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Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do September 10th 2012

Gangneung It took us an hour to get from Tongil Victory Park to Gangneung which is further up the east coast, however we got off at completely the wrong stop and ended up wandering around Gangneung city for a while trying to find the right bus stop. We’d planned for the next couple of days to chill out and camp near the beach before heading up to the mountains for some hiking. We got a bus to Gyeongpo beach as I’d read there was a campsite. When we turned up it was to a chaotic absolutely packed to the rim beach. There was weird music blaring out and there seemed to be some kind of promotion going on (on the beach) for fridge freezers – why would you target trendy young beach goers as fridge buyers? ... read more
military observation by the sea
Beach camping
Giant Buddha at Seoraksan

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do August 21st 2012

WARNING. Family scroll down if you dont want to read about or see lots of willies! We were tempted to visit a different country for our summer holiday this year. However due to saving for UK trip and to go travelling and feeling that we should see as much of where we’re living as possible, we chose to stay in Korea. We wanted to spend 12 days travelling up the east coast to Gangwon-Do, a province in the north east of peninsula known for its nice beaches and outstanding mountains. Excited to start our trip we decided to get the bus from Daegu to Samcheok straight after school. Unfortunately contrary to advice from Daegu Tourist Information we had missed the last bus by hours. We were a bit peeved as we’d trekked across town with our ... read more
Lots of willies
More phallic sculptures

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Samcheok July 29th 2012

29th Jul: The bus from Gangneung to Samcheok was quick, convenient and cheap. The ticket was 5,000 won and the bus pretty much pulled away as soon as I got on. The bus was pretty empty so I got to streth out a bit and the journey took about an hour. I arrived in Samcheok just before five and headed to the tourist information office. The woman was really helpful and said it would be better to got the caves first in the morning before going to the penis park. She recommended a couple of love motels, the first one looked a bit ghetto, but the second looked a lot nicer, even though it was pretty expensive, at 70,000 won a night. The love motel was called Star Motel and really nice. The wife on the ... read more
Hwaseongul Cave
Hwaseongul Cave
Hwaseongul Cave

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung July 28th 2012

28th Jul: A lovely day relaxing at home. My train didn't leave from Seoul until 11pm, so had plenty of time to get there. I had never heard of the station, Cheongnyangni, before, but it was easy to find. I got to the station early, picked up my ticket, had a coffee, and watched some TV, alternating between the Olymiopcs and a historical K drama. Not that I could understnad what was going on in either of them. The train left at 11 on the dot. It was a mugunghwa, an older more peasant express train, than the KTX, however you were allowed to breathe on here. The staff aren't Nazis like the KTX staff. Managed a little snooze. 29th Jul: After stopping at a million stations, w arrived in Jeongdongjin at about 4:30 am. I ... read more
Just before sunrise
It's starting
It's starting

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do July 18th 2012

After talking about it for about a year, we finally planned a rafting trip to Northern Korea, and it came to pass last weekend. A group of 8 of us met in Inje, a small town that seems to make most of its money from outdoor sports activities—there was rafting, bungee jumping, and hiking (Seoraksan National Park) nearby. It was a long journey from Daegu. We left from Bukbu Bus Terminal at 8:40, transferred buses at Wonju, and finally arrived in Inje around 1pm. The scenery was beautiful, but the weather wasn't encouraging. After about 2 weeks of muggy 85 degree Daegu weather, we were unpleasantly surprised to end up in rainy, 70-degree Inje. Our Seoul friends got in about the same time, and then a Korean-speaking friend called the rafting company to pick us up ... read more
Money Drying
Leafy Greens
Pork and Garlic

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do July 2nd 2012

A blog about river trekking in Korea. People back in Coloma will be happy to know that rivers in Korea have some bite to them! Got nothing on the South Fork though ;) read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do June 8th 2012

I had two holidays in the last few weeks, and I think I used them well. The first holiday was Buddha’s Birthday, and we had a three-day weekend. Some friends and I decided to go to Samcheok (pronounced Sam-chuck), a large town/small city on the coast, to the northeast of Daegu. Our bus ride was 4½ hours (from Dongbu bus terminal), so it took a while. I had never been to that area of the country, but the scenery is really nice—there are lots of pine-forested mountains next to rocky coastlines. One of the friends I went with is Korean, and he told us that people from that area are known in Korea as ‘potato-eaters’, a pretty negative description. Because of the landscape, people there couldn’t grow a lot of rice and had to eat potatoes. ... read more
At the Seaside Statue Park
Bell of Hope (or something like that)

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do January 28th 2012

Sat 28th: Another early start! Left Seoul around 8 am and headed east to Gangwon-do. Our first stop was at Yongyeon Cave. After donning a hard hat we were allowed into the cave. The cave was well set out with a walk way around it so you could see the stalactities and stalagmites. The cave was pretty deep and bigger than I had imagined. In the middle of the cave there was a light and water show, where fountains lit up and sprayed water. A little tacky, but the rest of the cave was quite good. We were meant to take a little train upto the caves, however due to the snow, the train wasn't working. The area around the cave was pretty peaceful and picturesque with all the snow. The cave is located along the ... read more
Yongyeon Cave
Shark's Head
Pirates of the Carribean

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Hwacheon January 14th 2012

Ranked in the top 3 winter festivals in Korea, Hwacheon Ice Festival is popular among Koreans and foreigners alike. For the past 7 years, thousands of people have flocked to Hwacheon to attend this chilly festival and this year it was my turn. First things first – Hwacheon is in Gangwon Do province (yes the one I live in!) which is known for its deep winter freeze. Saying it’s cold is an understatement – rather it chills you to the bone and even when you're wearing 2 pairs of socks, 5 jumpers (or jackets) AND boots you can still feel the cold. On the plus side, festivals like this one help all us waygooks make the most of the chilly weather, and keep our minds off the cold. We arrived and instantly found ourselves amused by ... read more
The corridor!
It's ice fishing time!
Two sets of hands are better than one right?

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung January 1st 2012

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good Christmas and that Santa brought you everything you asked for. Thought I'd give a little update to fill you all in on what's been going on here over Christmas. The last week of school before Christmas was pretty fun, nice and easygoing. The week ended on Friday with a school trip to a chocolate making factory with the little kids. You can imagine the carnage that 50 little kids armed with tubes of liquid chocolate would cause. It was all over their faces, clothes, the floor, but luckily some of it made it to actual solid chocolate form which they could take home. Back at school we had a big buffet lunch with them all, after which Santa Claus (or Santa haraboji in Korean) paid a visit. ... read more
Angel with her kimchi pose
Ho ho ho!
Snow covered beach

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