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Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Sokcho December 10th 2011

This is a note I wrote myself to remember my first race. It took place in Korea in April of this year. It was a 22km hill climb on the east coast of Korea. Since I am in the middle of a 4 week travel binge I decided to post this before finishing my blog about Roma.. or Istanbule... or Budapest... Prague... the road trip to 14 different countries in 4 days. Hope this satisfies your blog fix. I haven't proof read this and I didn't originally intend to make this public so I hope nothing appears that I will regret? April 9, 2011 6:05pm Tomorrow I will race for the first time. My journey started 7 weeks ago as I started training after a 2.5 month hiatus. Training was not as good as hoped but ... read more
WEplay team.
podium finish.

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Sinnam November 15th 2011

Warning: This blog contains images, descriptions and a video of oversized stone, wood and fibreglass male genitalia, and is laced with words conveying double meanings (literal and sexual). If this is likely to cause offence, then please do not read. The world is filled with bizarre places and practices which demonstrate that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. But few are more peculiar than Haesindang Park in the fishing port of Sinnam on South Korea’s east coast, whose fame (or should that be infamy) is attributed to a local legend. Many years ago a young maiden called Aebawi was married to a local fisherman. One day prior to a fishing excursion, he placed his wife on some rocks, promising to return. However, the weather dramatically changed and a storm rapidly brooded and erupted, and despite the ... read more
Aebawi's glorious view - Haesindang Park, Sinnam, South Korea
The curiously shaped lighthouse - Sinnam, South Korea
Haesindang Park looms over Sinnam - South Korea

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Seoraksan October 24th 2011

Do something everyday that scares you. That’s the motto of my 18 year old daughter, Jessica. Luckily for me, as an American living in Asia, accomplishing that is no problem! There’s the little things, like riding a subway throughout a new city without being able to speak or read the language. Or perhaps it’s simply getting lost in the markets – again with no language skills. Then there’s the biggies. The ones you look back on and say, hmmm, now that was a little crazy, but now that I’ve done it, I feel like I can handle traveling the world. For me, that’s just a handful of things. Included in that list would be using a squatty potty – over troughs, mountains of s*#t, or open air behind a rock. Also included would be the art ... read more
On the top
Rolling fog

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do October 16th 2011

A very early start this morning. Had to be in Seoul, ready to be picked up at 7:30. Ouch! The bus journey to Gangwon-do was pretty uneventful. First port of call was bungee jumping and since I had already done one, I slept on the bus while everyone else got off and did it. So that was a nice two hour nap for me. As it was now lunch time we stopped at Goseokjeong Pavillion. First I took some pictures of the planes in front of the museum. The planes had been used during the Korean War. Had a quick look in the war museum, not very interesting. Although after being to the one in Seoul. However the Goseokjeong Pavillion area was really beautiful. I love Korea in the autumn there are just so many beautiful ... read more
Goseokjeong Pavillion
Goseokjeong Pavillion
Goseokjeong Pavillion

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Jungdo Island June 3rd 2011

Today it's Friday - and that makes me happy - as it means the weekend is upon us baby. And this weekend we have a long weekend as it's memorial day on Monday. I'm sitting at my desk right now indulging in rice "That's why I put on weight" cakes from Korea. GOD they are delicious. Here's the good and the bad news of it - the good is that my allergies have COMPLETELY gone away as eveey desssert here is literarlly made up of only rice and sugar (goodbye butter/milk etc!) but the bad news is well it's rice...RICE all the time! However, I am not here to write to you and grumble, so I'll move on as I put the fifth piece of rice cake into my gob! First things first, I'll start with ... read more
The infamous cart
Jungdo Island 034
I miss driving!

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do May 18th 2011

For many of us foreigners living in South Korea, there’s something about Sunday night. It’s that one night you occasionally find yourself missing the comforts of home. More so, the Sunday night dinner tradition that many expats are used to back home. For me, Sunday night is “roast night” with my family, so moving to a place where the idea of a roast was virtually nonexistent took a bit of getting used to. So you can imagine my surprise and delight last Sunday, when things took a turn for the better. My friends and I had been hanging out at Chuncheon’s famous Gongjicheon Park, sunbathing, playing in the fountain, and even running through it because the weather was so warm. We suddenly received a call from our Korean friend who invited us to Hongcheon River for ... read more
The river at dusk
The tables - water all around - that families come and enjoy their dinner on!

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Taegye-dong April 25th 2011 here I am! A few weeks in and starting to find my feet in Korea.... This week I'm observing and getting a feel for the classes I'll be teaching - I'm teaching boys and girls, and let me tell you I get the feeling the boys will be a handful. The problem is the kids over here are bored shitless in their English classes - so they need to be awoken - I almost feel like bringing a bloody firework into my first class and letting it off. They are so excited about having a 'real' English teacher teach them...I'm hoping they will at least partly behave for me. Although we are warned to be strict aka not crack jokes, not be there 'friend' for a few weeks - that's right, I've got to try ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Taegye-dong April 4th 2011

Annyong! I'VE TOUCHED DOWN IN SOUTH KOREA BABY! So, I arrived at my EPIK orientation in Daejeon after 16 hours of travelling! That night, I met my awesome roomy Cateline (a lovely Irish girl) , and she took me out on the town (this is another big city a couple of hours out of Seoul) where I met heaps of expats. And got so many emails! ha, gotta make friends somehow. BUT anywho, onwards and upwards, got taken to my apartment last night. And can I just say WOW! This lovely Korean lady Young - my co-teacher - who I'll be teaching with...said it was as big as her apartment (that houses her famiy of 4!) but my god , she wasn't wrong! I'm talking THREE BEDROOMS, a big living area, two balconies....overlooking Chencheon city...very nice! ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Chuncheon » Nami Island January 31st 2011

Alas we awoke to alarm bells ringing at 4:30 am, after six hours of slumber in our beds as we stumbled around beneath the covers wishing for more time to sleep. Pressing her snooze button only once, Shauna bounded out of bed ready to press the coffee pot into action and climb into her already running hot shower. It wasn't yet in me to venture out of the bed where I lay eyes sleepily awake pressing the snooze alarm another couple of times, wishing I hadn't agreed to go on another Korail trip. Thankfully all we had to do this morning was wake up, eat a light snack, drink a fresh cup of java and head out the door to catch the early morning express bus to Hapjeong station because we had packed our day bags ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Seoraksan December 20th 2010

Sokcho Na twee en een halve week eindelijk vertrokken uit Seoul naar Sokcho. Een klein stadje aan de oostkust, vnl. een vissersplaats en niet zoveel te doen en te zien. Maar in de buurt van een nationaal park, Seoraksan en had verzonnen hier dagtripjes naar toe te maken. Na aankomst met de bus op zoek naar hostel, zou heel gemakkelijk moeten zijn om te vinden. Vanaf het moment dat ik uitstapte werd ik heel de tijd lastig gevallen door een motel-propper. Op een gegeven moment maar gevraagd in een restaurantje waar het hostel zou moeten zijn. Het bleek aan de andere kant van de stad te zijn, maar hij zou wel bellen want hij wist wel wat. Het was donker en had geen zin om een taxi te nemen/bus te zoeken, dus op ingegaan. Eerste voorstel ... read more

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