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Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 3rd 2018

We can all pack up and go home now! We have seen the most magnificent blossoms in South Korea, avenue upon avenue of beautiful white and magnificent pink blossoms. It seems the slightest wind or a few rain drops falling and they are done until next flowering season. The time is Korea was no where near enough in order to see the beautiful country side, we were on a tour for about 12 hours so stuffed by the time we arrived back at the ship. Firstly we had a long drive to see a rice cake museum, yes a museum dedicated to rice cakes, but it was so interesting to see the big part that these delicious cakes take in the Chinese culture. For example when a baby turns on a celebration cake is made, one ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon June 14th 2017

Korea: 5-29-2017 Korea Toi thuc day luc 3AM de 3:3p0AM cho nguoi den dua toi ra phi truong di Beijing. Toi di bang hanh khong Mongolia ten la Miat den Beijing. Toi o day 5hrs nhung ho khong cho toi ra phi truong vi thoi gian ngan nen toi o lai phi truong cho may bay di Seoul. Toi khoi hanh di Seoiul luc 1:30Pm va den Seoul luc 4:35PM. Toi muon khach san tai trung tam Seoul roi di cho dem o Seoul nao nhiet nhu cho Ben Thanh o Saigon 5-30-2017 Seoul, Korea Sang son toi dib o ra Gyongbokgung Palace nhung noi day dong cua ngay thu hai hom nay nen toi chi di vong ben ngoai de xem. Day khong la Unesco site nhung cung trang nghiem. Ben canh toi thyay Natioanl ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon April 9th 2016

Getting to Jangbong-do is quite a mission. First we had to take the subway to Unseo Station, which is on the airport line. Since we had sat drinking coffee in the station to wake up, we didn't have enough time to get the bus to the port, so we took a taxi to the ferry port. It wasn't very far and the taxi was just over 5,000 won. We were deposited in front of Sammok Quay. We had been there before when we went to Sin-do, Si-do and Mo-do, but I didn't recognise it at all. We walked into the terminal building, it was bedlam! I couldn't believe how busy it was. We filled out our forms for the ferry, a must post Sewol, we had to fill in two forms and keep the second one ... read more
4th Hamlet
4th Hamlet
Pretty Flowers

Asia » South Korea » Incheon August 28th 2015

So our camp was really, really fun! We went to the seaside and did lots of fun activities in the area. All of the other volunteers are really nice, and it turns out that I'm the youngest (I'm not even an adult in Korea, even though I'm 19 in Korean age). We went to a really interesting energy park that seemed really familiar to me until I realized that BAP had filmed an episode of Killing Camp there! Sadly, i only took pictures of the outside... At night we went out to the seashore and caught crabs and shellfish. I felt a little sorry for them, but in the end I was still strangely fascinated by the activity. On our way back from the camp, the four of us who are staying at the apartment together ... read more
Look what I caught

Asia » South Korea » Incheon June 17th 2015

Todays plan was that we would be going to the DMZ where there is the border of the two Koreas. We were picked up by a car from our guesthouse and taken to the place where the bus was waiting. Unfortunately we were told that the main attraction was closed because of the MERS outbreak and instead we went to the Gangwha Peace Observatory. On the way to the observatory our guide Mr. SP "special present" Hong (he wanted us to call him SP rather than mister Hong) told us about the Demilitarized zone. He told us that the DMZ was established in 1953, it's 4 km wide, there are about 1 million soldiers altogether, and 2 million landmines. The Peace observatory is the nearest observatory to North Korea. First we saw a 5 minute video ... read more
Bulgogi and Kimchi stew

Asia » South Korea » Incheon March 7th 2015

Geo: 37.4746, 126.635We arrived early at Park SFO and took the shuttle over to the domestic terminal. At the business check-in desk we had to show our Myanmar Visa (e-mail printout). At one point, the check-in agent reviewed everything starting with the phrase, "Ok, let me get this straight", which put a smile on my face. The flight to Seattle was uneventful. This flight had DirecTV satellite in the business class seatbacks, which was interesting. Whenever an announcement came on, it would mute but of course not pause. This let me keep reading the captions on the news through those announcements.In Seattle we hung out at the BA lounge (rented by Asiana during the afternoons), had a few snacks, some M&Ms, and read. I picked up a plastic-wrapped apple and put it in my bag for ... read more
Asiana Flight Business Class
Thai Airways Business class
Thai Airways Business class

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Yeongheung-do December 1st 2014

Well since I'm going to be travelling for awhile i figure I'll post somewhere that isn't going to remind my friends of social media my i daily antics. So I've decided to start a travelling blog to track my escapades and adventures across Asia. I think more so for myself so I can journal and actually process and remember my trip, feels like i may party too much :P This is my 2nd day in korea and its very cold and windy today, i double booked 2 rooms by accident on airbnb, he let me change the date to tomorrow so i dont lose out on the money. Today im staying with a very nice family near gimpo airport, they have a 3 bedroom apartment which is very cozy, he was nice enough to pick me ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Incheon » Deokjeok-do November 15th 2014

15th Nov: We had stayed the night at Incheon, so that we were close to the ferry terminal. We had tried to stay at the same motel as we had when we went to Baeknyeong-do, but since we had arrived late, after 11 pm, it was full. But the lovely man pointed out another motel to us. We were up early, as our ferry left at nine am, luckily the motel was a tow minute walk to the ferry terminal. It wasn't as busy as it had been back in May, I noticed that the old information board had been removed and replaced with a brand new electronic one. No sign left of the Sewol now. We got our tickets from the desk, they were very efficient, as they had them printed out ready for us. ... read more
Cute Kitty
Seopori Beach
Seopori Beach

Asia » South Korea » Incheon September 21st 2014

So, the Asian Games came to Incheon. We knew that it was happening for a while, but there was a complete lack of information online in English. When the timetable for the events came out, we looked to see what was on, that was also a mess, as it wasn't set out very logically. We tried to figure out how to buy tickets, haha not a chance! There was no ticketing option in English, and since we don't have legit ID numbers on our alien cards, (foreigners have either more or less digits, so a lot of websites don't recognise them) we couldn't order tickets online. A friend tried to help us out, by ringing the event organisers. That just made her angry as they never answered the phone, so she rang the Incheon city government, ... read more
Signs In The Subway Station
Signs In The Subway Station
Half Finished Songdo

Asia » South Korea » Incheon June 24th 2014

Many years ago I had my first sampling of Korean food back in my home country of Myanmar, and found it very much to my liking. Since then, I've always wanted to see South Korea, officially called the Republic of Korea. I had my chance when a Korean friend whom I had known briefly in Thailand when he was working there, invited me to visit his country. It was the first week of May in Bangkok, Thailand. I had just returned from visiting my daughter and her family in Los Angeles, USA. The new academic year at the college where I worked was due to begin in 10 days time, but I still had the travel itch in me. So, on a sudden impulse I shot an email to Mr. Kim in Seoul saying that I ... read more
S Korea 8 May 2008-3
S Korea 8 May 2008-8
S Korea 8 May 2008-11

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