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Asia » South Korea » Incheon October 4th 2007

So not long ago we were lucky enough to have a 5 day weekend due to the holiday Chuseok. Chuseok is a very big travel holiday here as many people return to their home town, dress up in traditional Korean dress, visit the graves of the ancestors and have meals with their family. Many Koreans call it their thanksgiving but to me its seems more like Christmas as it is very family oriented and at the same time it is a very big time to give gifts. Most stores we went to had big plastic wrapped gift packages of SPAM maybe 5 cans in it for like 40 bucks....i dont get it but hey then again I'm the new guy. Also on these holidays cities become ghost towns and it was quite spooky walking down ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon October 4th 2007

Having Sundays included in our days off now has been fantastic for getting to church in the mornings. What's even better, is that the service only starts at 11:30 which means we get a sleep in too! It does also mean that the start to our adventure is a little delayed, so, to make the most of our three days off (and we really need them after 10 days with only one day off in the middle!) we headed off to church with back packs packed, ready for our adventure as soon as church was over This time we were joined by 2 of our work collegues, Laura and Rachel, and Erica, a friend from church (who decided to come that morning at church). Just as planned, after church, we all piled onto a bus and ... read more
Welcome to Muui-do
Up and over
Is it a bird or a bug?

Asia » South Korea » Incheon October 1st 2007

Our last day actually turned out to be Great. We got up and did some Laundry!. Lol WE next headed out to a palace which ended up being the best one we saw. I cannot believe for 3$ we got to see so much. Korea is about half the expense or less of Japan. So if you want a cheap holiday with an Asia flavor this is the place to be. Airport transit to Seoul was just $4 CDN equivelant! 70 KM Wow At the palace we saw the changing of the guard, gardens, and exhibits. The better half dressed up in traditional Korean wardrobe and I snapped a few pics. Sorry no pics today either. They will come when I have a USB port on a safe computer. Next we walked to an antique shopping ... read more
Example of a Korean Meal
Korean Typical Dress
Hmmm Who Is This Woman?

Asia » South Korea » Incheon September 29th 2007

Nothing to really report here. I spent 24 hours stopover in South Korea and did nothing but eat and gamble at the hotel by the airport. I won bunch of money gambling. I started with 10,000 Wons and ended the night with 360,000 Wons. The denominations in Korean money are really big. While gambling, I wasn't actually sure how much my winnings were in in relation to US dollars. So I was really happy, thinking that I made a small fortune. After all, I had three hundred sixty thousand Wons. Doesn't that number sound big? Eventually I went back up to my hotel room and realized that I had only won the equivalent of some three hundred some odd US dollars. Not bad, but I'm going to blow it all on all-you-can-eat restaurants when I get ... read more
Broth to chase hangover
Alright grandma, the jig is up

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 31st 2007

You may be wondering why I'm bothering to write an entry from South Korea, seeing as I only stayed here for one night, I am wondering too, (It will become clearer at the end!) but as I sat on my 11 hour flight to Seoul I had plenty of time to reflect on my whirlwind tour of New Zealand and Sydney. 11 hours is a lot of time to fill when you are crammed into a slightly larger than sardine tin space hemmed in by many exhausted and bored looking people who you can't have a conversation with unless you speak Korean. I'd thought to come prepared for the flight from Auckland to Seoul, 30 minutes in an airport bookshop saw me finally deciding on a Jeremy Clarkson book. I'd been looking for a good story ... read more
No I'm not being savaged by Bambi!

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 27th 2007

Friday An interesting and slow day for us in Seoul. Mike and I spent the day at the Seoul museum of modern art. While we were there, I saw my first Van Gogh, Monet, and Renoir paintings. It really got me excited for the Europe leg of our trip! After we went and looked around outside the museum. Since it was a school day, there were about a million little kids running around the museum and they all had on different colors of shirts so that their teachers could identify which kids were in their class at the museum. It was a riot to watch them herd these kids around from painting to painting because the children did not want to have anything to do with the paintings. I loved this museum and had a blast ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 26th 2007

As the summer months seems to be coming to a rapid close, I figured it was high time to do some serious beach bumming for a weekend. This isn't my first beach experience in Korea but it was my first time out to Muuido Island which is just outside of Incheon (where the international airport is located). I have a friend from back home, Kimberly, who has recently moved to South Korea and her and I took a nice overnight trip out to the Islands for the weekend. At first we weren't too sure exactly where to go but figured it couldn't be too difficult. I had looked up some different beach spots and had the jist of where we were going...worse case scenario, who doesn't like an adventrue right? So we hoped on the subway ... read more
Muuido Island, fun times~!
Muuido Island, fun times~!
Muuido Island, fun times~!

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 8th 2007

Well this is my first entry. I left for my 6 months studying in Madrid today. So tired. Spent most of last night freaking out about luggage (weights, carry on etc.) But when the time came to get board everything was good. Only problem was that I didn't spend as much time hugging Lisa (my girlfriend) before I left. The day before I departed was supposed to be spent lazying around watching movies ... but alas it was not meant to be :( This was the first time I have ever been on a plane ... and let me tell you it was BORING. It's the one thing no-one tells you about. There was only one movie showing the WHOLE trip ... and it was "in the world of women":P. I gave it about 5 ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Sin-do August 7th 2007

So the monsoon season has finally come, bringing flooding in North Korea, and many days of Wellies and umbrellas here in Paju. Between the rain and the dentistry, it's been far too long since we had a proper weekend away, and time is starting to pass really slowly. So, instead of being driven mad by another weekend of emails, pancakes and TV, we packed up the regular camping gear plus two small umbrellas and caught the bus to Incheon. From bus terminal we caught a subway out of incheon, and then another bus out to Jeongjongdo, the semi-artificial island that holds Korea's huge international airport. But due to a lack of funds, we were not heading to the airport, rather to a small pier, where we were just in time to catch the last ferry to ... read more
Landing on Si-do
Looking for a campsite
Our spot on the sand

Asia » South Korea » Incheon June 28th 2007

*Sabrina and Ashley say* Hey everyone, Well, we finally made it to our first stop - South Korea. We had a great flight, albeit quite long, but it was filled with fun entertainment like tons of movies and some swollen feet. We even got to eat our first "authentic" Asian meal - Bibimbap Bowl - it was a rice, beef, veggie, and hot pepper sauce delight. We have not slept much at all though, so we can't wait to board our next flight within the next hour so we can arrive in Bangkok already and get cozied up in our hotels. This next flight will only be 5 hours, compared to the last which was 14 (plus an hour on the runway) so this will be a walk in the park. Oh, and the Subway restaurant ... read more

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