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Asia » Nepal » Lumbini December 21st 2017

Sad to leave Chitwan, but we had a leisurely start and only four hours to Lumbini, the birth place of Budha. On the way we stopped at a new Hindu temple, where they had a holy game of Snakes and Arrows, which it said would lead to enlightenment - looked familiar to me, maybe kids games are better than I thought. lumbini seemed an odd place, very rural, with hotels doted about and not a lot else. We went to the shrine, they have built a small building over some old ruins, and a glass cover over the very stone his mother gave birth on. Outside is the holy tree where his mother was standing when she gave birth to a very mature child, who walked 5 steps immediately and five lotus plants shot up from ... read more
Peace pagoda

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini October 30th 2015

Geo: 27.4778, 83.3121After Bardia we headed due east to Bhairawa a border town we used to live in. We knew the border here was quite porous so we figured some of our friends could help get fuel. Fortunately this worked and we topped up everything and headed for Kathmandu. The trip inland could not been further from India as the roads were just deserted. No one other than us had any fuel. Vehicles were parked all over the roads and the road verges waiting for fuel. Fuel stations were surrounded by vehicles parked in queues, for kilometers in every direction around them. Nepal has a demand for 250 tankers of fuel per day, a total of 100 tankers had crossed the border in the last 12days. Most restaurants are now closed as they have no gas ... read more
Bjaya and Lisa
Car Blessed
Buying Black Market Fuel

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini March 11th 2015

So would you believe I actually had a good sleep?! I only had to call Molly Brown once for snoring as I was dozing off, but other than that I was undisturbed, and felt good for it. I met everyone for breakfast at 0715 and it seemed everyone's spirits had lifted and a good nights sleep had done everyone the world of good. I had porridge and honey for breakfast which was lovely, and just a nice change from eating something fatty and oily. It was a shame we only had one night at the hotel, especially given that it was so nice and had a swimming pool. They were cleaning it in the morning though so weren't able to use it then either. Never mind, we were venturing to somewhere even more relaxing: Lumbini. This ... read more
By the river
Birthplace of Buddha

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini May 18th 2014

LUMBINI When I first got to Nepal people began telling me that Buddha had been born there, in Lumbini. I have a few Buddhist friends and I felt like if I was in Nepal I ought to make even an extraordinary effort to see the birthplace. The choice was whether to fly or to go overland. I chose to hire a car. Since I was taking a car it seemed pretty reasonable to ask Ashok, my guide from trekking, if he would like to go along, and bring his younger brother and sister, too. I thought it would be nicer than sitting by myself for the whole seven hour trip. Ashok is his siblings' guardian while they go to school in Kathmandu. They visit their parents in the mountains several times a year. He agreed to ... read more
My Guests: Ashok, Suvas, and Cordita
Elaborate temples and monasteries
Wonderful garden sculptures

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini January 28th 2014

Hello again, still catching up on my swing through the mid-West of Nepal, trying to get it all done before leaving for India…tomorrow. We shall see J Leaving Tansen was an easy peasy blissful experience, mainly due to the fact that Manmohan told me exactly when I had to be there. And I was there 5 minutes early, which meant I could eat oranges and donuts. Yes, donuts, freshly rolled, deep fried in a wok of oil donuts from a stand in the middle of the dusty bus park. Delish, and in my heart I’m sure they were Ayurvedic and very healthy deep fried, dusty donuts. So the bus the Lumbini was a much better ride than the one from Pokes, I unfortunately didn’t have anybody on top of me, but that’s ok. Lumbini is actually ... read more
World Peace Stupa, Lumbini
Mural inside the Sri Lankan monastery
The Sacred Garden, and pool

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini December 25th 2013

Lumbini, anno 623 prima di Cristo. Una donna in attesa di partorire e' in viaggio verso casa quando, all'improvviso e nel bel mezzo della via, aggrappandosi al ramo di un vicino albero da alla luce un bambino che, nel corso di una vita ricca di peripezie e colpi di scena, sara' destinato a diventare il Buddha, l'illuminato, da cui prendera' vita una comunita' di discepoli che andra' col tempo a costituire una delle piu' importanti religioni del mondo. E' con questa premessa che il Mercante si reca in pellegrinaggio a Lumbini, per trascorrervi in pace e meditazione il nostro santo Natale. Trovo accoglienza presso il grande tempio coreano dove, tra una stragrande maggioranza di devoti orientali, mi viene assegnata una camera nel vicino ostello per pellegrini; cominciano cosi' tre giorni di duro raccoglimento spirituale alternato a ... read more
Lumbini: tempio di Maya Devi e colonna di Ashoka
Varanasi: la citta' si estende lungo il fiume
Lumbini: pagoda della pace

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini April 11th 2013

Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha. The World Heritage sight that is home to thousands of visitors and buddhist pilgrims every year. The place with more temples than taxis (if that's possible?!!) and huge feasting mosquitos. Lumbini, a place of spiritual calm amongst the chaos of hundreds of tourists. I arrived in Lumbini after a bareable bus trip (anything is bareable after the trip to Bardia!) I was smiled at and welcomed on local buses by cheerful locals, assisted in finding the smaller, impossible to find on your own buses to Lumbini, by a friendly businessman before doing my very best bargaining with a fat bellied taxi man to get me to the Korean monastery. My first observation, it was hot. Very hot and very humid. I was trying to be all modest with my ... read more
korean monastery
sunset at the korean monastery

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini April 6th 2013

Wir sind in dem schön klingenden Lumbini :D in Nepal. Die Reise war einigermaßen entspannt und hat ca. 17 stunden gedauert. Das klingt viel, aber in Indien vergeht sowas sehr schnell... Mit dem Zug sind wir von Delhi nach Goraktok, von da mit nem bus an eine Grenzstadt und dann rüber nach Nepal. Das mit dem Nepal Visum war ganz lustig...wir liefen an der langen Schlange von LKWs vorbei, die auf den Grenzübergang warteten. Ca. 20m vor der Grenze winkte uns dann plötzlich ein random dude zur Seite und in das "Immigration Office". Das sah alles eher ziemlich unoffiziell aus und Sascha und ich dachten schon, dass ein sehr findiger Inder das alles aufgestellt hat, um dann irgendwie abzukassieren. Am Ende war es dann doch das offizielle Grenzbüro auf indischer Seite und wir beide bekamen den ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini October 5th 2012

Anytime you find yourself in Lumbini, Nepal, there is really only one remotely plausible explanation for your arrival; you have come to the visit the monasteries and temples that are located at the birthplace of Buddha. Lumbini is a rather non-descript town located less than ten kilometers from the Indian border and unless you knew that it was a special sanctum for Buddhists, you would most certainly keep traveling as there is really no such thing as advertising for this sort of thing. And so, a day after leaving the hot and sweltering environs of Chitwan National Park, (sorry we keep on harping about the heat, but damn it man, it’s seriously warm here!) we spent the day tromping around Lumbini in temperatures of 40C (104 F). And don’t forget to factor in the humidity and ... read more
Young Monks Study
Hand painted Buddha
Buddha Statue

Asia » Nepal » Lumbini October 1st 2012

01/10 to 02/10: Lumbini This place is a pilgrimage for Buddhist. Birth place of Siddhartha Gautama better known as the Buddha, this is a peaceful site. The Maya Devi Temple marks the exact pot where the Buddha was given birth but no pics are allowed. Around is a Bodhi Tree decorated with prayer flags pying homage to the Lord Buddha. The entire zone has designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange in 1978 and it is a work in progress as Unesco want Lumbini to be the World Peace Center. Therefore a lot of Monasteries from different countries are been build. All over the garden, one can find inspiring and philosophical sentences from the Dalai Lama.... read more

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