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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 20th 2019

Pohodove vstavanie, docapovanie free vody do 1l flase + asi 0.2l do flasky co som dostal v koreii a smer hrncovna na ranajky. Konecne nudle, tak zmena oproti ryzi. Najedeny smer severna plaz langop. Najskor idem po rovnakej cesticke ako vcera, neskor to ale lomim k zapadnemu pobreziu. Minam vysielac a uz som pri prvej zapadnej plazi. Samozrejme odliv tak nahovno a lodky. No i tak toto neni moj ciel. Obiehaju ma motorky, vzdy zatrubia aby na seba upozornili. Asi po polhodine prichadzam do ciela. Ono idem bosy, inak by som to dal rychlejsie. Bosim idem, bo ma slapky este na camotes island odrali a hoji sa to dost pomalicky. Na plazi rezort s restikou ale to ignorujem a idem az uplne v pravo ku skale , ktora vrcha na plaz tien. Usadzam sa, pomalicky zacina ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 19th 2019

Zobudenie sa tesne pred zazvonenim budika o 3.25. Smer dive centrum. Tu akurat nakladali na karu vybavu, tu potom tlacili az na plaz a vsetko dali na clnok a z clnka na lod. Dnes ideme potapat traja plus guide. Amik ma advance ale ma menej ponorov nez ja, vraj okolo 20. Zrejme si hned po owd spravil aj vyssi level. Inak to je potom dost klamlive, papir ma ale skusenosti nie. Chalan co ide s nami bol aj vcera, francuz abo belgican. Prakticky celu dobu bol na mobile. Bud telefonoval abo vypisoval. Z dive centra ideme na plaz, nalodenie na vcerajsi clnok, ten nas premiestnil na lodku. Fasujeme banany, moje ranajky, a smer tresher zraloci. Ostrov nam ostava za chrbtom, ideme na vychod. Na zapade neskutocny spln mesiaca. Uplna nadhera. Pred cielom vyrazne spomalujeme, kotvime sa ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 18th 2019

Rano v sprche netiekla voda a to sa mi chcelo srat. Tak hned nahlasenie v restike a obsluha sa pustila do opravy. No opravili to az poobede zrejme. Baba co som jej vcera poradil cestu na ubytko ide tiez potapat, odporucila mi fun&sune dive. Po hlavnej ulicke som sa vybral na vychodny breh ostrova. Zastavka v hrncovni na ranajky tesne pred namestickom kde je na vyber viac jedla ale nie rano. Prichadzam na plaz, no sklamanie, same lodky, takze zadny relax. Po pobrezi idem k odporucanemu dive centru. Baba sa ma hned pyta aku mam certifikaciu, tak jej klamem ale kedze ju chce vidiet zistuje, ze je owd. K zralokom teda mozem ist ale musim si zaplatit instruktora a to je drahe. Este mi vola divemastera, s nim debatujem, vraj by sa dalo aj s owd ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 17th 2019

V noci boli vypadky elektriky, takze fan nefungoval a v izbe bez okna do ulice strasne teplo co malo za nasledky, ze som sa budil. Nad ranom do toho vsetkeho este skriekajuce zvuky zvierat. Z ubytka teda padam nieco pred 6.00. Mierim do centra, v pekarni opat ranajky vo forme kolacikov. Pri platbe som sa odrbal, miesto 100p som zaplatil 1000p bankovkou. Mi to aj bolo cudne co predavacka beha po celej pekarni a hlada prachy. Ta mi potvrdila, ze ziadne jeepeney neni. Hned sa mi ponukol chlapik za 120p. Idem von z mesta, predsa ked odchadza lod, musi tam nieco ist,i ked je pravda, ze lod ide az o 8.30 Cestou zastavuju pri mne dalsi motorkari, cena 100p. Vyslapal som kopcek a zas dalsi motorkar. No ten vedel len filipinsky, nakonec mu ukazujem 70p a ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua April 5th 2015

For our wedding anniversary we wanted something idyllic and relaxing, we wanted a small island with a nice beach. Not just any beach though, we'd set our minds on the Philippines. In the end we settled on the picturesque island of Malapascua and our timing was not half bad. To get to the island of Malapascua we had to travel to one of the most northern towns of Cebu; Maya, and catch a boat to our destination of Malapascua. Usually there are big yellow coaches with air con taking people to Maya but I think we may have just missed one, hence being piled into a small minivan. During our 4 hour ride to Maya we got talking to a group of Filipinos who were heading to a town an hour outside of Maya for a ... read more
Loungers were calling our name
Our boat
Underwater tunnel

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua April 19th 2013

Så er vi landet i Filippinerne. Tilbragte de første døgn i på samme tid hektiske og kaotiske Manila. Stilen var ligesom lagt, da taxachaufføren på vej fra lufthavnen spurgte, om vi vidste hvor vores hotel lå, og da vi svarede benægtede, var næste spørgsmål om vi havde et kort?! Han fandt dog hotellet efter at have spurgt om vej nogle gange. Og det virker til at være meget symptomatisk for Filippinerne: Tingene går nok alligevel. Manilla repræsenterer den mest kaotiske trafik vi har oplevet til dato. Der er ingen lyskryds, og det kan nok også være det samme. Biler og jeepney's (minibus lignende offentlig transport) møver i ordets bogstavligste forstand på for at komme frem, og skifter vejbane i et væk. Det er med hjertet i halsen, at man som fodgænger forsøger at krydse vejen. Ingen ... read more
Elsker massage...
Klart, klart vand

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua February 5th 2013

As the title of the blog suggests, Malapascua is a place that we both fell in love with – However up until about an hour before we left, we almost cut-it from our itinerary completely due to all the bad weather forecasts we were reading online and the fact that to get there we would have to contend with a fairly long journey from Cebu. We decided to go with our gut instincts and try it out and if the weather was that bad, we could always move on. We first needed to make our way early to the northern bus terminal on the outskirts of town and board a yellow Ceres bus heading to Maya. This journey took around 4 hours but passed some spectacular scenery along the way, we then had to negotiate getting ... read more
Thresher Sharks
Typical beach on Malapscua
Night dive, ready for action . . .

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua June 23rd 2012

Malapascua & Bantayan Islands So here we are, almost 9 months into our trip, happier than ever and celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary… in amazingly beautiful Philippines. Yes, we did plan this anniversary to be spent in the Visayas and we worked and planned very hard (by hard I mean, skipping some places, rushing through some other amazing places etc) so that we could be there in this particular time of the year. Our honey moon was not a romantic gate away somewhere hot and tropical but historically rich and romance infused trip to Paris so we wanted the BIG 5 to be in one of those places. We planned our stay in Philippines to be slow and mellow without rushing and island hopping every 2-3 days. We decided to visit a maximum of 4 places ... read more
interesting view
so beautiful
Malapascua sunset

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua June 28th 2011

Our final week in the Philippines was spent on Cebu, an island that is part of the 'Visayas' in the middle of the country. But first we briefly stopped over at Bohol, a tiny island next to Cebu that is home to the Philippine tarsier, one of the smallest primates in the world. This was our primary reason for visiting but we incorporated it into a day tour of the island where we also went to see the 'chocolate hills' and a local butterfly sanctuary. We hired a tricycle for the day, complete with a very moody driver! He seemed really nice to begin with but we soon realised he was taking us to the wrong place! We wanted to go to the tarsier centre (a centre dedicated to protecting the tarsier and establishing a breeding ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Malapascua March 3rd 2011

The first thing we did when we arrived in Cebu City after a pretty long and stressfull travel from Denmark was to catch a bus to the northern city of Maya on Cebu Island, it took about four hours, and I had hoped for some sleep after the long flight, but in the Phillippines the locals are very proud of their cocks (read roosters) - that they use for their traditional cock fights - which means that they carry them with them inside the bus where they occasionally pet them. So everytime we almost went to sleep they would wake us up. The bustrip was very beautiful and full of new experiences and impressions, especially to Stefanie who had never travelled in South East Asia before and felt that special atmosphere I had been missing for ... read more
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