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Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang August 17th 2018

Dear All Wow! Greetings from Pyeongchang, South Korea! Six months ago, when I visited Northern Ireland for a few days, I remember watching the Winter Olympics on TV while I was having breakfast in my lovely BnB there in Belfast, and thinking that in a few months, I’ll be there myself. In fact, here it is, I am here myself! It seems so strange to be here, having seen this place on TV on the other side of the world so many times, and it’s actually really amazing. I have had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days here, and just when I thought travel fatigue might be around the corner, starting to get the better of me, up popped Pyeongchang, and I am renewed once more with travel energy again! And I don’t think it will ... read more
Mt Balwangsan Cable Car View
Winter Olympics 2018 Ski Jump

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang February 26th 2018

I leave in 2 days - it's been an unbelievable experience. I came here not knowing what I was doing, who I would meet, and what would happen while I'm here. I had no expectations because I had no idea what would happen. All I knew about the Olympics is what I saw on TV from previous Olympics. The Koreans did a fabulous job preparing for the Olympics. They put in roads, 2 major train stations, improved train timetables, arranged for hundreds of buses to move around workforce, spectators, and athletes. They built the venues where the competition would be held. There were decorative banners and mascots everywhere. The Olympic Park had lots of fun things to do inbetween competition events. There were events at the beach, and hospitality houses (I only made it to 2) ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung February 24th 2018

I want to start out by thanking everyone for your wonderful comments. I'm so busy right now that I barely have time to do this blog, so I can't respond to your comments. I'm glad you are enjoying this blog and an insider view of how the Olympics operate and what volunteers do. I'm sure you have seen all the volunteers at the venues and competitions in their red and gray uniforms. I have no idea how many volunteers there are, but it's alot. My position is an NOC Assistant. I was offered the position as an NOC Assistant in October 2017. They described the duties as: "The role of an NOC/NPC Assistant you have chosen is an elite volunteer position who offers assistance in a variety of tasks during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. You'll ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang February 21st 2018

Sunday, Feb. 18th The days are just flying by now that I'm working and seeing events. My assignment at work recently has been to watch the housekeeping staff to be sure they are doing everything they are supposed to do (because there have been complaints from the athletes). I go with them to the rooms and make sure the trash is emptied, sheets & towels are changed, floors and countertops are wiped down, etc. It's not a bad assignment - I've been able to talk to the athletes. At first I was hesitant to strike up a conversation with them, but I got over that! One coach (I think he was the bobsled coach) called me the Quality Control Inspector - so I started using that as a job title!!!! We are so lucky with TeamUSA. ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang February 17th 2018

I'm sorry I haven't posted a blog in awhile. I've been really busy. Wednesday, Feb. 14 - Happy Valentine's Day What an awesome day. I went back to work at the USOC office. There's actually not alot of work to do right now - just little things like shopping and other errands. So we site around and watch 3 events all at once. The USOC office is great because we have 3 TV's. Other Team offices don't have TV's and the volunteers are bored to death. We watched Shaun White get his gold medal. I decided I wanted to see the Medals Ceremony that evening. Hmmm - that meant I had to figure out the transportation. There are lots of buses: TW (Transport Workforce - that's us the workers), TS (Spectators), TC (Competition Venues), and TA ... read more
Shaun White during National Anthem
Look at Japanese guy
Biting the gold medal.

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Pyeong-Chang February 15th 2018

WLS-Ch.7 blames graphics 'mix-up' for confusion between P.F. Chang's and Pyeongchang WLS-Ch. 7 confuses Pyeongchang with P.F. Chang's on a Saturday morning broadcast. A spokesperson said the graphic was created for a different "satirical piece." (HANDOUT) Kim JanssenContact ReporterChicago Tribune Pyeongchang is a mountainous county 110 miles southeast of Seoul in South Korea, and the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. P.F. Chang’s is an Asian-inspired chain restaurant with 210 U.S. locations, including ones in Chicago, Lombard, Northbrook, Orland Park and Schaumburg. PyeongChang and P.F. Chang’s are not the same... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung February 14th 2018

The Norovirus results are in, the quarantine is over, and we can all go back to work. I had Monday & Tuesday off from work so I went to the Olympic Park to do some fun stuff. Monday, Feb. 12 I got a ticket to the Figure Skating Team event (10:00 am) so I went with my Philippines roommate, Razzel. She actually only lived with us 6 days, she has relocated her job to be a timer at the Ski Jump, and moved to Wonju University dormitory. The move to another University doesn't make sense because she will have a longer bus ride from there to the Ski Jump. But my roommates & I are happy because the 3 of us are really compatible and we weren't so compatible with her. The Figure Skating team event ... read more
My ticket
Figure Skating Team Event
Zamboni driver

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung February 12th 2018

Saturday, February 10 Sabria & I decided to go to Gangneung Olympic Park (GOP) today. We took the TC5 bus from CKU campus, did the security check, and we were on our way to explore. The Olympic Park has lots of interesting things to check out, and if you don't mind standing in line like at Disneyland, then you can do some fun stuff & get cool stuff. Unfortunately we were there on Saturday & many families were there and the lines were long. We did a few things like the Coca Cola photo, then you # it on social media & get a pin. They have a McDonalds here (also with a long line), Korea & Japan hospitality houses, Samsung, North Face, & the Super Store where you can spend a Super amount of money! ... read more
Korea Hospitality House
Coca Cola Building
The mascot

Asia » South Korea » Gangwon-do » Gangneung February 10th 2018

Don't jump to conclusions - I didn't go to the Opening Ceremony. We went to a viewing party at the Holland Heineken Hospitality House. I'm not feeling totally well yet but I wasn't going to miss this one. The HHH is one of many hospitality houses from different countries. Some are open to the public, some not. Here's an article about the Hospitality Houses. I apologize for where the photos end up - I have no control over that. Ken Hanscom Your guide to everything PyeongChang 2018. Olympics planning, tickets, sponsorship, & experiences. In South Korea Feb. 7–25. Contact: Jan 15 Olympic Hospitality House List for PyeongChang Winter Games — Ultimate Guide to PyeongChang 2018 Visiting the Olympic hospitality houses are one of the favorite activities for fans and event plan... read more
Austria House
Canada House
Czech House

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