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Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam June 7th 2015

Huhu, so nun hab ich mich auch ein wenig eingelebt und kann schon ein wenig berichten. Gestern gegen 10 bekam ich schon mein Zimmer, obwohl 14 Uhr erst checkin ist. Gebucht hatte ich ein 10Bed Female Dorm(10 Bett Frauenzimmer) ,doch da dort die Klima nicht funktionierte, durfte ich in ein 8bed Mixed Dorm(8 Bett Zimmer gemischt), welches aber nun im Endeffekt doch nur mit Frauen belegt ist. Wir sind 3 Deutsche und der Rest kommt aus England. Ich hab euch schon ein paar Fotos mit reingestellt, damit ihr euch mal ein Bild machen koennt, wie ich nun wohne. Ich zahle 22S$(ca 14,50Euro) und habe Fruehstueck und Wlan inklusive. Das ist schon echter Luxus. Nachdem ich mein Zimmer bezogen habe und mich umgezogen habe, wollte ich meine Umgebung mal ein wenig erkunden. Das gab ich allerdings zeitnah ... read more
Huckleberry Teddy war auch froh bald anzukommen
die Aussenansicht des Hostels
Das Hostelbad,was eher einem Balkon mit Duschen und Toiletten ist

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam June 6th 2015

Hallo ihr Lieben! Jetzt auf die Schnelle eine kurze Nachricht,dass ich gut Singapur angekommen bin. Der Flug war glücklicherweise ruhig,schlafen konnt ich leider trotzdem nicht.Vielleicht die Aufregung. Die stellte sich dann doch kurz vor der Verabschiedung ein. Da wurde ich dann doch etwas unruhig. Eine Riesenüberraschung gab es dann auch noch in Frankfurt, da Steffi (einigen vllt besser bekannt als Keks) auf einmal auftauchte mit meinem geliebten Patenkind Sophia als Überraschungsabschiedsgast. Vielen Dank auch noch an meine Eltern,die mit Keks unter einer Decke steckten. Ich hab mich wahnsinnig gefreut! Nachher wird noch geskypt mit meinen Ellis und was sonst noch passiert ,ist noch nicht so ganz raus. Dank des fehlenden Schlafes im Flieger bin ich doch echt fertig. Ich halte euch auf dem Laufenden und das nächste Mal wieder mit Pics! Ganz liebe Grüße ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam October 15th 2014

15th October Today we decided to try again on catching the bus into town and succeeded! We jumped off at Kampong Glam and just wandered around the local area - Arab St and Haji Lane. Lots of local artwork are really cool little cafes and shops. We were looking for somewhere to eat when we happened to walk past a restaurant with a queue nearly out the door. Peering in the open windows to see what was on offer, we saw it specialised in Prawn Mee soup - my favorite! Mia sat down to grab a place for us to sit whilst I lined up to order. We had the most amazing Prawn Mee soup I've ever had (We paid the extra couple of dollars for the massive prawns)! We'd learned earlier in our trip to ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam April 14th 2013

On Monday morning, I went for dim sum before setting off on my 11am bus ride to Singapore. The journey was pretty straight-forward and the border crossing easy. Considering some of my previous international bus journeys, I was a little pessimistic. Arriving in Singapore, I went to the cash point to discover that I couldn't withdraw any money. Fun times. I found a money changer and changed the remainder of my ringgits into Singapore dollars, then hopped in a taxi, with the mindset to figure out the bank card issue later. As it happened, I drew money out the next day, no problem. When I got to the Happy Snail Hostel, I was pleasantly surprised to see Emma still around. I knew she'd been staying here, but assumed she'd have left by the time I arrived. ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam December 25th 2009

We had our annual Christmas gathering at the Coffee Nations this afternoon. The small corner of the cosy cafe were packed to the brim by 24 of us. A few surprise gifts caught me unprepared this afternoon as I had not prepared any gifts in return. I do not claim to be on the best of terms with all 24 of them. There were some whom we drifted apart over the course of the year when I left the company. I'm kind of thankful that I was still invited for this informal Christmas gathering. I was happy to see them again. Of course with such a huge group, it was virtually impossible to mingle with everybody present given the few hours this afternoon. Finally, I decided to stick with my usual kakis whom I was most ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam December 12th 2009

With all this time sitting in Singapore, I decided it was high time to get more exposure to spirituality going on around here. I've long commended Singapore in its mecca of cross-cultural flavors. I set out with Brittany to walk the streets for 2 days, exploring as many spiritual centers as possible. We started at the Yishun station, only a few miles away from the ship. It's the drop off point for the bus that runs from the ship to the train statin every hour. Of course, no walking tour is complete without stopping at Starbucks. It's very warm in Singapore, but it was an early start for us and the Starbucks is next to the station too. Around every corner, it seems there is a spiritual center of some sort. Just on the bus ... read more
In the Temple

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam November 19th 2009

Its 16h00 here and its been raining most of the day. I'm not complaining, after a long night bus, its quite nice just to chill out, and this hostel is a great place to do so. I'm staying at Sleepy Sams (, at the heart of the Muslim quarter of Kampong Glam. Bus journey over was fine, untill we got to the Singapore side of customs and realised the bus wasn't taking us any further! Had to bribe another coach driver was RM10 (About GBP1.80) to take me into the city centre. Got off the bus and realised that I had no SG$'s and not a clue what street the hostel was on. After an hour of wondering I'd found a cash point and the hostel (had to ask for directions in the end) and all ... read more
Sleepy Sams
Sleepy Sams
Sleepy Sams

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam September 28th 2009

Comme un retour au bercail Singapore, Changi Airport, le soir du 22 septembre. Un petit Boeing 737 de Malaysian Airlines, en provenance de Kuala Lumpur, se fraye timidement un chemin sur le tarmac, entre la meute imposante des Airbus A-380 de Singapore Airlines. A bord, un voyageur suisse, parti le matin même de Tokyo, finit de lire un quotidien malaysien en anglais, le premier journal depuis plusieurs mois. Après d'interminables zigzags, l'avion se trouve finalement une petite place libre pour apponter. Il est 20h25, le commandant de bord annonce 28 degrés au sol et remercie les passagers. Welcome to Singapore ! Dès ma sortie du terminal, je suis approché par deux jeunes filles en tenue publicitaire. Elles m'offrent une carte postale stylisée sur laquelle un bolide file à toute allure dans les rues illuminées de la ... read more
Sir Stamford Raffles, fondateur de la cité et poseur-né
Financial District
au Musée des civilisations asiatiques

Asia » Singapore » Kampong Glam August 21st 2009

Pre-Travel Blues This might become one of "many" future solo trips or this might turn out to be an experience that will make me forget about the idea of traveling alone. I’ve been trying to motivate myself in the past days to make myself an itinerary or plan a more organized trip … in vain. I had been feeling too down to even want to do anything and I even thought of just cancelling the trip. The past days have not been great but aside from personal stuff going on, this usually happens days prior to a trip. It’s the time again when I would keep asking myself why am I doing this? Why do I have to go? What’s there to see anyway? Why do I have to wake up at dawn to go to ... read more
Alex Coelho
The Sultan Mosque

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