lots of great photo locations. RoJoSo though were not looking at the water and foliage ... they were on the hunt for The Penis Tree. After successfully finding the Penis Tree, it was back on the bus to continue our journey. Having covered western coast of South Korea, and now the southwest seaside areas, we were now heading east towards Busan. En route, we stopped at Jinju to visit Jinjuseong Fortress. This Fortress has ties to the Japanese invasion and served as a safeguard from Japanese attacks. Within the temple lies Uigisa ... read more
Tee hee hee - Penis Tree!
Found the Penis! (tree)
Scenery was so lovely Halahbujee and Jon started dancing.

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Yeosu August 7th 2016

Left Mokpo and headed to Boseong Green Tea Plantation. We had a taste of the tea grown on this plantation, both in hot tea and ice cream form! The landscape is gorgeous! Our first view took our breath away. After lunch, stop two was Naganeupseong Folk Village. We toured the village which has a town castle. JoSo were disappointed when they didn't see the castle they were used to (aka English style). The village actually has a town castle and traditional Korean style houses ("hanok") where about 100 families actually currently reside. Stop three was Suncheon Wetland. The tour guide took everyone on a 1 km walk through the wetlands. As he spoke only Korean, Halahbujee went with the tour group and RoAnJoSo chose to walk around on their own. It is a beautiful conservation area, ... read more
Pouring tea for each other - awww, so nice.
Green tea ice cream
Unusual tree at Plantation

Asia » South Korea » Jeollanam-do » Mokpo August 6th 2016

9a Departure from Gusan. First stop was Gusan Modern History Museum. Tour was entirely in Korean so Halahbujee followed the tour group and RoAnJoSo chose to do self-guided visit of the museum. From what we could gather, Gusan or Gunsan is a very fertile area where rice grows in abundance. This made it a very attractive target for Japanese pirates, and during the Japanese occupation of Korea, it served as a major rice storage and distribution area. Still touring along the coast so lunch was seafood congee (Sophie picked out the clams and mussels) and a huge seafood pancake (Sophie ate the edges which didn't have any seafood). Food was very good. Stop number two was Naesosa Temple. This Buddhist template was established in 633 CE (CE = common era = AD). There were two temples ... read more
20160806_122129 ann lunch
Jon is so manly in his man ponytail!
Walk to Naesosa Temple

Asia » South Korea » Jeollabuk-do August 5th 2016

HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY CATE! Sorry we're not there to celebrate. But we're thinking of you! XOXOXOXO Very early start as we had to be at the Hana Tour (name of tour company) bus pick up location by 7:30a or bus would leave without us - not really, but you never know. Halahbujee arranged for a 7 day/6 night bus tour of South Korea. There may be places where we get the name wrong or mix up order of stops and perhaps not refer to all stops and just the ones that we remember. Please forgive us as the days are very long ( today our day ended at 8p) and bus tour involves sometimes 30 to 1.5 hours of driving and then hopping off and hopping back on to go to next location, and again everything ... read more
Chilling on the bus
Rice fields
Iksan Pagoda

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